[MOD][PORT] Samsung Gear 360 Manager for all devices [Updated: 21/Jan/21, v1.4.00.4-FW]

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Mar 28, 2021
Just trying to create gear360 mod to upgrade fw

- Extract fwupgrade mod to root dir of sdcard and firmware file also your sdcard should be like picture below
View attachment 5240619

- PowerOn camera
- You should see the blue light above the Power button light up for a second 2 times.
- Double-click the [Power] button on the camera. You should see a top light cycle green-orange-green to indicate it's start upgrade now.
- Check log in upgrade.log at root dir
how long does the upgrade process take? or until it stops flashing?

edited: umm sorry i forgot to copy the firmware file XD. it works Thanks!
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Jan 26, 2011
Salford, Greater Manchester, UK
I tried @Quinny899 's Option 2 (https://github.com/KieronQuinn/Gear360_OSS/tree/main/firmware#option-2-via-the-microsd-card) firmware upgrade via sd-card for my 2016 model. But it does not work. I edited the updater.sh with the filename and copied the .bin file to the sd-card root (not into DCIM folder). And I turn on the gear360 and it doesnt do anything (in regards to upgrading).

@bankwing Is it possible to adapt this method for the 2016 model?
Follow this https://forum.xda-developers.com/goto/post?id=84603699


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Apr 23, 2011
OnePlus 7T
Got a quick question.
Anyone using this app successfully, have u updated the Samsung Accessory Service??
Currently I am on Version and everything is working fine. Now there is an update to Version
I always hold off updating this just in case it breaks something.


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Dec 16, 2019
Thanks a lot for the port! I am using Poco F1, however I have a custom ROM (Oxygen OS). I can connect to the camera, but I can't access live view or anything which requires me to be connected to the camera's wifi network. Furthermore, I can connect to the wifi network but I can't do anything, the app is stuck on loading and nothing happens. I tried everything you said on FAQ but nothing worked. Is there anything I can do?


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Jan 6, 2020
sorry for asking a bit off topic, I have this 2017 gear 360 I had an update back in 2017 then the Bluetooth doesn't work anymore, and can't upgrade it. I found this topic relevant. I wanted to update my firmware to the latest FW using SDcard, if someone can help he how to do it step by step, I really appreciate it!


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Apr 14, 2021
Hello everyone. I have the following problem with samsung Gear 360 2017: my Galaxy S10 has been upgraded to Android 11 and Samsung Gear app crashes when trying to open Gallery. My Gear 360 is with latest FW. I installed app version but app can't pair with my Gear 360, finds nothing, although the camera is in Pair with Android mode. App version, finds my Gear 360 but when try to open Live View or Galey crashes. Any ideas?
PS Sorry for my bad English :)


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Apr 23, 2021
Just trying to create gear360 mod to upgrade fw

- Extract fwupgrade mod to root dir of sdcard and firmware file also your sdcard should be like picture below
View attachment 5240619

- PowerOn camera
- You should see the blue light above the Power button light up for a second 2 times.
- Double-click the [Power] button on the camera. You should see a top light cycle green-orange-green to indicate it's start upgrade now.
- Check log in upgrade.log at root dir
my gear360 2016 flash the firmware file,now it cant display,how to fix it?


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May 1, 2021
My gear 360 2 freezes when I want to connect to live view, so I gear is connected via bluetooth, than i tap on live view, then i select the wifi network of the 360, it connects, i go back to the app it still loads and my gear 360 does not respond to button input. Anythin i forget? Did I had to update or change the firmware or something currently running on R210GLU0ARB2

Phone: Xiaomi Mi A1
Gear 360: 2nd gen
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Sep 15, 2010
Hello. I have an samsung note 20 ultra and have some problems with connection in both camera 2016 and 2017. With app i cant connect with wifi. In new app connected but cant access the gallery and app FC. Anyone have a solution, i have updated with a new firmware but some problem. I have tested in old phone samsung c7 with android 8 and work perfect v

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    Samsung Gear 360 Manager ported for use on (almost) all devices

    LAST UPDATED: 21st January 2021, Version

    - A Gear 360 2016 or 2017 (BOTH work with the same app)
    - Android 5.0 or above
    - A decently powerful phone. The Live View will not work on any phones with the equivalent or lower power than a Galaxy S5, but try it anyway

    Latest Version Download:
    (-FW indicates this version has the mirrored firmware and options to configure a custom download URL)
    NOTE: Version is available for Samsung phones, but cannot be ported. More info.

