[MOD][J] Wake up screen on volume keys

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Senior Member
Jul 31, 2013
+Wake up screen on volume keys
+Transparent on status bar

android.policy.jar for DEODEX
Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck1kewzif9tskys/wake-up.zip?dl=0

+1 Bro he is doing hard :D
Awesome one my bro :D !!!
You really became a good modder and i see you have smali skils (Why not teach me :p) [Joking] :p
I'm going to leave XDA for about 3 months so i don't wanna leave you guys having any bad things with me.
I Hope we are good with each other :D
I hope we are fine now bro
Please, forget any bad thing with each other Ok ? :D

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