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Jul 25, 2018
Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 7 Pro
Thank you so much, V20 fixed my quick mute disappearance issue
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Jul 25, 2018
Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 7 Pro
I know this is a byproduct of relocating the carrier label but would it be possible to have the camera/mic chip in its old spot while still having the carrier label tweak? It just looks odd being in the middle of nowhere like this



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Jul 25, 2018
Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 7 Pro
This is a totally extra request but could you please tweak the medium and thick gesture bar options so that it's a tiny bit thicker and slightly longer so it more or less matches the screenshot below (the dark gray bar behind the colored one is the setting I had and the colored bar is set with medium length and thick setting from the from control app)? I'm more concerned about the length mostly

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Jul 25, 2018
Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 7 Pro
@Typhus_ when I flashed V20 I lost swiping up from the bottom corners to bring up the Google Assistant is there a setting for that or is that a big that needs to be fixed. I love the mod and would like to have it installed but I don't want to lose swiping up from the corners for the Google Assistant
I'm on V20 and I can use that gesture fine. You can try disable and reenable that setting maybe


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Addon Features has been updated to Version 21 and the new release is already available for download through Magisk.

What Changed?

  • Fixed Google Sans not being applied system wide by removing Google Sans Text font type (it gets reverted if "Force Google Sans" option is set to off)
  • Added two more QS Tiles Themes (thanks to @Liranazuz5)
  • Added option for 3 QS Tiles columns (works best with default QS Tile style and reduced QS text size)
  • Changed some navbar pill, width and thickness, values to a larger size
  • Fixed on going privacy chip icon position on QS Panel top
  • Option to remove Pixel 2021 stuff from settings is now enabled by default (having those Pixel 2021 stuff enabled by default was causing some issues on older pixels...)
  • Updated ROM Control app

  • LITE version zip is still available for download on GitHub since the new boot loop rescue script, introduced on V20, still refuses to work properly on some devices.
  • Please update by flashing on top of previous version since all checks, to prevent clearing data from dialer and device personalization services, requires previous version installed.
  • Don't forget that the "enhanced At a glance features" options may only be available if you're using Pixel Launcher.

Hope you may enjoy this.

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    What is this?

    This is a Magisk module that adds the following cool custom features to any Pixel device (from 3a to 6 Pro) running stock Android 12 Pixel ROM:

    • Enable/Disable Google Sans font system wide
    • Adds Icon Styles and Icon Shapes overlays from Android 11
    • Fonts options
    • Enable/Disable Combined signal icons
    • Pixel 6 Wallpapers (requires an extra module, please check downloads section)
    • Adds 2 button mode navigation (it was removed on Android 11 but I think some users like that navigation mode, so I add it)
    • Adaptive sound options
    • Enable Voice access for all Pixel devices
    • Navigation bar options (reduce keyboard bottom space size, completely remove NavBar, invert layout*, set back gesture height*)
    • Enable/Disable SystemUI Tuner
    • Enable Game Overlay for all Pixels by default (although, if something goes wrong while playing games, you can disable this feature)
    • Enable/Disable dual tone battery meter (it only works on icon portrait mode)
    • Enable/Disable showing the number of unread messages on status bar notifications
    • Reduce Status bar height (and option to correct left padding on devices with the notch on the left)
    • Enable/Disable more themed icons on launcher (some apps don't have a themed icon so it won't work for all apps)
    • Enable/Disable left shortcut on Lock screen
    • Enable/Disable camera shortcut on Lock screen
    • Enable/Disable gradient effect on QS Tiles and Brightness slider
    • Hide gestures navbar pill (using transparency)
    • Colorize gestures navbar pill with dynamic accent color
    • Dark Themes from Android 11 Addon Features
    • Choose QS number of rows
    • Brightness slider padding and thick track options
    • Enhanced Google Dialer (to enable stuff like Call Recording and etc.)
    • Enhanced Smart Space (to enable stuff like Flashlight, Earthquakes options, etc.)
    • Enables some newer Pixel features to older Pixel devices (things like Live Translate, Haptic feedback settings, etc.)
    • Enable/Disable option to reduce QS Tiles text size (works better on some QS Tiles themes)
    • Option to install Tap Tap (a great app for devices without Quick Tap and even for the ones that have it)