    Firmware updates and Firmware source code
    As of January 2021, Samsung have taken down the server that contained the firmware update config files for both models of the camera. Through the use of the Wayback Machine and some reverse engineering of the XML syntax read by the app, I was able to fully reproduce the firmware XMLs on GitHub. There is a new version ( of the app which can use these XMLs and download the binary files of the update from this forum post and install them on the camera. You need to set the firmware you want to use (or latest) in the settings (after connecting your camera) before the app will be able to download an update.

    The Source Code is still available on Samsung's website at the time of writing, but has been mirrored on the same forum post in case they also get removed. More info on what the files contain can be found on the GitHub repository linked above.

    Click a screenshot to enlarge it

    Main Menu

    Live View (camera is covered)

    Gallery View

    Image View

    360 Image viewer

    360 Video viewer (there's steam in this shot, that's not the camera quality!)


    Mod Settings

    Known Issues:
    - Live View does not work on slow/older devices. This is unlikely to be fixed, but I am looking at implementing the "no live view" mod (which still works on 2016 cameras) as an option

    - App is slow, downloads take ages. Probably down to the proprietary/disabled code from Samsung in the app for checking CPU speed. May be fixed soon

    - Live Broadcast doesn't work on 2016 camera or when using Soft AP. Latter cannot be fixed, former may be able to be ported with enough time (not sure)

    - WiFi Direct is buggy. Probably down to the app's mode being made for Samsung's modified WiFi direct, unlikely to be fixed

    - WiFi doesn't automatically connect/gets disconnected. This is down to Android's smart detection of networks, it connects to a network with a known good internet connection instead. You can disable this with ADB/Root, see here


    Q: What's the difference between WiFi direct/non WiFi Direct (Soft AP) mode?
    A: WiFi Direct uses an experimental modification for enabling the Samsung WiFi Direct mode for all devices. It's quite buggy right now, but in theory allows you to update the camera's firmware (known to be dangerous, be careful). It also means you don't disconnect from the internet when using the app

    Q: It's stuck on "Installing Samsung accessory service"
    A: Install it manually

    Q: I'm trying to use Live View/Gallery but the app gets stuck on loading
    A: (If in Soft AP/WiFi Mode): Open Settings > WiFi and connect to the Gear 360 network. Disable your mobile data and any VPNs you may be using, and disconnect from any Bluetooth headphones or speakers (turn them off). Return to the app
    A: (If in WiFi Direct Mode): Open Settings > WiFi > Advanced > WiFi Direct, and remove any old remembered groups. Wait for the Gear 360 to appear and tap it to connect. If it returns to available, tap it, delete it and repeat until connected. Then press back until you return to the app

    Q: I have a 2017 camera and don't know the password for its WiFi!
    A: Switch your camera to iOS mode (on the camera itself, using the menu). It will display a password, write that down. Switch back to the normal mode and continue as normal, entering the WiFi password you wrote down when prompted

    Q: Does Live Broadcast work?
    A: On the 2017 camera, when in WiFi direct mode apparently so. I've not tested it, and it doesn't work on any other configuration however

    Q: What do the mod settings do?
    A: See the "Mod Settings" section below

    Q: There's a new version of the app on the Play Store, when will you update?
    A: Check the last few pages of the thread. If the original APK has been posted already, the mod will be updated soon™. If it hasn't been, and you have a Samsung device compatible with the original app, please grab the APK and post it (the original APK is hard to get hold of)

