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Jacopo Mii

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Mar 15, 2015
The new entry does appear and all settings are in the 'on' position. I took the liberty of allowing all calls to be screened.
-- Even changing the voice prompts was successful.
If you want, can you please collect some logs useful to debug your issue?
  1. Launch the Dialer in Debug mode using the `adb shell "am start -D com.google.android.dialer"` command.
  2. Open another terminal and use the `adb logcat > logs.txt` command to start capturing logs.
  3. Perform the necessary steps to replicate the bug, then press CTRL+C to stop capturing logs.
  4. Attach the resulting logs.txt file.
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Sep 1, 2022
OnePlus 9
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Thank you @Jacopo Mii for this, works great! Saves me a bunch of time from having to manually edit the dialer_phenotype_flags.xml. Having call recording baked into the dialer is sweet, it's idiotic we have to go through all of this just to enable that.

Besides the above, the reason I am commentating is related to T-Mobile VVM. I have read so many threads from everywhere, XDA, Reddit, Tmo forums, OnePlus ect....and no one really knows why T-Mobile has made it so freaking impossible to have VVM within the dialer instead of their garbage app. My vote is data harvesting from their junk app, but whatever the anti consumer reason is, it is very frustrating. I spent almost an hour on support with T-Mobile to no avail. Could not get it to activate successfully.

Anywho, after using this mod to enable the tmo vmm flags, I get a successful VVM activation (sweet!), and can see all of my VM, and can even delete them. But when I press play it says "Unsupported message type". I am very aware this is not an issue with the mod, but was hoping someone had an idea how to go about figuring out what the issue is. Is there another flag we can enable to work with the audio file Tmo is sending down?

Again, thanks for this great mod.
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Jan 11, 2010


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Jun 30, 2010
I know this has been added as an issue on github but I thought I mention it here, after enabling Silence Call Recording flag, trying to record a call fails, it only works if it's disabled.

Any way to fix this issue?
Apr 10, 2020
In the application, when I restart it shows me the message that in your country it cannot be recorded, when I force the Google phone application to close then it works, how can I avoid having to force it to close each time I restart?

Jacopo Mii

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Mar 15, 2015
In the application, when I restart it shows me the message that in your country it cannot be recorded, when I force the Google phone application to close then it works, how can I avoid having to force it to close each time I restart?
Restarting the Dialer is required only after applying the patches. Later, even by restarting the phone or uninstalling GoogleDialerMod, the mods should work right away.

Jacopo Mii

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Mar 15, 2015


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Jun 30, 2010

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    Nice job I have made call recordings to work but I can't find solution for the annoying call recordings announcements Any help?
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    In the last few days I have seen some posts (eg https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...rding-in-stock-dialer-app-root-needed.4321719 and https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/mod-root-enable-call-recording-on-google-phone.4278659/) that suggested how to unlock hidden features in Google Dialer, but they required delicate procedures such as manually edit files with sqlite or move/delete files in /data subfolders or install a patched Google Dialer apk.

    So I decided to develop an app that allows to apply mods quickly and easily, with a convenient interface and compatible with future updates of the Google Dialer.


    • Supports arm / arm64 / x86 / x86_64 devices
    • Enable / disable hidden features for all users when "multiple users" Android mode in enabled
    • Force enable call recording feature even with unsupported devices or in unsupported countries
    • Silence annoying call recording "registration has started / ended" sounds
    But the app is easily expandable and I plan to add more things in the near future.


    • After enabling / disabling any mod, please force close and reopen the Google Dialer app via Android settings a couple of times.
      You may also need to reboot for the changes to take effect
    • Before to report an issue try to delete Google Dialer app data, to reboot your phone and to try again what didn't work
    • If the app really doesn't seem to work for you, please try the Magisk module as well

    Sources and releases​


    Any suggestions to alleviate the stuck on dreaded 'Activating Hold For Me (requires Wifi)'

    • Reinstalled app, rebooted
    • Removed app, install beta version, rebooted
    • Cleared cache, rebooted
    • De-selected all screening options, clear cache, rebooted
    • Used another dialer, set it to default, then set Google to default, rebooted
    • Removed all permissions, reboot, enabled all permissions, rebooted
    • Changed Wifi connection to Unmetered - to no avail.
    Please wait a future update of GoogleDialerMod.
    Hold for Me requires a particular method to be enabled and I've not implemented it yet. For some features it is not enough to simply change a switch :(
    You can try these tips as a short tutorial.
    Partially true. Tidepods switches are useful also. Just don't randomly disable them.

    I'm still reversing the Google Dialer, but I can say:

    "Xatu" is for Direct My Call feature.
    "Atlas" is for Hold for Me feature.
    "Speak Easy" and "Revelio" are for Call Screen feature (specifically, Revelio enables automatic Call Screening Filter).
    "Tiktok" and "Primes" are for analytics / monitoring Google Services.
    "Tidepods" is a synonim for "circular button" (e.g., the button to record calls is a "tidepod").
    Hello, firstly thank you for your work. the recording seems to be working great.

    - Which switch should be toggled to enabled auto recording of all calls? currently it works only manually.
    - Also, the magisk is v1.00 and apk is 1.03. Both are the same or which is more latest?
    - I'm kinda excited to try the call screen and hold for me feature? can anyone tell how to enable and use this?

    - Edit: Also, if i make multiple calls to the same number, only the latest recording can be played from the call history screen. Is that correct? Edit2: Nevermind. Found this to be working fine
    - You can enable automatic call recording via Google Dialer Settings, in the "Call recording" submenu.
    - Yep, currently the version numbers are misaligned but there is no difference. I will eventually align the version numbers in future updates.
    - Regarding the call screen and hold for me, I have in my todolist to add them to GoogleDialerMod. At the moment you can enable them enabling following switches: "G__enable_atlas", "G__speak_easy_enabled", "G__enable_speakeasy_details", "G__speak_easy_bypass_locale_check", "G__speak_easy_enable_listen_in_button"
    "Call Screen" feature. Can't wait for the new release!
    It would be nice to have a tutorial on which flags should be turned on to enable other features, like "hold for me" and "direct my call".
    Direct My Call also working here. It also will be released in next few days.