[MOD] Google Keyboard with updated iOS 9.1 Emojis

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Feb 7, 2016
Theres an easy root app called "Emoji Swithcer (ROOT)" and it does the work for you. You can pick the new Apple emojis, Lollipop emojis, and twitter one emojis(I think).
Feb 7, 2016
See look


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Dec 9, 2014
I'm annoyed by the family emojis that don't seem to work. They work with android original emoji and also with emoji one, but why not with these?


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Mar 22, 2015
Hello, I was wondering how you managed to port all the emojis over successfully.. Someone on Reddit made a FLAT version of the emojis which look WAY better since in my opinion it matches well with Lollipop rather than the gradients of the standard version. This post will include the .ttf from the Flat iOS Emojis provider from Reddit, and a flashable I made of the emojis. It is a little buggy since I'm not a developer and don't know ANYTHING about designing but I'm happy I ported most of them for the most part.
Original Reddit Post:

By the way, the .ttf in the Drive IS UNTOUCHED meaning that you can't manually install that or you won't see any emojis. That's just the iOS version.
Could you please upload them again? Link is broken. :/


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Jul 1, 2012
OnePlus 9 Pro
Any chance that White Frowning Face can be updated with the correct iOS version? At the moment, it appears in a plain, unicode style (which apparently happens on iOS if you choose it from recents).

Sorry if this has been pointed out already - I'm in a bit of a rush!

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    Please make a backup of the apk and /system/fonts/NotoColorEmoji.ttf before following the instructions.

    Note: Not all of the emojis present in iOS 9.1 are currently supported.


    1. Download the ttf file and install manually or download the flashable zip (Be sure to rename AppleEmoji9.1-caiosilva96.tff to NotoColorEmoji.tff)

    2. Install the modded Google Keyboard.

    3. Enjoy!


    - Modded TTF or Flashable ZIP
    - Modded Google Keyboard , armv64 download here

    Thanks to @DespairFactor, @neonixxx, @caiosilva96 and @tccool987

    Q: Why are some emojis black & white?
    A: Here's the solution and if you're on Lollipop you can download this flashable zip.

    Q: My Google Keyboard is a system app and I can't install the mod.
    A: Uninstall the app (with an app such as Titanium Backup) and install the mod

    Q: Gesture typing and/or autocorrect is broken after installing the mod.
    A: I'm still working on a fix for this, but for now switching the keyboard language to English (UK) will fix the problem.

    Q: Whenever I delete some emojis, a different one appears, so I have to press backspace twice to delete.
    A: This is because the emoji requires two unicode values. Sometimes when backspace is pressed, one of the unicode value is deleted, not both. I'm not sure why this happens, hopefully someone will come along and help solve the mystery...

    - Added secondary keys, flags and numerical symbols (1, 2, 3 etc.)

    Why are some of my emojis black and white?

    I can give you a solution for this but it's quite technical and you need to have slight XML knowledge (easy). You ready? Here we go!

    - Go to /system/etc/ and open fonts.xml in an editor.
    - Locate this entry:
    <font weight="400" style="normal">NotoColorEmoji.ttf</font>
    - Move that entry (cut and paste) below this line (This is the 95th line or somewhere near there.):
    <!-- fallback fonts -->​
    - Save file.
    - Make sure permissions are 644 (-rw-r-r).

    - Now open /system/etc/fallback_fonts.xml in an editor:
    - Locate this entry:
    - Move that entry (cut and paste) below this line (the line is at the beginning of the xml after the description comment.):
    - Save file.
    - Make sure permissions are 644 (-rw-r-r).

    - Reboot.
    good news...
    today, I've successfully build new fonts that support all new emojis (everything works just like emojione fonts) and works on 4.4+ of course...
    so here's additional release :
    - new modded font : googlefont, appleiosfont, and special twitter 2.0 font

    will be ready NEXT MONDAY! :highfive: :victory:
    Prepare for a huge update soon
    I'd like to ask you guys a question. The update is ready but I'm not yet able to make the diverse emojis "popup" when the default one is chosen. So should I release it with all the emojis being in one list, or would you guys wait until I'm done?

    Thanks for all the support!!!