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Oct 19, 2010

I really like your module, it saves a lot of battery... Since I see you know a lot about this, I only want to ask one question...

I hate the fact that when entering camera app (I have HTC M8) the screen brightness jumps to maximum even though I dont have auto brightness and I have set low levels... This is annoying because when there is dark and I want to record 1080p video and take pictures, the battery dies very fast... It would be better if camera app would not set screen brightness to max... Do you maybe know the way to disable this?

Thank you very much for your answers :)


Feb 12, 2012
it would be great if one could choose the lowest value. for example my phone is indeed darket at "2", but on "1" the screen goes black. i'd like to be able to change to lowest value. is that possible (maybe in a future update)?
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    Change the minimum brightness level from usual 10 to 1. It doesn't modify the autobrightness level map so automatic brightness won't be lowered (though it can be easily adjusted on CM11).

    This is so far exactly the same as GravityBox offers (modifying 'config_screenBrightnessSettingMinimum').

    But Minimum Brightness offers one unique feature - it also modifies the lower brightness levels in MX Player (free/paid). Because no matter whatever you use manual or auto brightness, MX Player always uses minimum brightness of 0.05 (12/255, 19/255, 27/255, 36/255...). To actually lower the brightness, you would have to turn off brightness control in MX Player or use one of many 'overlay filter brightness app'.
    So Minimum Brightness module retains the same quadratic function for brightness levels but includes lower values (1/255, 4/255, 9/255, 16/255, 25/255...).

    Minimum Brightness uses value 1/255 which might not be suitable for every display (meaning LCD) but it suits perfectly my Super AMOLED screens (Galaxy S5 / Galaxy Tab S 8.4) and watching videos at night is still enjoyable.

    There are many excellent auto brightness apps (Lux, Darker etc) that can use overlay filters to lower brightness even more so it's up to everyone to try and decide.

    This module has been merged into new module http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/mod-xposed-tweaks-cm-t3279109. Please check that module for any future updates.
    Xposed now sports a safemode which allows you to disable Xposed during bootloops. To disable Xposed, you'll have to repeatedly tap one of the hardware buttons (Power, Volume, or Home) on your device during startup.

    During boot, your device will vibrate twice when it detects the first key press. You'll then have five seconds to press that same button four more times, with each keystroke producing a short single vibration. After ending with a long vibration, your device will disable and prevent most of Xposed's actions, allowing you to easily troubleshoot problematic modules.
    In the first post you can find archive containing multiple versions of module with different low values.
    Hello! Thanks for the mod, I will test ;)
    Works very nice on Xperia Z2, however minimum brightness is absolute darkness:) Could you please add an option to define minimum brightness value?
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