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[MOD][Jan/26/2015] OnePlus One Audio Mods Collection

Which audio mod do you like the best?

  • Triple Mono

    Votes: 85 19.6%
  • True Stereo

    Votes: 287 66.3%
  • Stock

    Votes: 61 14.1%

  • Total voters
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Senior Member
Oct 2, 2012
OnePlus 7T
I know it's broken, I used the bypass before to actually redirect it to the secondary mic.

So after fiddling for a while, I've found the solution.

So for anyone on any version of Nougat (Android 7-7.1) looking to bypass their main mic with the loudspeaker mic, in case your main mic is broken, this is the fix:

Open up mixer_paths.xml in System/etc, go to the "main-mic" entry under "Analog input devices", change all values from "ADC3" to "ADC5". Then, change all instances of "DEC4" to "DEC2" then go to "Recording paths" (it's practically right underneath it) and edit the "handset-mic" entry. Change "ADC3 Volume" to "ADC5 Volume". After that, head to /system/build.prop, change "ro.qc.sdk.audio.fluencetype=fluence" to "ro.qc.sdk.audio.fluencetype=none".

That's all there's to it, now you can make regular calls again. (Albeit with your loudspeaker mic instead of your main mic, in case it's broken.)
I hope someone will find this useful.

Did all these edition, after this do u mean i will be able to make calls while on loudspeaker?
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Apr 28, 2017
please fix this insue mic oneplus

hi friend i the example record a concerte and audio very bad check this video and help me a fix insue please. Greats


Senior Member
Apr 5, 2010
Hie there
Can someone point me where i can find the maxx audio mod the one which is used in color os not the one in cyanogen os
I want to use it on both Los14.1 and cm13

Thanks in advance.

Elder Lyons

Senior Member
Mar 6, 2016
Did all these edition, after this do u mean i will be able to make calls while on loudspeaker?

You'll be able to make calls with the secondary microphone instead of the primary one, whilst making a regular call.
The microphone will still function whilst on a "loudspeaker" call as well.


Senior Member
Apr 6, 2012
Dear all,

Finally, I've tried to mix the mixer_paths.xml file from OPO_Main_Mic_Bypass_V3 and the original one from lineage-14.1-20170327-nightly-bacon-signed.zip. And It works on my OPO!.

I modifiy the abhi08638 file to add the mixed file. Hope it works on your devices.

My main mic (bottom) works fine on normal call, recording whatsapp voice message, sound recorder and video recorder. However when im on call on loud speaker the bottom main mic is not working at all but the secondary mic upper is working fine. I believe the main mic bottom is not broken but the problem in the system files. How i can restore that settings back (make bottom mic working during loud speaker calls) , i dont have backup of mixer-path nor build.prop?

Im on opo1, 7.1.2, lineage 14.1 nightly


Senior Member
Jan 11, 2014
Echo during calls in One plus one [8.1.0_r1] AOSP Oreo for OnePlus One ROM

I am using [8.1.0_r1] AOSP Oreo for OnePlus One ROM. I have an issue during calls. the person in other end hears an echo of what they speak. I tried to make changes to build.prop and mixer_paths.xml but couldn't fix the issue. I observed this issue is not present in unofficial Lineage 15.0 rom. Also, I have noticed too much of background noise when called to this mobile. Even it picks up the noise when the phone is on mute as well. I guess either the noise cancellation is not working or the secondary mic is picking up voice when it is not expected to do.

Can you help me fix this issue?


Apr 7, 2017
I have a request to the creator of fashion or to someone who would know something.
It's about entering or changing in the mixer_paths.xml file for converting the main microphone to the top (next to the camera),
someone on xda wrote that he used to change something like that in another rom.

The microphone of my buddy fell and I will be looking for something, maybe a dialer change on what can switch microphones in a conversation.

Generally tests on galaxy s5 (kitkat 4.4.2 deodex)


Senior Member
Apr 1, 2011

I used to be on Sultan 6.0.1 and the attached file used to work for me for main mic bypass. Now I have updated to tugapower (8.1.0) and sadly it causes a bootloop now. I tried the other file mentioned in the thread but it does not work. Can anyone update the attached file to 8.1.0??



  • OPO_Main_Mic_Bypass_CM13.zip
    184.4 KB · Views: 42


Senior Member
Dec 17, 2013
Mic bypass for those with broken main microphones.


