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[MOD][MCU] cs-x Mod MTCD/E MCU firmware (SoundPatched)

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Jun 5, 2013
Hi, I have xtrons dq101l. My MCU is:
Nov 30 2020 19:59:06

there's new version of that?

my firmware is: rk3399-userdebug 10 QQ2A.200305.004.A1 eng.hct2.20210407.173040 test-keys


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    Modified firmware MCU MTCD/MTCE in the part of the presets of the sound processor (Sound Patched)
    thanks to the esteemed @Hal9k_ for advice on creating a topic on the forum for English-speaking users and respected @typos1 and @Wadzio for their help and tips on attaching MCU firmware files to the thread
    link to Russian mirror

    (modified MCU firmware universal for all HeadUnits, but the improvement of sound only for HU without built-in DSP-module, for HU with DSP-module changes do not affect the quality of sound). All the modified MCU firmware are made on the basis of the original firmware of the corresponding suffixes and versions. In order to distinguish the modified versions of the MCU firmware from the original after the version number added the letter index sp (Sound Patched). The following values ​​are displayed:
    -- for the low-frequency band of the equalizer became: frequency 60Hz, Q-factor 0.5;
    -- for the mid-range of the equalizer became: frequency 500Hz, quality factor 0.75;
    -- for the high-frequency band of the equalizer became: frequency 15kHz, Q-factor 0.75;
    -- for loudness compensation: frequency 250 Hz, 5 dB level;
    -- for the subwoofer channel became: the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter 85Hz, antiphase output
    new->MTCE-HA-2.95sp (Sound Patched) Dasaita/HotAudio (HA-suffix) View attachment 4654155
    new->MTCE-KLD-2.94es (Sound Patched) KLYDE (KLD-suffix) View attachment 4622739
    MTCE-XRC2-2.84sp (Sound Patched) XIN-RUI-CHANG (XRC-suffix) View attachment 4549530
    new->MTCE-XRC-2.94sp (Sound Patched) XIN-RUI-CHANG (XRC-suffix) View attachment 4654133
    new->MTCE-GS-2.94sp (Sound Patched) GE-SHI (GS-suffix) View attachment 4608771
    new->MTCE-LM-2.94sp (Sound Patched) LEI-MA (LM-suffix) View attachment 4654165
    new->MTCE-MX2-2.96sp (Sound Patched) MAI-XIN (MX-suffix) View attachment 4654185
    new->MTCE-MX-2.96sp (Sound Patched) MAI-XIN (MX-suffix) View attachment 4654186
    new->MTCE-HXD-2.95sp (Sound Patched) HE-XIN-DA (HXD-suffix) View attachment 4656330
    MTCE-KGL-2.80sp (Sound Patched) KAI-GE-LE (KGL-suffix) View attachment 4549539
    new->MTCE-KSP-2.89cs (Sound Patched) KAI-SI-PU (KSP-suffix) View attachment 4617646
    MTCD-KD-2.41sp (Sound Patched) KU-DUO (KD-suffix) View attachment 4560553
    MTCD-JY-2.06sp (Sound Patched) JOYING (JY-suffix) View attachment 4554064

    rare versions:
    new->MTCE-PSD-2.88sp (Sound Patched) PAI-SHI-DA (PSD-suffix) dmcu(MTCE-PSD-2.88sp by cs-x).7z
    new->MTCE-TONE-2.93as (Sound Patched) SAN-YI-CHUANG-HE (TONE-suffix) View attachment 4658731
    MTCE-WWW-2.85ds (Sound Patched) KE-LAI-DE/Eonon (WWW-suffix) View attachment 4562732
    MTCE-HLA-2.80bs (Sound Patched) HUA-LIN-AN (HLA-suffix) View attachment 4595334
    MTCE-CHS-2.75sp (Sound Patched) CHE-HONG-SHENG (CHS-suffix) View attachment 4593744
    MTCE-HZC-2.74sp (Sound Patched) HANG-ZHI-CHEN (HZC-suffix) View attachment 4554406
    MTCD-ZH-2.62sp (Sound Patched) ZHI-HANG (ZH-suffix) View attachment 4595092
    MTCD-KBT-2.41sp (Sound Patched) KA-BO-TE (KBT-suffix) View attachment 4554974
    MTCD-MLT-2.05sp (Sound Patched) MEI-LE-TU (MLT-suffix) dmcu(MTCD-MLT-2.05sp by cs-x).7z

    alternate preset versions:
    also as above, but for the subwoofer channel became: the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter 55Hz, antiphase output
    MTCE-HA-2.75s1 (Sound Patched) Dasaita/HotAudio (HA-suffix) dmcu(MTCE-HA-2.75s1 by cs-x).7z
    also as above, but for the subwoofer channel became: the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter 120Hz, antiphase output
    MTCE-HA-2.85sp (Sound Patched) Dasaita/HotAudio (HA-suffix) dmcu(MTCE-HA-2.85sp by cs-x).7z
    also as above, but for the high-frequency band of the equalizer became: frequency 7.5kHz, Q-factor 0.75
    MTCE-HA-2.80s0 (Sound Patched) Dasaita/HotAudio (HA-suffix) dmcu(MTCE-HA-2.80s0 by cs-x).7z

    previous mod versions:
    moved to archive post

    for other suffixes and versions I will gradually add...

    alternate solution from @Wadzio:
    cs-x Mod MCU firmware change presets of the Sound processor only and fully compatible with any Android builds. Alternate Wadzio SoundPatch is fully software solution and similar to 7floor solution without any hardware modification, but need to use change EQ application in Android (please see detail in the thread).
    BD37xx SoundPatch MOD like 7floor

    Moved to new thread [MOD][MC] BD375xx Sound Processor

    Added modified MTCE-HT-3.03sp firmware (Sound Patched) HUA-TAI (HT-suffix)
    Added modified firmware MTCE-HXD-3.06sp (Sound Patched) HE-XIN-DA (HXD-suffix)
    Added modified firmware MTCE-CZ-3.06sp (Sound Patched) CHE-ZHUO (CZ-suffix)

    Added modified firmware MTCE-HA-3.06sp (Sound Patched) Dasaita / HotAudio (HA-suffix)

    Link with all:

    ---------- Post added at 06:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:43 PM ----------

    Added modified firmware MTCE-MX-3.06sp (Sound Patched) MAI-XIN (MX-suffix)
    Added modified firmware MTCE-LM-3.06sp (Sound Patched) LEI-MA (LM-suffix)
    Added modified firmware MTCE-YB-3.07sp (Sound Patched) YUAN-BEI (YB-suffix)

    ---------- Post added at 06:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:07 PM ----------

    Added modified MTCE-GS-3.07sp firmware (Sound Patched) GE-SHI (GS-suffix)
    added to my unified tool a new firmware modification functionality by patching for the Wadzio direct sound processor control application and made modified firmware for all new actual versions of different suffixes (XRC2-V2.84, WWW-V2.85d, PSD-V2.88, TONE-V2.93a, KLD-V2.94e, XRC-V2.94, LM-V2.94, HA-V2.95, HXD-V2.95, MX2-V2.96, MX-V2.96)
    MCu for HA Dasaita v2.99
    Please wait a bit, as I am currently preparing a new universal method for modifying the firmware and plan to start using it starting with version V2.99