[MOD][ROOT] Overclock your screen to 84HZ

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Nov 7, 2019
As you think. I prefer the older version of MIUI, but it feels much better with the 84 Hz screen.

Today I am checking the battery from 95% to +- 5% and I will check my SOT time. But according to calculations it will be mw. 4 hours and 30 minutes / 5 hours. As for the screen modification to 84 Hz, I think it is a tolerable result.

Hi did you face some laggy when gaming using 84hz dtbo on 9.6.27 ?
I try this long time ago and facing laggy on every game, but if use for just scroll2 over chrome and IG everythings are smooth


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Jul 15, 2011
I just installed a Android 11 rom on my Mi 9. Is it in any way possible to archive a overclock with Android 11?
And would it be possible to edit the dtob.img by myself? I tried yesterday but I had no luck with even opening it.
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Mar 7, 2011
does anyone know why is this so exclusive to pre miui 11? i really want to do this with the latest android 12. whats steps was taken to do this on the old kernel and what stops it from working on new kernels?


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Jul 14, 2010
im on global 12.0.3 and it used to be only 66hz but i tried it again today, now it supports up to 75 hz but 72hz is more consistent whereas 75hz has ard 65-68 fps on average. Also theres no green tilt on the screen, everything feels perfect.
Could you tell me how you did it exactly or a link on how to do it? Thank you
I found that this may be caused by the file manager u use. I'm on Pixel Experience and using the default file manager made it crash. But when I used Xiaomi file manager, it worked.

But besides, wow, this smoothness is amazing. Works just great in Pixel Experience ROM ?

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what file manager
we are flashing through the toolbox app
can you give um more details cause the app crashes with me to


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Mar 19, 2012
Any way to install it on last build PE ROM and made It works? (Android 11 last build for now)

I'm in using this mod. Thx!!
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    Use it at your own risk! It is unknown if it causes any damage to the screen yet. I'm currently testing it for a month now, no issues yet. It should work in any MIUI or non MIUI based ROMs (Don't flash it on any Q ROMs, it is reported that it will bootloop!).

    -Download the attached dbto.img, Lanthanum System Toolbox.apk file, install the apk, then open it
    -Select partition settings from the hamburger menu
    -Select dtbo, make a backup of it (Export image)
    -Select dtbo again, click flash image, and choose the dtbo.img file

    You should see the changes immediately after the restart. It's way smoother than before.

    If you want to go back to default, flash your backed up dtbo image file.


    Source: https://www.miui.com/thread-2493430-1-1.html
    I'm currently using this mod, I'm gonna report back if I found anything unusual. Feel free if you have any questions.

    Edit: The screen has a greenish tint in the dark gray colors, if the brightness is set to low.

    Edit2: After using for 2 days, I couldn't find any problems, no screen burnin, or anything so far, only the greenish tint on darker areas. Some users are reporting that they don't have this tint at all.

    Edit3: I'm using it for a month now. No issues so far (besides the greenish tint)
    One step closer to make downloadable RAM.
    I wouldn't ask for any phone cause obviously this only works because of hardware compatibility, just did for the Mi 9 SE cause they are from the same family... except for the processor and some minor changes the Mi 9 and Mi 9 SE are pretty identical on the specs. So... asking doesn't hurt. :)
    People just dont read anymore...the question has been asked many times....

    But hey it's just easier to ask again... And someone wil answer the question over and over again.. Lazy people these days.
    Not everyone have this issues... You're saying as a fact for everyone... Me and a lot of users don't have any of this issues (if you even bother to read posts you'll know), and we're looking for a reason why...

    Happily using this mod without any drawbacks or side-effects.... Cheers

    Would you relax a little? Holy Jesus Christ.
    He just stated his opinion which we all can do, it didn't"sound" to me he was saying it as a fact.