As this post is nearly four years old; i'd like to inform you that I rewrote the mixer_paths.xml to work with the current-gen roms (Android 8+).
Nowadays the mixer_paths.xml file can be found in /vendor/etc/.
When you replace the mixer_paths.xml make sure you give read permissions on the file, -rw-r-r would whats its supposed to be.
You may use any tool but I use the root explorer app to give permissions.

file attached.


  • mixer_paths.xml
    34.2 KB · Views: 137


Senior Member
Dec 14, 2014
I can't remember the last time my speakerphone mic worked. Then recently I think the mic used for voice calls got ruined by sweat. I decided to replace it and the speakerphone mic still didn't work.

Until I used this mod! My only question; do you have a triple mono with speaker fix?


Senior Member
Jan 4, 2013
Good morning, I have a little problem that I try to solve and I can not find the solution. I have the Opo to almost 5 years and I love this phone. Everything is working fine only the top micro is giving problems. It will be of old age. I would like to ask for your help and assistance in resolving the problem, if you can and have availability.
When I make a "hands-free" call, people hardly hear me. For example, in whatsapp I can not make a video communication, the other side do not hear me, just screaming at the top of the phone, even then, in poor condition. After some research on XDA, I made some changes to the /system/etc/mixer_paths.xml/ folder. In phone calls everything is fine, only the problem persists in the superior micro. I know programming it is possible to override the top microphone and keep the remaining two working, but I do not know how to do that. I assume it is in the /mixer_paths.XML/ folder that the configuration is done. I've tried to mix the mixer_paths.xml file from OPO_Main_Mic_Bypass_V3 reverses the microphones, only that people listened to me in "hands free", but the phone, when receiving a call, stopped playing. Did not work.
how can I cancel the top micro?


Sep 21, 2010
Could someone please make this fix work with los 15.1? OPO_SpeakerPhone_Fix_V3.zip
This fix is only one that works with my speaker problem.

Btw. Does anyone know which exact speaker is faulty, on my phone so i could fix it?

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    What is this?
    This post is a collection of all the audio related mods I have created from the OnePlus One. The mods are: Triple Mono sound, True Stereo sound, Main Microphone bypass, Speakerphone low volume fix, and Speakerphone low volume fix with True Stereo sound. If you have a request, then make it here and I try to make it if I can.

    Various Mod Explanations

    What is it?***True Stereo or Triple Mono***

    This mod will activate you front earpiece speaker in conjunction with the rear main speaker any time Speaker mode is used for example playing music, watching movies, shows, you tube and so on, creating an almost surround sound type of effect.

    True Stereo
    I have enabled true stereo playback by putting the speakers on a different channel than the earpiece. This version of the mod will only be noticeable if you are listening to music that was recorded in stereo. Although I would recommend going with the Triple Mono version. This version is quieter than the Triple mono version. WARNING: MESSING WITH YOUR EQ WILL ALSO EFFECT THE EARPIECE. IT COULD POTENTIALLY BLOW IT OUT IF YOU INCREASE THE VOLUME OR BASS TOO MUCH

    Triple Mono
    This version plays all audio through one channel. This basically means that you now have 3 mono speakers and is what I recommend since the sound comes out much louder than the Stereo version. WARNING: MESSING WITH YOUR EQ WILL ALSO EFFECT THE EARPIECE. IT COULD POTENTIALLY BLOW IT OUT IF YOU INCREASE THE VOLUME OR BASS TOO MUCH

    Main Mic Bypass
    This version bypasses the main microphone in case it is broken. When the main mic breaks, it disables ALL audio input even though the other internal mics are fine. The only way to fix the main mic is to solder a new one on, but this mod can temporarily delay this procedure by re enabling audio input from the other internal mics.

    Speakerphone low volume fix
    I've seen many people have this problem. I think its due to the fact the the phone relies on the main microphone too much. What I did is instead of using the main microphone for both headset calling and speakerphone calling with the aux mic for noise cancellation, I made it so that the main mic is used for the headset only and the aux mic is used for speaker calling only. This has worked for some people but I can't guarantee it will work for you as well.

    Speakerphone low volume fix With True Stereo
    Same as the speakerphone mod but with true stereo mod implemented.

    Camera AutoFocusFix
    Fixes the camera click sound you get when recording. Included in all other files.

