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[MOD] [JB4.1.2/4.2/CM10] Thyrus Mod Thread (Navbar/Mods/CM10 Themes) (updated)

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Aug 10, 2011
Thanks for this mod, but anyway to return to stock if it doesn't convince me?

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Dec 2, 2009
@thyrus nice to see ya here. You did great work on the sensation cant wait to see what you have planned.

Yeah the menu on both sides is a must. Also is there a way to make the glow blue. Blue keys and white glow just look off.

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    Re: [MOD][JB4.1.2/4.2/CM10] Thyrus Mod Thread (Navbar/Mods/CM10 Themes) (updated)

    Maybe I'm a little late to this party, but was there a request for the enabled quick setting tiles to be blue instead if white? Kinda hard to tell the difference from ones that are on from ones that are off. Looking great otherwise thanks for this theme, love it!

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    thought about that - but I really do not want to compete with AOKP/CM and such guys ... my mod is merely there for me (shared with you) and I will let the devs to their thing enabling these customisations when they launch CM and AOKP based on 4.1.1

    Not really competiting. It's all open source, if anything... you're contributing :)
    just a suggestion since it would benefit the users and yourself for not creating 10 other variants of your original and letting the user choose what they want.
    I love this mod, since it has the menu soft key always visible; however I would like to know if the soft button for menu can be changed for something like this:

    In blue color of course and a 36dpi format :fingers-crossed:
    I'd be damn happy and thankful if you could make one with menu enabled and always visible on right side. Navkeys color doesn't matter :angel:

    You can use V2. There you have menu enabled right side

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    I have the old gnex with the kitkat 4.4.2 cyanogenmod rom installed.

    I like the black backround in the settings.


    When i activate the theme all works fine but on the statusbar all icons are white except the phone signal icon that is unfortunately still blue.

    How can i change this?

    Or is this theme not made for kitkat 4.4.2??

    It's not made for KitKat. It's a JB theme.
    Here's Thyrus KK Black Theme