      These next features, also included in the MOD, indicates that framework-res and/or SystemUI were modded. This means that these next features will only work on devices running stock Android 12 Pixel ROM. I'll talk more about this later.
    • Enable/Disable Wifi + Cell QS Tiles instead of single Internet QS Tile
    • Battery Styles
    • Clock Customization
    • Network Traffic Indicators
    • QS Battery percentage independent options (show estimate time remaining or just percentage)
    • Dual tone Light/Dark themes for Quick Settings Panel and Power Menu
    • Album art on lock screen options
    • Music visualizer options
    • QS Quick pulldown with one finger (options are off, drag from the top left, drag from the top right and drag from anywhere on the top)
    • Revamped Screenshot service (it allows us to delete screenshot as soon as we take it and we can enable/disable screenshot shutter sound)
    • Show/Hide QS Edit icon on QS footer
    • Show/Hide Quick access Developer options icon on QS footer
    • Quick access Rom Control app by long pressing on QS Footer Settings icon
    • Edit Back gesture navigation height
    • Enable/Disable inverted layout for 2 and 3 button navigation modes
    • Enable/Disable carrier text on lock screen
    • Date, clock and battery click actions on QS Header (long click on clock goes to system time settings, simple click opens clock app)
    • QS Tiles animations and vibration options
    • Disabled icon blacklist on both status bar and lock screen(the icons can be disabled using SystemUI Tuner for those who don't want some icons to appear anywhere)
    • Override feature flags (This allows us to override feature flags manually using setprop persist.sysui.flag."whatever_flag_we_want" command)
    • Use 4G instead of LTE option
    • Resize navbar pill (normal, medium, big)
    • Tap to add or remove tiles in QS customizer
    • Enable/disable QQS Brightness slider
    • Enable/disable default QS Brightness slider
    • Auto brightness QS icon (on/off)
    • Brightness slider position (Top, Bottom)
    • Double tap to sleep on status bar
    • Double tap to sleep on lock screen
    • Enable/disable Double-line clock on lock screen and AOD
    • Enable/disable circle background on lock screen fingerprint icon (it only does anything on devices that have it, obviously)
    • Force accent color on ripple animation while unlocking with fingerprint
    • QS Tiles Styles
    • Edge Sense Plus MOD (it only works on devices with active edge sensor)
    • Battery Bar


    • Rom Control app (to setup all these options)


    Download latest module version from HERE! Further updates can be done using Magisk Manager.
    For more info about updates, please read THIS POST.
    This is an optional module. I've decided to remove everything regarding wallpapers from Addon features main module and create this one.
    I thought that it wouldn't make much sense to have a single module with almost 500 MB. So, this new optional module adds Pixel 6 static and live Wallpapers (obviously redundant for Pixel 6 users...) but, as well, it adds other Live Wallpapers that aren't normally available for download on Wallpaper & Style app (old stuff like doodle, conveyer belt, etc. from older pixels).

    • Since V17 the installer mod detects if your device runs into a boot loop after flashing it. If it does, and this will happen on any device not running stock Android 12 Pixel ROM, it will force a new reboot and will try to boot your device running a mod "Lite" version. The "Lite" version is nothing more than a mod version where the only features available are the ones above the red line text.

    • If you want those "exclusive features", the ones after the red line text, working on your current ROM you will have to port them yourself. I explain how to later on this post.

    • Those "exclusive features" are based on xml and smali changes made on stock SystemUI and framework-res. Without these changes the, "exclusive features" won't work.

    • Since this module replaces stock SystemUI and framework-res for modded ones, you could run into problems if some other module tries to do the same or it's simply incompatible with it. If you want to try any other mod that changes SystemUI, or framework-res, there's an option on ROM Control that allows you to disable those "exclusive features". After disabling them, your Pixel device will reboot with a "Lite" version as well.

    • Make sure that you're able to run adb shell as root before flashing this module and reboot your device. Just in case something went really wrong and you need to remove the module manually.

