[MOD][GOOGLE CAMERA] The best Gcam for tulip i ever tested.

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Jul 1, 2014
can't install that version.. do you know another version that works ok? Screenshot_2019-09-19-22-18-42-483_com.google.android.packageinstaller.jpg

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Sapta M

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Nov 11, 2019
Are people's photos well exposed ? or dark?

Been using this version of Gcam for a month now, works perfectly but then: cannot touch anything on the setting unless you want your pictures to be blue-ish or red-ish. Read the OP carefully, he explained it better. Here's the best picture I've ever taken with the RN6P + this Gcam version:



Aug 8, 2013
I can take pictures and everything, but they don't seem to be saved anywhere. I also don't have a preview of the picture taken in the app.
I'm using LineageOS 17 with Camera2api enabled.

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    if you're looking for a tutorial then this is not the thread you want to be. i will just share the apk here.
    so i've been desperately looking for a perfect google camera which does not lag, crash or any green tinted pictures. then i found this amazing version which works very fine. You can use all the latest features without facing any major problem. It was mainly created for MI A1 but works fine on tulip.
    no major bugs. Just dont tap on the Camera setting menu. I dont know why it happened for me if i try to get in the gcam setting the pictures get blueish. So if you face the same problem just clear app data and dont ever try to get in the setting menu until the next fixed version arrives.
    Download 'MGC_6.2.030_MiA1_Edition_1.6.6_DotFix_Wyroczen_TEST'
    ill be checking if any new version of this camera arrives and be posting the links here
    this is my first post on tulip forum. please press thanks button if you feel helped.
    All rights reserved by [url]https://www.celsoazevedo.com/[/URL]
    I can't install this version, it says "application not installed".. I'm on miui 10.3.3 eu

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    I am using it on miui 10.3.3. please uninstall previous version of gcam first.
    Works with HavocOS!
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