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May 18, 2010
Google Pixel 5
@andybones it's working... Maybe my Pixel just wasn't updated all the way after I reset it after my first boot loop.

The first boot loop was caused by ONLY installing System UI and not the Add-on features.

The second one I *believe* was caused from not being fully up to date.

After trying again, this time flashing the add-ons module, opening "Rom" control, granting root access (which I hadn't done before), and then flashing System UI, it started working as expected.

Now that I know I can get it working, how can I remove the SafetyNet stuff? I'd like to make sure I can always use the latest available stuff.
Nice my friend.
I want to say I am almost certain your issue was from flashing SystemUI MOD first. You'd either need to flash both and reboot, or the v13 rboot then systemui reboot.
but look for my PM for the v14 with SN removed. You will now be able to simply flash it. Don't remove anything, just flash it on top. and I'll also upload the SN fix I'm using.
And if you don't mind, can you go to the other thread and link to your post, or even just this page, so anyone who comes across that thread, probably for same issues as you, can know what fixed it. (y)
Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to be of really any help from the logcat as I don't this MOD well enough to understand what I'm reading, and I'm real rusty lol. Typhus_ *may* be kind enough, as well, he's an awesome guy, to look at the logs, so getting a logcat wouldn't be a waste of time, by any means.
And I do know exactly what you mean by the error you are running into, as I did some testing here a while back and ran into somethings like this.

And I would absolutely share the v14 with the SN removed, Typhus_ has actually gone to extreme lengths to help out other developers of other phones to get this MOD on it by providing all the code on his github, so he is clearly a haring guy, and I don't see him getting upset with me sharing, but I will share it in PM, or the other thread you made. I don't want anyone looking at it and thinking I added or touched anything, other than removing the SN remnants, and I believe I removed JUST SN, I'm very rusty but everything is working solid as can be for me, this MOD, other modules + Universal Safetynet Fix v1.20-MOD.

And you would be able to use v14 as that's the one that is like universal and should 100% work for you, it's the v9-redfin systemUI one that adds more features, and is the one giving you errors.

How about this, I am going to upload Everything from my phone so you can flash exactly what I am using.. maybe you slipped and aren't using the redfin specific SystemUI. Things happen. I don't want to hijack this thread though, so I am going to suggest this. I'm sure you know, considering you know how to get yourself out of the bootloop, to grab a logcat first and foremost. This allows Typhus_ that opportunity, if he has time to see what is going on and why you're getting the bootloop.

But I am also going to be PMing you here in a few minutes with the v14 module and the SystemUI redfin module.
I'd like to ask you to get on a clean system, be it a factory reset, flashing the system image (remove -w), or whatever makes you comfortable to put yourself in the position for the most success. IF they don't work, then, logcat time.. and yes I will absolutely check it out,, I just don't know if I can be of ANY help because this is a heavily Modded module with A LOT of smali editing, and many other goodies, so for me, it's almost like trying to read Chinese, lol.
Give me about 10-15 minutes to get these files updated and in the meantime get yourself ready to flash! I personally think they will work. But I'm wrong a lot. Let's just hope this isn't one of those times.
Never got a PM from you but now that I've got it up and running is there anyway I can remove the SafetyNet fixes manually without re flashing everything? I'm not an Android developer so I'm not sure if I have to manually read code in a language I don't know.

Oh, and I linked to this thread on my other thread requesting an Album Lockscreen mod.

One last thing, I used Universal SafetyNet Fix release 2.1.1 in conjuction with this app and managed to pass without changing my ctsprofile (before I was using MagiskProps and was setting my device to the 3a). I think I'm just going to leave it alone as everything appears to be working, including GooglePay. Thank you for your help!
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Jan 21, 2019
Damn, I got a shock of my life when my phone screen suddenly stop responding to my touches, and had to reboot to bootloader via adb to remove all magisk modules.

I installed the basic V8 package, am on Pixel 5, Oct 2021 build, with the following Magisk modules.

Anyone face the same issue? Or does any of the following mods potentially conflict with the package?



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Jan 21, 2019
I have installed V8, and got the basic functions.

In order to get the additional features, I attempted to install V9. However, there are no additional options available in Rom Control App. SystemUI options remains the same too.

I then uninstalled both V8 and V9, and did a install of just V13.

Now I only see SystemUI options, but no Rom Control App.

For now, I have only installed V8. May I know what I should install/uninstall to get the additional features?
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    So what is this? This is a Magisk module that adds the following features to any Pixel 3, 4 or 5 device running on Android 11:

    • Forces Google Sans font system wide
    • 63Accent colors
    • 12Icon shapes
    • 22Fonts
    • Wallpapers Breel 2019; 2020 & 2020a
    • 9 different Dark Styles
    • Adds 2 button mode navigation (it was removed on Android 11 but I think some users like that navigation mode, so I add it)
    • Background Blur options
    • Blur Intensity options
    • Adaptive sound options
    • Navigation bar options (hide pill, reduce keyboard bottom space size, hide assist handles)
    • SystemUI Tuner options
    • Rounded corner options
    • QS Rows x Columns options
    • QS Footer Drag Handle options (Default, Accent based, Hidden)
    • Option to show more icon notifications on staus bar
    • Forces Basic Attestation thus making ctsProfile true by just enabling Magisk Hide
    • Rom Control app (to setup all options available that you cannot using just Styles & Wallpapers)

    Everything can be controlled using Styles & Wallpapers and also Rom Control app.

