[MOD] ●•Galaxy S5 UI•● v3.0 (FINAL) - ~Zip added~

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mushrat farshin

Senior Member
Feb 25, 2014
What mean "odex"??
What mean "deodex"??
Can someone tell me.
Thank u

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Odex is stock rom...which is not self-modded..In simple word, after buying the mobile, we have Odex(stock) rom...

On the other hand, some rom's are deodex... they are self-modded.... They are also unofficial!!!

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Senior Member
May 12, 2014
Lanatico, take some of my apk or do you do the port and you do not even worthy of answering me? Explain to me what is you against me? !!!


Aug 19, 2014
first of all thank you ! *_*

this is the first rom which worked on my firmware -_- (I8262JVAME2) it looks perfect but it takes no longer than 2 minutes till the phone crashes and i should remove my battery :(
thank you any way man for your amazing job :)

sam7 mn

New member
Nov 26, 2014
greaaaaaat work ...... BUT

i have flashed it and it works nice
but the camera doesnt open at all . also the contacts app
please help me with this
thanx in advance

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    Hello, I worked a lot of days trying to make the S5 UI for our Core.
    *Before doing the following procedure, make a backup of your current ROM If it not work.
    ONLY ODEX, my device doesn't have a rom deodexed, so these apks are odex

    I themed the following apps:
    - Framework
    - MMS
    - Calculator
    - Settings
    - My Files
    - Accuweather Widget (delete Accuweatherwidget.odex to work)
    - Stock Launcher

    - SystemUI S5 BY xYz404
    Rename SystemUI.apk to SystemUI.apk.bak
    Rename SystemUI.odex to SystemUI.odex.bak
    After paste SystemUI.apk to system/app
    - FmRadio
    - Framework updated icons (attachment)

    - Music Player


    Framework updated, for those don't work

    SystemUI. After download, rename to only SystemUI. - New better style! Edited some .png and removed the speedometer of internet by xYz404

    Music Player THE BEST !


    If you will use this apps in your rom please give credits, I know look to your rom and look if that is my app

    *Create a backup of your current ROM before.
    Before intall the zip, go to root explorer and rename SystemUI.apk to SystemUI.apk.bak and SystemUI.odex to SystemUI.odex.back. After you can flash the zip :D
    Zip containing all the apk's:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rwzgefi7qt3hs9/S5 Theme.zip

    It was the best I could do. Hope you enjoy! :fingers-crossed:
    Hey @snifing can you make the one for deodex rom.....:):);)

    Always press the thanks button if helped :):):)

    deodexed https://yadi.sk/d/WdVXSiLJTRXmz
    system ui force closes
    In system/app:
    Rename SystemUI.apk to SystemUI.apk.bak
    Rename SystemUI.odex to SystemUI.odex.bak
    After paste SystemUI.apk to system/app
    bro can you make framework like this for i8260? the single sim one. i can provide you the apk. also is odex. thanks!

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    Could be!
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