    • If your device really refuses to boot, after flashing this mod, connect your phone to your PC during boot and run this:

    adb shell
    rm -rf /data/adb/modules/AddonFeaturesForPixel/system/framework/ && rm -rf /data/adb/modules/AddonFeaturesForPixel/system/system_ext/ && reboot

    This will only remove framework and systemui "modded" files. Without them, you're device will boot and the other features, that don't require modding, will work just fine.
    In fact, if you remove these files from the module zip before flashing, you can flash that modified zip on any device running any AOSP, or close to it, ROM.
    In case you want to completely remove the mod, you can just run this:
    adb shell
    rm -rf /data/adb/modules/AddonFeaturesForPixel/ && reboot

    • If you forgot to enable the ability to run adb shell as root, and if your device fails to boot, you can fix that by removing all Magisk modules you have installed. That can be achieved by running the following commands even without root shell during boot:

    adb shell
    magisk --remove-modules
    • If none of the above methods work to get your device booting, then you have to boot into safe mode. By doing so, Magisk will disable all modules for you (it doesn't uninstall them, just disables them). To force a boot into safe mode all you need to do is to keep pressing volume down button during boot animation. After the system boots into safe mode you can reboot your device to boot up normally (since all modules will be disabled). If you get stuck during boot animation again, just force another reboot (I've had to do that during my tests).

    • When a new OTA update comes it's possible that the MOD will force boot with Lite version. Why? Because Google may change things on stock SystemUI and/or framework-res between builds. When that happens, I have to recreate the module again to adapt those changes. Rest assured that I'll always test the module with new builds and update as necessary.

    • In case your device gets caught in a boot loop, please provide me a logcat so I may try and look if anything can be done about it. To do so, during boot connect your device to your PC and grab a logcat with this adb command:

      adb logcat > log.txt

      After grabbing the log, please open the txt file and search for "FATAL". Afterwards post here the lines where the "Fatal error occurred".

    • I've made these modules for my personal use and just decided to share with all XDA community. Having this in mind, there's no need for donations (although I won't refuse them if you want to buy me a beer). As for requests or whatever, I can only add more stuff when, and if, I have time for it. I'm a really busy man in real life so I can't promise anything nor ETAs.


    • Unlocked bootloader
    • Magisk Root | Magisk Manager
    • Stock December 2021 Android 12 Pixel ROM build, or later until February 2022 for "FULL" version compatibility
    • Any AOSP, or close to it, Android 12+ ROM on any device for "LITE" version only (not fully tested...some devices/ROMs may not work)


    • Uninstall all other modules you may have installed before installing this. They could be incompatible with the module thus making the device get caught in a boot loop. You may install them afterwards, one by one, just to make sure everything is ok.

    • If you're up to it, instead of disabling/removing modules, I recommend you to flash latest stock build through fastboot using flash_all.bat. In order to retain your data, remove the "-w" flag from the update command on flash-all script.

    How to install?

    1. Flash "Addon Features" module
    2. Reboot device
      If your device/ROM is fully compatible, everything will be ok at first boot
      If not, your device will auto-reboot after first failed boot attempt and boot again with the Lite version only
    3. Have fun!

    How to update?

    1. Open Magisk Manager app
    2. Press the update button on"Addon Features" module
    3. Reboot device
    4. Have fun!


    You may check what to expect from this module HERE.

    Note that this video was recorded when I've made this for Android 11. Some features may not be present for Android 12 and others can be that didn't exist for Android 11. The video is here only for those, who have never tried this on Android 11, may understand what to expect.​

    How's these "exclusive features" even possible?

    All "exclusive" features that you see on the list above were reverse engineered from Proton AOSP and Evolution X ROM source code. The source code is available on the links bellow shown on the credits. This means that I've been practicing some hard core "old school" Android smali edition in order to get this working. So, yes, I have some credits about this but, if it weren't for the original developers and it's public source code, none of this would be possible. Thank them for this!

    Smali, and xml, edition wasn't enough to get this working. After decompiling, changing/adapt the code and recompiling everything again, I had to find a way to make it bootable without messing with the original apk signature. And here is where VR Theme logic came in handy. So thanks for the original dev who brought us this feature.

