[MOD][ROOT] Unlimited Original Quality Google Photo Storage

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Mar 20, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+


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Mar 28, 2015
I tried to install on MIUI, but after installation MIUI camera does not work. I had to uninstall back.


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Jun 21, 2012
LG K10
Samsung Galaxy J7
I have not, but I might give it a try. I have a OnePlus One on Android 10 I could try, but I'm fairly sure it still counts against your storage, unless someone is able to prove otherwise.
MagiskHidePropsConf can spoof props, so you can make all other apps think you are on another device easily.
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    Simple mod to back up all your photos in Original quality to Google Photos without it being only in High Quality.

    Requirements: Root

    1st Method

    1. Download Root Explorer
    2.Download the Nexus.xml file
    3. In Root Explorer go to system/etc/sysconfig
    4. Paste the .XML file there
    5. Change to file permissions to 0444 (read only)
    6. Clear Data/Cache from Google Photos
    8.Enjoy unlimited original photos backup

    For those who this method doesn't work, there's another method I've found.

    2nd Method

    For this method you'll need BuildPropapp.

    Download the app from the file I've provided or from playstore.

    Open the app , At top right corner you'll find a pencil icon. click on it, You'll see a list of codes.

    Now you can either manually find the following values or use the find option in the menu from top right corner.

    Change The Following Values:-

    <strong>ro.product.model=Pixel 2 XL </strong>

    After changing the values. Click on save icon and close the app.

    Again wipe the user data of Google photos and reboot your phone.

    That's all...
    There is a third, easiest option
    Use the provided magisk module
    Nice mod but it's always a bad idea to play to hack Google services...
    I see thanks for the clarification but is there anyway to revert back.. i didnt make any backup for my build prop ..can you help ?

    U used the module I provided? Just go into magisk manager app, and disable the module, and reboot
    1st parking and wait for people try out

    Edit: it actually works. But it adds on top of your current google drive storage (my max storage 19GB + extra 11GB from this mod, total I have 30GB now)