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[MOD] KL7 Replace your dull white lock in the lockscreen

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Attached is a color changing power button to replace the normal dull white lock.

How to make the changes:

1) Read this thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1436434

2) download the files from the above thread

3) download and extract the zip file below

4) decompile your framework-res.apk

5) replace the files in the /res/drawable-320dpi with the one extracted in (3)

6) recompile

7) put the newly modded framework-res.apk into the FTM.zip from (1) above

8) copy the zip to your SDCard

8) boot into recovery and flash

*please back up your old framework-res.apk and i take no responsibilities should anything goes wrong with your phone!


1) "xavierjohn22" for "autoAPK tool" development
2) whoever that created the FTM.zip cwm flashable template
3) maxicet who wrote a comprehensive guide on how to mod the lockscreen line
4) psdgraphics.com (http://www.psdgraphics.com) for the psd template.


  • unlockscreen_lock.zip
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