[MOD][GUIDE][4.4.4] Headphone and speaker volume boost for the Nexus 5


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Dec 1, 2012
Headphone and speaker volume boost for the Nexus 5

Hi Guys, with the help of audio god @ZeroInfinity I have created a mod that boosts the headphone and speaker volume on the Nexus 5.

This mod works with all Nexus 5 ROMs (Stock, PA, CM11, Omni etc.).

Enjoy :)


- Moves volume sweet spot to 50% vs. stock 80-90%
- Removes need for volume boosting apps that usually distort the audio
- Improved low end at optimal listening levels


Simply download the desired file below and flash it in recovery.


Headphone and Speaker Volume Boost - Download

Headphone only Volume Boost - Download

Speaker only Volume Boost - Download

Reset to stock volumes - Download


Many thanks to @ZeroInfinity


DO NOT USE additional volume boosting tweaks/applications with this mod.
Always check the volume level before playing music, I will not be held responsible for damaged speakers or hearing impairment!
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Dec 1, 2012
How to tweak the volume manually

Video tutorial: Thanks to @jenenser83 for providing the video.

This guide explains how to fine tune the speaker and headphone volume. The file that contains these values is "mixer_paths.xml" which is found in /system/etc/mixer_paths.xml. Note: You will need root in order to edit this file.

I recommend using ES File Explorer as it allows you to edit the file directly on your phone. Before you start modifying you need grant ES File Explorer root access. To do this press the icon in the top left corner then scroll down and select Root Explorer, then select Mount R/W, then select RW for both / and /system.

To change the Speaker volume:

Open ES File Explorer and navigate to /system/etc and find the file "mixer_paths.xml"

Tap on the file and select ES Note Editor

Press the menu button in the top right corner and select Edit

Find: <path name="speaker"> You will see this string just below it: "RX7 Digital Volume" value="88"
The value is the only part we are going to adjust.
For the mod above, I changed the value to "93". The default value is "88" and I would suggest not to go over "95".

To change the Headphone volume:

Find: <path name="headphones"> Look for these strings below it:
"HPHL Volume" value="15"
"HPHR Volume" value="15"
Again all we are changing is the values (ensure both are set at the same number).
For the mod above, I changed the values to "20". The default values are "15" and I would suggest not to go over "20".

When finished, press the arrow in the top left corner and save.

Lastly Reboot your phone.

More to follow....
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Dec 17, 2011
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The way you do it maybe. Hence why I'd like to DL it and take a look at what's in that zip. Looking forward to it for sure. The audio clarity on the N5 is great but the volume on headphones is pretty low.
Since OP is doing the same thing I taught him, he has only modded a snd_soc_msm file in system/etc/snd_soc_msm ;) it's just a really simple yet effective modification :D


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Sep 22, 2013
Except it's system/etc/mixer_paths.xml on the N5 :p
ah! damn... me and my short memory :p I remember now. KitKat now uses mixer_paths.xml instead of snd_soc_msm files xD
LOL. Thanks for this guys. Looks like you learned well. I just looked at the zip and I'm impressed by the simplicity of the mod. I can confirm that it works. I had to freeze faux sound to get the full effect but you noted that in the OP. Using Rocket Player with EQ and preamp turned off for the first time since I had this phone. Headphones are crystal clear and the volume is deafening at full blast. Big thumbs up.

Do you think there would be a way to also include more volume level controls in this? Like the way Voodoo worked? Instead of having ten increments having twenty? It makes it nicer to adjust the volume to the truly perfect level.