    As for ROM Control app....this was/is a project created by daxgirl and wubydax back in 2015! So yeah, I'm not bringing anything new here, I just followed their instructions in order to get the features working after editing smali/xml with the source code taken from PAOSP and Evolution X. The original app source code is also available on the link shared on the credits.

    I've just combined all of the above into a Magisk Module and shared here so that we can get the best of both worlds....a stock ROM with custom features included.

    Rom Control with "exclusive features" source code:


    Want to port the "exclusive features" to your Pixel device running on other ROM? Here's how:



    Proton AOSP ROM team, specially @kdrag0n for all his work on Dual tone light/dark themes and other Proton AOSP helpfull commits.
    EvolutionX ROM team, specially @joeyhuab
    and @Wuby986
    for ROM Control project and source code.

    @Tulsadiver for showing me how to adapt VR Theme logic originally used on 3Minit Battery Mod by @gharrington.
    for Tickle My Android

    @topjohnwu for Magisk
    @Freak07 for Adaptive Audio
    @trzpro for More themed icons on launcher mod
    @Liranazuz5 and @roirraW "edor" ehT for all support and testing stuff.
    @siavash79 for all help regarding module installation scripts and update feature from Magisk.
    @iamlooper for At a glance enhancer module and it's install/uninstall logic which was adapted to Addon Features

    Cheers and enjoy!
    From this day on, Addon Features Module will no longer receive any updates. It's the EOL for it.


    I'm pretty sure you all noticed that @siavash79 has been working with me for some time now and we've teamed up to come up with a module that will try to, not only have everything Addon Features had, but MORE.


    By creating
    a new project, called "AOSP Mods".

    That project will be a mix between a Magisk module and Xposed module (using Lsposed zygisk version).

    For now, the 2 projects are still separated (Addon Features and AOSP Mods) but the final objective is to merge them into a single module.

    So, you may still use
    Addon Features V21 LITE version module zip but, in order to have some of the "exclusive features", that were present on FULL version, working, you'll need to flash AOSP Mods as well.

    So, let's all just move on to the new AOSP Mods thread and start to have fun together, shall we?

    See you guys "on the other side".


    Addon Features has been updated to Version 20 and the new release is already available for download through Magisk.

    What Changed?

    • Improved boot loop rescue script so that, hopefully, the LITE zip isn't needed any more (needs testing from experienced users)
    • Added tinting to lock icon when no pin, pattern or fingerprint is setup
    • Added Google Dialer Theme V2 flags
    • Added one more Icon Pack
    • Added one more QS Tile Theme (thanks to @Liranazuz5)
    • Added option to choose navbar pill thickness
    • Added option to remove Pixel 2021 stuff from settings (only works on older Pixel devices..it should fix the long press power button stuff reported on V19)
    • Moved QS Header carrier label to the top right
    • Updated ROM Control app

    • LITE version zip is still available for download on GitHub if this new boot loop rescue script still refuses to work properly on some devices.

    Hope you may enjoy this.


    Both modules have been updated to Version 15 and the links are now available on the OP.

    What Changed?

    • Corrected QS Themes not being applied, on ROM Control, for some users due to some kind of black voodoo magic curse. Now the curse has been lifted...(I just moved QS Themes into Themes section...nothing more...stupid, right?)
    • Ported all QS Themes from Android 11 Addon features module.
    • Added option to choose QS rows number.
    • Added a dialogue, on clock AM/PM option, so that when a user disables it, asks what's the desired default clock format instead of forcing 24hrs format like before.
    • Added option to have a thick track on brightness slider. (Thanks to @Liranazuz5)
    • Added option to have more padding between the brightness slider and QS Tiles. (Seems that some users didn't enjoy the padding reduce I've introduced on last version)
    • Merged Edge Sense Plus MOD, and option to install the ESP app into SytemUI Addon Features. (unfortunately it only works on Pixel devices that have active edge sensors)
    • Added Tap Tap as an optional app to be installed. (This is just great for devices without Quick Tap...and even for the ones that have it, more options can be setup now with different taps on different scenarios)
    • Updated ROM Control app with lots of code changes.


