[MOD][GUIDE]Partition your internal memory for better App management (Pit Files)

Make new Pit with reduced preload to free up nearly another 475mb storage.

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May 6, 2010
possible to get rid of the internal sd partition so all you get is full memory allocation to app data -system? would function a lot better then when memory card is added.


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Feb 11, 2013
Hey guys ,,, i am a noob .. but i think i have an interesting question ..

i searched a lot through the forum yet i couldnt find any clues on how to do this ..

I am using lineageOS 14.1 on my I9100 .. Is there a way to repartition my device to cancel the sdcard0 entireley ? can it be done or will it brick the device ? nowadays we are using an SD card to increase the internal sstorage to 64+6 GB or more ! .. but some apps like whatsapp still use the sdcard0 6 gb partition as a whatsapp folder which will have the images/videos/voices in ... that sucks guys .. come on :)
okay i found my answers in this thread finally :) everything is working great now :)


can you tell us what you did?

I would like to get from this wired set up:

to something like this decent set up:

in addition, has anyone tried to switch to F2FS as described below

For F2FS can't mount cache data, i found solution:

1. Change ur cache & data partition to EXT4 first.
2. Flash rom as usual, normally. As like the guide. (This will create a Cache & data partition in ur phone, so u can convert to f2fs).
3. Reboot to system.
4. After phone finishing boot, reboot to recovery again.
5. On ur TRWP 3.1 recovery, format ur cache & data partition to F2FS.
6. Now ur data & cache is F2FS. If u succeed, u can try to mount it. If it cannot mount, then it not succeed.
7. Now u can flash rom, su, gappss, normally. Reboot.
8. Now ur phone is on F2FS and a lil bit faster then before!

*Remember: if u restore rom backup made by ext4 cache data, then ur cache and data will become ext4 again.


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Dec 29, 2010
S2 second life : can I deploy Android Oreo in 1 go?

The S2 is still a very nice mobile. Answering these questions may help many people upgrading their S2.

Being enthusiastic after my last deploy yesterday, I would like to move on and give my good old S2 a second life!

Which PIT file I can use best? I read about 16GB - 6GB. Is that the best? If so, which PIT file in the download section is the right one?

Can I add the e.g. the Lineage 14.1 or 15 in the AP directly?


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Feb 25, 2011
a little help

i have a little problem with my old i9100, the thing is i had installed linage os 14.1, to do that i had to flash a couple of files like lanchon repit, so i wanted to go back to stock but when i flash the stock .pit file using odin the internal size its 0.98Gb but no the stock 2 or in this case 1.98Gb of internal size memory, how can i change that? i dont have space to install new apps and i dont want to use lineage anymore? is there someway to fix that?


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Feb 25, 2011
don't really get this, e.g. stock 2
You find detailed information how ot repit in [TOOL] Lanchon REPIT: The Data-Sparing Repartitioning Tool For Android and some guidance in [GUIDE] Re-partition your device using REPIT

the thing is i think im not explain correctly my problem, the samsung S2 i9100 has 2GB of internal memory, i was using lineage 14.1 but i wanted to go back to stock so id use a stock pit file, but the internal memory after i finish using odin and formating the card was onlly 0.98Gb and not the 2GB of stock phone


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May 13, 2011
I really do not understand why it is not possible to use only an SD card and completely bypass the internal storage...


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Feb 12, 2021
Pit files

Here they are. All the pit files i've made.
There are two with 515MB system partition, one with 6GB and the other with 8GB data partition.
And there are three with 1GB system partition, one with 3GB, other with 4GB and the last with 6GB data partition.
The rest of the memory is for internal SD.

Hope this will help you. :good:;)
Where can i download the pit files?

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    Preload special editions with preload area reduced from 500mb to about 45mb, the resulting regained space is then allocated to the internal sd partition. Custom roms only! All data partition sizes have been catered for!

    Beware #1 - Preload moddified version are NOT suitable for Samsung Stock Roms!

    Beware #2 - Pre-Load moddified versions are for custom roms that do not use pre-load area! Please post on the respective thread for your rom and ask the author the question prior to using these versions if you are unsure! (I can tell you that SlimRoms & Cyanfox do not use preload, at present at least)

    Beware #3 - If you want to go back to stock rom, you just need to flash my standard edition pit files, easy!


    Increase your data application partition and set your device free!

    Are you bored of having to move apps to SD?

    Bored of facing a stock issue of not even being able to move apps to your internal SD?

    This thread will help you, currently only for i9100 16gb Model only.

    GUIDE - The usual rules apply, You will:

    IMPORTANT: Please backup all your photos, videos and other important stuff on your PC, in the cloud or somewhere else where it is safe, as all your stuff on your internal SD card will be deleted!

    1) Run compatible version of Odin, put your phone in to download mode (vol down/home/power button) and connect to PC via USB

    2) Tick re-partition box

    3) Click PIT button and select the pit file of your desired app partition size.

    4a) Click PDA and select your stock official samsung jellybean rom - Edit- please remember if you use a rom that is not native to your region, it would be wise to flash the appropriate radio modem afterwards to ensure you get the signal strength you'd expect :)

    4b) OR Flash your persnonal choice of kernel in *.tar format and pit file, reboot to CWM ( power button/vol up/home button) and install new rom or restore nandroid and boot as normal and skip to number 9 in this guide

    5) Flash and wait for reboot

    6) Let the phone reboot and wait until the android chap finishes his spinny wire ball belly animation and then remove the battery and do a factory reset using the usual power/vol up/ home trick.

    7) Let it boot so you can check that you are happy with the result. ( I didn't, but you might want to)

    8) Now flash your chosen rooted kernel and either stick with stock rom or enter CWM and flash your own custom rom.

    9) When your phone boots, you may get a notification to format usb storage, say yes if prompted! If it that fails, connect you phone to your PC and format the the internal sd card manually.

    10) Remember that Android likes automatically deciding where apps go, so sometime it tries to put stuff to SD itself (app requests it), it is worthwhile checking your installed apps to makes sure they went to internal app partition, you can tell this by either:

    a) Look in Titanium back up, go to the move/integrate section and see if any apps show as moveable from SD to internal, if so run the batch process to put them on your nice new app partition, otherwise you may have issues running those apps.

    b) If you don't have Titanium (why not?) then check the harder way by looking at app manager and swipe to the right to look at SD app, sort by size and then individually move ones back to internal storage.

    11) That easy! Here is a shot of my resulting app manager

    Files attached to post including original pit in case you want it back to stock values!


    Pit files

    Here they are. All the pit files i've made.
    There are two with 515MB system partition, one with 6GB and the other with 8GB data partition.
    And there are three with 1GB system partition, one with 3GB, other with 4GB and the last with 6GB data partition.
    The rest of the memory is for internal SD.

    Hope this will help you. :good:;)
    all great, in guide,
    i will use the 4gb split for me, but you must say that user should backup all his roms (sec rom also, as samny rom will kill his system) and internal sdcard before any usage.
    to his PC.

    or you will get posts like, why my files are gone? i blame you for that, you told me its safe, and now i lost my girl naked picks :p

    Sent from my GT-I9100

    Followed guide and flashed. Everything went awesome! i flashed 16GB_6GB
    Thank you very much.

    But when i look in task manager, the app storage sure is 6GB(5.9GB) but my internal storage decreased to 8GB(7.91GB) :(
    IS it possible to have 6GB for apps and still have the 16GB (11.5GB) internal?

    Sadly, our phone has 16gb total internal memory, pit files (partition information table) is how it splits this memory, sadly again our phone uses a app partition and then a pretend internal sd partition. This thread is for increasing the app partition to allow more apps to be easily installed without the need to move them about, as you increase the app partition this then naturally decreases the internal sd partition accordingly, hope that makes sense.
    Subscribed.but i am still afraid to do it.may be i will loose my phone.loool

    Envoyé depuis mon GT-I9100 avec Tapatalk 4

    no PROBLEM here, did backup all, then did what GUIDE say.

    and now happy with 4GB data partition.

    but when i have booted to SAMMY rom all CLEAN, but internal SDCARD was broken. via MTP i see that disk is exist but size is broken.

    so i have flashed my kernel via ODIN, went to recovery, and when recovery loaded, WINDOWS asked me if i like to FORMAT my internal sd.

    and it's was 9.50GB size, so i say YES. and all good now. clean partition and i am loading my stuff back.

    P.S for OP!

    no problem to restore nand backup via recovery :)

    O! and user should flash his best radio firmware :) as SAMMY comes with other, maybe not good for USER.

    ~ # df -h
    df -h
    Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
    tmpfs                   402.3M     48.0K    402.2M   0% /dev
    /dev/block/mmcblk0p7     94.4M    176.0K     92.3M   0% /cache
                              9.5G      6.2G      3.3G  65% /mnt/.secondrom
    /dev/block/loop0         96.8M      1.5M     88.3M   2% /secondrom_cache
                              9.5G      6.2G      3.3G  65% /emmc-tmp
    /dev/block/mmcblk1p1     14.9G      8.4G      6.5G  56% /sdcard
                              9.5G      6.2G      3.3G  65% /sdcard/.android_secure
                              9.5G      6.2G      3.3G  65% /emmc
                              3.9G      1.5G      2.3G  40% /data