    Prerequisites and installation instructions
    • MUST be rooted
    • go into /system/etc
    • backup your mixer_path.xml
    • Flash one of the zips below
    • reboot

    This mod modifies the mixer_path.xml in the /system/etc folder. I have only tested this on CM11. ***CM12*** seems to work as well.
    I don't guarantee it will work for your rom, because this is based off LiquidSmooth rom. Although the worst that'll happen is you'll lose sound. If you have a backup of your original mixer_path.xml, then just push it back to /system/etc, set permissions, and reboot. That will allow you regain your sound if it was lost. In a worst case scenario where you messed up the permissions and are in a bootloop, flash the revert to stock zip or dirty flash your rom.

    Technical Info for DIY

    This is what I modified to enable it only for Triple Mono audio playback.
    RX1 is the headset
    RX3 is the speaker

    "ear" path

    <path name="ear">
    ***Added***<ctl name="SLIM RX1 MUX" value="AIF1_PB" />
    ***Added***<ctl name="SLIM_0_RX Channels" value="One" />
    <ctl name="RX1 MIX1 INP1" value="RX1" />
    <ctl name="CLASS_H_DSM MUX" value="DSM_HPHL_RX1" />
    <ctl name="RX1 Digital Volume" value="90" />
    <ctl name="EAR PA Gain" value="POS_6_DB" />
    <ctl name="DAC1 Switch" value="1" />

    custom speaker-ear path

    <path name="spk-ear">
    <path name="ear" />
    <ctl name="RX3 MIX1 INP1" value="RX1" />
    <ctl name="RDAC5 MUX" value="DEM3_INV" />
    <ctl name="COMP2 Switch" value="1" />
    <ctl name="LINEOUT1 Volume" value="13" />
    <ctl name="LINEOUT3 Volume" value="13" />

    output paths

    <path name="handset">
    ***removed two lines and added to "ear" path***
    <path name="ear" />

    <path name="speaker">
    ***change path to custom***<path name="spk-ear" />
    ***Increase headset***<ctl name="RX1 Digital Volume" value="90" />
    ***reduce speakers***<ctl name="RX3 Digital Volume" value="70" />
    <ctl name="RX4 Digital Volume" value="80" />

    Customizing your sound levels
    The file I attached has the speaker volume slightly reduced so it sounds more balanced overall. However, you can customize how loud or quiet you want the speaker or headset to be.
    • Open the mixer_paths.xml
    • Go to the "output paths" section
    • find the <path name="speaker"> line
      <path name="speaker">
      ***change path to custom***<path name="spk-ear" />
      ***Increase headset***<ctl name="RX1 Digital Volume" value="90" />
      ***reduce speakers***<ctl name="RX3 Digital Volume" value="70" />
      <ctl name="RX4 Digital Volume" value="80" />
    • To change the speaker volume
      change the value "70" to your desired value in the following line
      <ctl name="RX3 Digital Volume" value="70" />
      NOTE: The default CM11 value is 80. This value will restore it to the default loudness.
    • To change the headset volume
      change the value "90" to your desired value in the following line
      <ctl name="RX1 Digital Volume" value="90" />
      NOTE: The default CM11 value is 86. This value will restore it to the default loudness.
      WARNING: I would not recommend going over 95. The reason being that after 95, on louder volumes, the headset starts crackling.
    • save and reboot

    github link

    Flashable Zips are below

    His thread:

    Please do not use this in your rom without proper credits.
    +1 :good:

    Please make a high volume version flashable for lazy people like me and you will get more downloads

    Ask and you shall receive. Will add to OP later.



    Revert mod

    Again shutout to @sshafranko for the zip architecture

    sent from my amazingly awesome OnePlus One

    Don't forget to hit thanks!
    Haha. Works great. Pretty damn impressive. Would love to kick the sound up a notch. But overall the test file is on point.

    Agree 100%!! On liquid smooth milestone

    Would you mind trying this one? Same file but with higher value for bottom speakers


    sent from my amazingly awesome OnePlus One with Stereo Mod

    Don't forget to hit thanks!
    Works, But much quieter than bottom speakers.

    I toned down the bottom speakers to make it sound more balanced. I can tell you how to increase it if you want.

    sent from my amazingly awesome OnePlus One

    Don't forget to hit thanks!
    Sultanxda CAF-Compatible OPO_Triple_Mono_Balanced_V3

    Hey folks,

    After months of using plain vanilla CM12.1 nightlies, I recently switched to Sultanxda's CAF builds. However, the mixer_paths.xml seems to act a little differently. After a few tries, I think I've successfully implemented "OPO_Triple_Mono_Balanced_V3" settings into the mixer_paths.xml that is included in the latest Sultanxda build.

    I'm not sure what "<ctl name="SPKR Enable" value="1" />" does, but I had to add it to get it to work correctly.