[MOD][JB]Increase internal memory [Updated][Fixed bootloops, Tested, Working 100%]


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Sep 5, 2012
Increase Your Internal Memory Without loosing Performance In Every Rom

This is a script to increase your internal memory from 420mb to 1gb/2gb/3gb/4gb!!
This is script is only for jelly bean users. If you want this mod/script for ICS/GB then search in Dev section.

Installation Instructions:
  1. create a ext4 partition [ If you dont know how to then see at the bottom of this post in important notes ]
  2. Put this mod in your sd card
  3. Make sure your ext partition is empty
  4. Flash the zip
  5. Reboot and enjoy
  6. If you lose your network or get force closes of many apps then see at the bottom of this post in important notes

Tested and working Roms and kernels:

  1. Fxp cm10 with lupus/fusion
  2. Super Jelly Bean with lupus/fusion
  3. Cynobean With lupus/fusion
  4. Racing Bean with lupus/fusion

Installation Notes:
1. Please use ext 4 partion and you can use any swap size.
2. Before Flashing the zip , please see that your ext4 partition should be empty.
3. If you lose your mobile data or network or get many force closes then reboot your device and flash wifi modules of kernel.After 3-4 reboots the script is stable and will work perfectly

How to create a ext4 partion of sd card:
  1. you are on jelly bean or using a jelly bean rom like cm10
  2. switch of your phone
  3. flash doomkernel ics
  4. boot up your phone into recovery not into system
  5. go to advanced
  6. go to partition sd card [ caustion this will format your sd card make back up ]
  7. choose ext4
  8. choose any swap size
  9. then confirm
  10. choose the size also any size
  11. confirm and wait for 5-10 min
  12. and you are done
  13. then power off your phone
  14. and flash any jelly bean kernel you like :D

For downloads, screenshot and credits go to 3rd post and please click thanks!
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Jun 22, 2009
New Delhi
Is this MOD using the ext partition on the sdcard as the internal memory
If yes then would this be effective on class 4 cards or only for class 6 or 10

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Sep 5, 2012
With all due respect to you "Senior Member", Pls don`t steal others work.. If you want to share other`s work, GIVE CREDIT..

This is D2EXT+ Script by Cronmod.. Do you think people are that dumb to not even open the Zip and look into the script??

I request the MODs to close this thread as it is stolen work.. thanks..
i added credits .. happy senior member!!!
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Jun 4, 2012
Unfortunately after flash ant wipe, phone got reboot and then stay on kernel logo for about 30 minutes!!! What can i do?( i am on cm10. Fusion kernel) pleaaase guide...

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