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Nov 11, 2008
***Please excuse the current limited details as I'm on mobile and not at pc yet. Will post more details bout version used and bulid.prop***

++++I'm no expert and when you do this you WILL get alot of force closes! Also network will not work, YOU MUST use WiFi! This is only to get your skin and then flash back to your preferred rom+++++

××××To verify after first boot that the modifications worked, check under settings and you should have an S-pen option now. Also if you press the power button it Should say Tablet and not phone.××××

So the Galaxy Skin redemption period is almost over, and as I promised I would release the method I used to redeem the skin on S8+ (g955u) devices. This may work for other devices, your results may vary. I have used this method on about 10 G955u devices and has worked everytime and I don't know anyone else doing this method.

Looking at the specs between the Tab S4 and the G955U they both use the 835 so that's why I chose this device to try and get it to work since they were more similar.

The steps in this guide are gonna be specific to the U variants since the Bootloaders are locked, so ways of altering the system are different than bl unlocked devices (aka exynos), but making the changes im doing on your device might work. I have no exynos variant to test.

**proceed at your own risk. You will be doing alot of flashing for the Rom. This is required to enter and exit safestrap. **

-T830 (Tab S4) Oreo AP Image (Need System Folder)
AP_T830XXU1ARGH - Version I used
-G955U Oreo Safestrap (These have Locked BL/No root on Oreo so we need safestrap mod system)

Download a T830 Oreo Rom and get the system folder from the AP.Tar (I'll post my exact version once at PC)

Modify the System folder, we want to delete some stuff to try and keep use from not booting due to incompatibility. The only folders we need are:

Now we want to flash our device with Oreo, and before boot modify the system. For U variants get the Oreo Safestrap build. After flashing the Rom, immediately follow the steps to boot into safestrap!!! We do not want to regular boot!!

Copy over your folders to internal or an sd card for flashing in safestrap. Using any method you want you want to copy and overwrite the files on your phone. I do this in the command line but you can do it graphically but will take much longer. Lastly, copy over the build.prop attached at the bottom; setup is disabled because phone would never allow me to go through it and would lock up.

After you have flashed over the files and the build.prop, you need to flash the device out of safestrap and proceed with a normal boot. This is SLOW don't panic, you should immediately be on home screen with a couple of force closes.

***You must do the following using Samsung Apps only!****

Start the Galaxy App Store it should update. Note: if you can't see the app store, this happened to me a few times. Go to settings>accounts>Samsung and sign in. After you sign in click the apps option and then it should update.

You MUST have the current version of app store!

Inside Galaxy Apps, make sure Samsung Billing is up-to-date. If you can't find it to update don't worry. There is a method in another step were we verify it's updated that will update it as well.

Install the fortnite installer through Galaxy Apps! Doing any other install method will keep you from getting skin! You should get a pop-up about getting the skin.

After fortnite is installed and running, DO NOT START A GAME!!!!!! Go to the STORE!! Not skins but the store where you buy V-Bucks!!!

Click to buy any pack of bucks, were not buying anything here. It will most likely ask you to sign-up. Sign in using your Samsung account. You will get 1 of 2 messages. 1 saying you need to update Samsung Billing OR a message asking you how you would like to pay.

You need to get to the point where it asks for your payment method. If you are not getting Samsung, go to settings and there should be an option for Payment that allows you to change to Samsung

Now everything is verified and setup, play 3 games and should have your skin in about 12-24 hours. All of mine took about 12-16 hours to appear.

Note: The first time I did this the skin did not show up on my phone after the time period. I logged into the account on my Xbox and got the redemption message, but the others did redeem on phone. So if after 24 hours if you don't have it login to another platform.

I had actually wrote this guide about 5 days ago but when I was posting it got deleted and I got frustrated. I will try and get the files uploaded so it's an easier process, I just wanted to get this up quickly as skins can't be redeemed after March 7!!


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