    Edge Sense Plus MOD was brought to my attention by @trzpro (many thanks brother). It's quite an interesting module, created in 2019 by @j to the 4n, that adds tons of customization into devices that have active edge sensors. For quite some time this module hasn't been updated so, users who enjoyed it in the past, weren't using it nowadays since it required updates into newer stock Pixel ROM builds. Besides that, since the MOD requires modding SystemUI, you wouldn't be able to use it at the same time as Addon Features.

    Well, having this in mind, I've decided to take a shot and ported the MOD successfully for all Pixels, that have a January build, and include it inside Addon features already modded SystemUI. Many thanks to @buffal0b1ll for all the tests. They were really helpful.

    Since this mod requires an extra app, and since there are some Pixels that don't have active edge sensor, the app installation can be done by an option inside ROM Control. Thought that it wouldn't make much sense to have the app always available for all devices since, for some, it would be just lying there...on the drawer...doing nothing but occupying space.

    Anyway, the MOD isn't mine, as I've explained, I've just merged it into Addon Features MOD. I didn't even tested it properly since my device, a Pixel 4a, is one of the unlucky devices that don't have Edge Sense Plus.

    For more info about this MOD, please refer to
    THIS thread. While you're at it, please give proper thanks to it's dev. He totally deserves it.

    While porting ESP I remembered Tap Tap app, which is also a must!

    Tap Tap was created by @Quinny899 and is still being worked on. This app, not only adds tons of customizations on devices that already have Quick Tap feature but, also, it allows ANY DEVICE to perform custom actions by tapping on the back.

    Is this COOL or WHAT!? Just like ESP, I don't have any credit about this. I just thought on adding an option for anyone, using this mod, to install the app, nothing more.

    For more info about Tap Tap, can be found on
    THIS thread. Once again, and while you're at it, please give proper thanks to it's dev. He also totally deserves it.

    As for QS Themes. I know, for a fact, that Sants (the dev who allowed me to add 5 of his QS styles on previous version) is creating an awesome MOD that will add a lot of freakin' cool QS themes for Android 12. Anyway, and until then I thought on porting all QS themes from Android 11 AFmodule into Android 12.

    The themes are still WIP, since they require some more work to look really cool on all screen and dpi sizes. Anyway, I think they look kind of cool now, on default screen size. Landscape mode is better now as well...but it only looks good on pixel 6 devices, once again thanks to @Liranazuz5.

    Regarding ROM Control app update...this one suffered some under the hood changes. Stuff like instead of just showing a dialogue indicating that, for instance, "Requires restart" now it shows a dialogue explaining that the option requires a restart to take effect and asks if the user wants to Restart now.

    I hope I didn't forget anything...and that you may enjoy this update.


    Both modules have been updated to Version 11 and the links are now available on the OP.

    What changed?

    • Added more java date string types on clock date customization
    • Added signal icons styles(don't know why but when enabling them, Rom Control app crashes...well, whatever... 🤷‍♂️)
    • Fixed some icons not appearing on lock screen status bar (they can be disabled using SystemUI Tuner for those who don't want them to appear anywhere)
    • Enable/disable carrier text on lock screen
    • Added date, clock and battery click actions on QS Header (long click on clock goes to system time settings, simple click opens clock app)
    • Fix Network Traffic on QS if set to QS header only (now it's only visible if fully expanded and on the top right)
    • Force user selected font on more UI places
    • Added Landscape battery style and left battery text option
    • Use less blur and zoom on lock screen album art
    • Added QS Tiles animations options
    • Enable/Disable vibration while touching QS Tiles
    • Allow overriding feature flags (this allows us to override feature flags manually using setprop persist.sysui.flag."whatever_flag_we_want" command)
    • Added Voice Access for all Pixels (you can turn it on on Accessibility options and control your device with voice commands)
    • Updated Rom Control app

    Hope you may enjoy this and I wish you all a happy new year! 🤘 :devilish: 🤘

    If you would like to show me your support, please leave a like or follow my band pages or drum covers YouTube channel (the links are on my signature). I would be very grateful if you did.

    See you guys in 2022! :cool: