[MOD] iOS10 emoji with unreleased Unicode 9 and 10 emojis (77 emojis)

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Jun 27, 2013
Update to ya'll. I have the latest iOS 10.2 emoji source files, but for some reason emoji tools keep ****ing with me and throwing weird unexpected errors, even with the source files I've used for my earlier mods. I've been both trying to solve that issue and study for my finals, which are this week, and unfortunately I haven't been able to fix the Emoji tool issue quite yet. I will continue trying after my finals are over in the end of this week.

Another thing worth mentioning: I'm leaving Malaysia after my finals and will travel through Thailand for 3 weeks before heading back to my home country, so don't hold your breath for the update :) I will try to fix the issue during my travels, but I have limited access to my laptop over that time.

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Mar 12, 2016
I allready made this update before chech this out


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How did you pack the emojis? Because it works almost flawlessly on my unrooted stock s6e 6.0.1. normally I would have missing characters and no spaces

i just used ifont + flipfont


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Dec 13, 2014


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Mar 10, 2017

That changed all the numbers on my Huawei P8 Lite to Emojis... so it's a little bit ****ed up now and I have to hard reset my phone, but besides that good job haha


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Aug 3, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Hi, new fonts working great. But how do I changed the whole system emoji to ios? I mean, in keyboard it looks like the ios emoji but once I type an emoji in the field box, android emoji looks came out. Refer photo attached


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    Be the first one to use unicode 9 and 10 emojis on your phone!

    I have added unicode 9 and 10 support for android font file (ttf), as well as modded Google Keyboard to support the fonts. Best way to really use the emojis is to ask your friends to download the mod too, so they can see the emojis. Other usage could be in Snapchat for example, as whatever you write/create into the snap, gets added statistically into the image.

    Unicode 9 emojis will get released in mid-2016 and unicode 10 emojis in mid-2017.

    Added emojis:

    1. Back up existing NotoColorEmoji.ttf from /system/fonts
    2. Download modded ttf file (zip), extract the zip (NOT flashable!)
    3 Copy-paste modded ttf file to the same location, overwriting the existing one. Change permissions to rw-r-r and reboot.
    4. Go to http://emojipedia.org/unicode-9.0/ and confirm you can see the emojis.
    5. Download and install the modded Google Keyboard in order to be able to choose the emojis when writing.
    -> if you have Google Keyboard already installed, the installation will fail. Uninstall existing app, then install modded one.
    6. DONE ;)

    Find new font file from attachments (NOT flashable zip!) Unicode 10 not added as of now, will add later!
    Modded Google Keyboard
    Latest Google Keyboard with Unicode 9 support (not 10), and theme support!

    Emojipedia for the mockups
    Mitch Talmadge for EmojiTools

    I am not the copyright owner of the iOS emojis, nor the mockups. Apple owns the rights for iOS emojis, and Emojipedia for the mockups. I have simply combined them and merged into android font file.
    Im looking forward for modded keyboard with numberrow
    I try the new font right now

    Galaxy S4 I9505 - Cm13 - Xposed v80

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    I feel like the emojis are a bit bigger than before

    Galaxy S4 I9505 - Cm13 - Xposed v80
    Just a cosmetic error on Google Keyboard. Didn't have the same on AOSP keyboard. But I can fix it once I will start adding unicode 10 emojis. Next I'll mod the latest Google Keyboard (from N preview 3), which luckily is a HUGE improvement to previous ones. I don't need to mod the secondary symbols into the keys, as there's now a setting for it! Also, there's so many other improvements too.
    New fontfile released


    Please find new fontfile (unicode 9) from opening post, as an attachment. I made it on completely new base, and haven't added unicode 10 emojis yet. All unicode 9 emojis are present, as well as working family emojis and diversities. Ohh, and the file is much slimmer at only 13mb

    Unicode 9 new hand gesture emojis have Android N modifiers, as there are no official iOS ones nor any colored drafts.

    Thanks for your patience, and Please let me know how the new version works!

    Ps. I will add newer modified keyboard later. Until then, either use my modded one or latest official Google keyboard (support unicode 9). Links to both in OP.
    New emoji wsp pls .. is ios 10 ?

    enviado desde algún lugar del mundo

    waiting for unicode 10
    Sorry guys, that will have to wait. I have no time now as I'm away for the weekend. I hope you understand ?


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    iOS10 emoji font file added to OP. May be missing some emojis, created the font in hurry :) Let me know if that's the case.

    Ps. Still appear smaller than usual, built it in top of my previous font file, in which I had to compromise the size in order to avoid emojis cropping. Will try to find a better solution at some point IF I get the time.

    Pps. Still no unicode 10 support. Will try to add them later IF time allows.