    This MOD will probably work on any AOSP, or close to it, ROMs.

    Get it here: Android_11_Addon_Features_for_Pixel_V8.zip

    Just a note, this module already includes a SafetyNet fix, so if you're using another module for SafetyNet, please remove it since I don't know if that couldn't cause issues.

    For all users already running Android 12 please go to THIS THREAD.

    Addon Features EXCLUSIVE for Pixel Devices running on STOCK Android 11 ROM:

    These exclusive and specific for Pixel Devices running on STOCK Android 11 ROM Magisk modules that you'll see next adds all of the features stated above but with extra goodies!

    "Exclusive features" included:

    • Battery Bar
    • Battery Styles
    • Clock Customization
    • Corrected lock screen icons not changing after applying different theme
    • "Disco Dingo" the QS (just a funny name for the option to apply random colors on QS toggles)
    • Hide QS Labels
    • Lock screen album art customization
    • Lock screen camera shortcut (enable/disable)
    • Lock screen custom clock faces
    • Network Traffic Indicators (unfortunately, on redfin, it only works on QS Header and not on status bar)
    • QS Battery percentage independent options
    • QS Header opacity level control
    • QS Headers styles
    • QS Panel opacity level control
    • QS Tiles styles
    • QS Data usage info
    • QS Rows x Columns options (both on portrait and landscape modes)
    • Reduce Status bar height (and correct left padding on devices with the notch on the left)
    • Removed side assist handles from lock screen
    • Status bar Quick Pulldown (Never, Right pulldown, Left pulldown, Always)
    • Switch styles
    • Touch QS Labels to add or remove on QS customize panel (just didn't bothered to translate "Tap or Drag Tiles..." strings, so you'll continue to see "Drag Tiles..." but the feature is there, try it.)

    Exclusive features downloads:

    -> "Harmless" module that works on any Pixel device running on STOCK ROM, much like the "universal mod" shared above, but with a Rom Control app version that has more options. The "exclusive features" options won't do anything if the SystemUI module, shared next, isn't installed. If your going to try these exclusive features module, install this one and not the one shared above. The SaftetyNet is also included on this module, so once again, don't try to use any other SafetyNet module since it could break things.

    SystemUI_redfin_workaround_for_Addon_Features_V10.zip -> This is "THE" module! This module adds all xml and smali changes into SystemUI. Without this module the "exclusive features" won't work. Also, this module could be responsible for breaking boot if it fails to work at your end. I've ran several tests on my device (a Pixel 4a) and didn't face any issues but, since this module replaces stock SystemUI for a modded SystemUI, you could run into problems if some other module tries to do the same or it's simply incompatible with it. This module was updated to match latest Android 11 October 2021 build.

    SystemUI_redfin_workaround_for_Addon_Features_V9.zip -> Use this version ONLY if you're still running any Android 11 build between June and September 2021!

    Notes regarding the "exclusive version" for Pixel devices:

    • DO NOT, I'll repeat, DO NOT flash "SystemUI module" zip on any other ROM besides stock. It won't work! If you want those extra features on your current ROM you will have to port them yourself. I explain how to later on this post.

    • Make sure that you're able to run adb shell as root before rebooting your device.

    • If something goes wrong after flashing "SystemUI module", like if your device doesn't boot or something stupid, connect your phone to your PC during boot and run this:

    adb shell
    rm -rf /data/adb/modules/Modded_SystemUI && reboot

    • If you forgot to enable the ability to run adb shell as root, and if your device is on a "non-boot" state, the only way you can fix that is to remove all Magisk modules you have installed. That can be achieved by running the following commands during boot:

    adb shell
    magisk --remove-modules
    • If none of the above methods work to get your device booting, then you have to boot into safe mode. By doing so, Magisk will disable all modules for you (it doesn't uninstall them, just disables them). To force a boot into safe mode all you need to do is to keep pressing volume down button during boot animation. After the system boots into safe mode you can reboot your device to boot up normally (since all modules will be disabled). If you get stuck during boot animation again, just force another reboot (I've had to do that during my tests).

    • The "SystemUI module" requires that your device is already updated to March build!

    • When a new OTA update comes please don't flash the "SystemUI module" until I say it's ok to do so. I mean, me or any other member who may have tested it. Why? Because Google may change things on stock SystemUI between builds. When that happens, I have to recreate the module again to adapt those changes. For instance, March build was not compatible with the module that was built on top of February build SystemUI. Rest assured that I'll always test the module with new builds and update as necessary.