    Q: I found a crash!
    A: Please post it in the thread, WITH A LOGCAT (don't know how to logcat? See here)

    Mod Settings:
    Since version, the mod has built in settings to allow a single unified APK. They can be found in the app's settings, under Mod Settings

    WiFi Direct
    Enable WiFi direct mode. Disabled by default as it's fairly buggy

    Override Camera Recognition
    Force your camera to appear to the app as a certain model. This isn't actually that useful, as it just causes crashes because of incompatible settings (default: don't override)

    Always Show Live Broadcast
    This is NOT aimed at allowing broadcast on 2016 cameras (they can't do it), but at countries where Live Broadcast is hidden. Enable this to always show it (disabled by default)

    Automatically Open Settings
    Automatically open the WiFi Settings/WiFi Direct settings when connecting to save you time (enabled by default)

    Porting Guide:
    I don't plan to stop updating the mod any time soon, but if you want to port it yourself I have a rough guide available Here

    Old Versions:
    You probably shouldn't use these, they have bugs (without the firmware mirror, firmware updates will not work)
    "Test" build 190617
    1.0.00-2: WiFi Direct, Soft AP
    Even older, pre-2017 camera app:
    1.0.18-34: 4K, 2K

    Thanks to:
    - Bin4ry for the original port

    Tools used:
    - Apktool
    - V10 Studio/Notepad++ for smali editing
    - JEB for viewing Java code in APK

    Disclaimer: You are responsible for your Gear 360 when using this app. Updating the firmware, whilst possible in WiFi Direct mode, may brick your device. It's recommended you find a compatible Samsung device and use that to update
    Here are some APKs. They're the 1.0.00-2 release, in two forms:
    - SOFT_AP: This is the same as previous APKs, just updated to the latest update
    - WIFI_DIRECT: This is the APK additionally modified to allow for WiFi direct. To use it, follow these steps:
    - Open app and connect to camera over Bluetooth as normal
    - Tap "Camera" and wait for the Loading... dialog
    - Open your device's WiFi Direct settings (usually Settings > WiFi > Menu > Advanced > WiFi Direct)
    - The 360 should show up. If it doesn't connect automatically, tap it, cancel the request. Repeat until it connects
    - Return to app, Live View should open
    Note: When testing I had WiFi direct go all buggy a few times, rebooting fixed it


    Both APKs are 4K. I'm considering dropping the 2K APKs as it doesn't appear anyone uses them who couldn't use the 4K one(?)

    I'm aware of one bug in this release I've not figured out yet: "Phone" images in the gallery don't work, nothing shows up. For now, use Google Photos to view your saved photos

    I'd also like someone to test live streaming with a 2nd gen Gear 360 with this release, on a non-Samsung device. If it works, I'll try and backport it (during testing with a 1st gen, I could only get stuck at a loading black screen, I'd like to know if it's a signature/app issue or the camera's hardware)
    - Blanked, see OP now -

    Samsung Changelog said:
    There doesn't appear to be one. It is a major version bump though so there must be some changes

    I've fixed the following mod issues also:
    - Crash when opening gallery due to accessibility
    - Crash when opening WiFi settings

    As usual, all my changes and additional files can be found in my Porting Guide folder

    And now for some better news.

    There's only one APK this time. No need to make a decision which one you install, because I added a little something to the app:

    Accessed via Settings > Mod Settings, you can now switch connection type, override the automatic camera detection (detect the 2nd gen as 1st gen and vice versa), force the live broadcast option to always be shown (but still not work on 1st gen), and also automatically have the app open WiFi/WiFi direct settings when it's stuck on that Loading... screen (enabled by default)

    It DOES work on Oreo, but I had to remove some code for that to happen. It was UI code, so there may be some labels missing from the gallery. It doesn't appear to cause problems though


    Changes Made/Porting Guide (includes new lib files from Samsung firmware)