    • In case your device gets caught in a bootloop, please provide me a logcat so I may try and look if anything can be done about it. To do so, during boot connect your device to your PC and grab a logcat with this adb command:

      adb logcat > log.txt


    • Unlocked bootloader
    • Magisk Root | Magisk Manager


    • Uninstall all other modules you may have installed IF you're going for the "exclusive features". They could be incompatible with the "SystemUI module" thus making the device get caught in a bootloop. You may install them afterwards, one by one, just to make sure everything is ok.

    • If you're up to it, instead of disabling/removing modules, just flash latest stock build through fastboot. If you want to retain your data, remove the "-w" flag from the update command on flash-all script.

    How to install? (If you're running a Pixel 5, just install the module...you don't need all these next steps)

    1. Uninstall Device Personalization Services updates
    2. Clear Google Play Store app data and cache
    3. Flash the Magisk Module(s)
    4. Reboot device
    5. Open Google Play Store and update Device Personalization services (or any other Pixel exclusive app you see it needs to update).
    6. Profit!


    Check all Rom Control (with exclusive features) options HERE.

    How's these "exclusive features" even possible?

    All (well, not all but almost...) features that you see on Pixel Devices "SystemUI module" were reverse engineered from Evolution X ROM source code. The source code is available on the link bellow shown on the credits. This means that I've been practicing some hard core "old school" Android smali edition in order to get this working. So, yes, I have some credits about this but, if it weren't for the original developers and it's public source code, none of this would be possible. Thank them for this!

    Smali, and xml, edition wasn't enough to get this working. After decompiling, changing/adapt the code and recompiling everything again, I had to find a way to make it bootable without messing with the original apk signature. And here is where VR Theme logic came in handy. So thanks for the original dev who brought us this feature.

    As for ROM Control app....this was/is a project created by daxgirl and wubydax back in 2015! So yeah, I'm not bringing anything new here, I just followed their instructions in order to get the features working after editing smali/xml with the source code taken from Evolution X. The original app source code is also available on the link shared on the credits.

    I've just combined all of the above into a Magisk Module and shared here so that we can get the best of both worlds....a stock ROM with custom features included.

    Rom Control with "exclusive features" source code:


    Want to port the "exclusive features" to your Pixel device running on other ROM? Here's how:



    EvolutionX ROM team, specially @joeyhuab
    and @Wuby986 for ROM Control project and source code.
    @Tulsadiver for showing me how to adapt VR Theme logic originally used on 3Minit Battery Mod by @gharrington.
    for Tickle My Android
    @topjohnwu for Magisk
    @kdrag0n for Safetynet-fix.
    @Freak07 for Adaptive Audio

    Cheers and enjoy!
    Everything is complicated for me. I'm using a Motorola Moto G6 phone with ROM PixelExperience, Android 11, July security updates. This isn't a Pixel phone anyway. Android_11_Addon_Features_for_Pixel_ V8 .zip works stably for me.

    Problems with:
    Android_11_Addon_Features_for_Pixel_ V12 .zip > bootloop
    Android_11_Addon_Features_for_Pixel_ V13 .zip > bootloop

    If the author had included "exclusive features" in Android_11_Addon_Features_for_Pixel_ V8 .zip that's would be great.

    It's impossible to do that since the only "Universal" version of the MOD, that is, a version that should work on any phone running an Android 11 close to AOSP ROM is V8 as shared on the OP. That's why it has a separate download link.

    The other addon features suffered changes from Google changes throughout the monthly updates, besides, those versions require the SystemUI module as well, otherwise, the Exclusive features won't work. And that other module only works on Pixel devices.

    I've explained everything carefully on the OP, if you read it you'll understand that the changes made are at smali code level, thus, it cannot be installed on other devices rather then Pixel ones.

    I've also shared an "how-to" port this exclusive features to any other device (including older Pixels).

    ------------------------- " " ---------------------------------

    Now, regarding all of you that are using these MODs...I've came to understand that Google hasn't changed anything regarding SystemUI since June, which makes me believe that google is now more focused on bringing a stable Android 12 instead of tweaking Android 11 SystemUI (which means that I no longer have to stick around Android 11 just to update these MODs when needed).

    Having this in mind, I've decided to move on to Android 12. This means that I won't be updating these MODs for Android 11 any longer, since I believe the next update (if not the next it will probably be the other next one) will be an update to stable Android 12. Therefore, I really think this is the end of line for Android 11 and for these MODs as well. You can still use them if you want to stick to 11, of course.

    Obviously, and since I miss these features on Android 12, I'll try to make a similar module(s) for Android 12 when it's possible.

    As soon as something cool comes up, I'll share with all of you.


    Addon Features V13 and SystemUI V9 modules have been added on the OP.

    These MODs are now working with June build update.

    No other features were added, only make them compatible with June update (sorry, I don't have much free time lately).

    Cheers and enjoy!
    Well, SystemUI MOD is really not compatible with June update.

    Google introduced some changes that requires some lame edition (mainly the IDs are different...which sucks).

    It's going to be a dull procedure but I'll try to do it as fast as possible.

    Please wait for a new update. As soon as I do it, I'll share.


    SystemUI V8 module has been added on the OP.

    It's already working with May build update.

    Please do not get confused with "Addon features V8", it's SYSTEMUI V8!

    Cheers and enjoy!