[MOD][SCRIPTs][TWEAKs]Fly-On Mod�V5.0 Alpha8/Feel The Smoothness!/Upd:11/08/15

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Hello guys again,
The Fly-On Mod App is now much more stabler than the Mod, with support for a larger amount of devices and more android releases(M).
And that's without talking about the better control the App is giving to the user and the ease of use.
You dont need init.d support or busybox, you just have to be rooted.
That's why I'm inviting every Fly-On Mod user, to upgrade to the App, as it'll keep being updated regularly !
Visit our new App thread here
And don't forget to subscribe to the new thread and support it, as it's the future of Fly-On Mod.

Thanks for your contineous support,


Hi, I just install v5 alpha8 , is the mod apk version have the exactly same feature as this mod?

I just flash it and i saw the script in init.d , but how do we know all the scripts is working ?


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Oct 3, 2011
Hi, I just install v5 alpha8 , is the mod apk version have the exactly same feature as this mod?

I just flash it and i saw the script in init.d , but how do we know all the scripts is working ?

The app is now superior in term of new tweaks it offers, it's extended control, easier access to the logging engine.
and then if you wanna check if the scripts are properly working, check the logs at /data/Fly-On, and if you find that hard you can always switch to the App instead, it offers a one click access to all the logs and thus giving the users a clear idea about what's happening.


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Sep 30, 2014
cant install sqlite for kk 4.4...is there any problem ?
mod installed perfectly but i cant manage the engine entropy

so far i have seen improvements,,thanks for this mod


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Oct 3, 2011
Nope. i mean your mod. been looking for fly mod 4.0 beta 4.

Beta4 was uploaded to the threads attached files, and so it was deleted.

is there another mirror link i can use ? i can't open mediafire.com ....:crying:

cant install sqlite for kk 4.4...is there any problem ?
mod installed perfectly but i cant manage the engine entropy

so far i have seen improvements,,thanks for this mod

Could you plese move to using Fly-On mod App, as I no longer support the mod ?
You'll find the apps thread in the same forum section.


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Jan 21, 2015
Beta4 was uploaded to the threads attached files, and so it was deleted.

Could you plese move to using Fly-On mod App, as I no longer support the mod ?
You'll find the apps thread in the same forum section.

Thanks beta 6 apk works on my device perfectly. Thanks a lot for your replies anyway.


Jan 30, 2014
i have installed it by flashing it via twrp, and check it using command in terminal, All installed
Is there anything i should do next? or just let the fly-on mod done their job?


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Feb 4, 2015
Fly-On Mod™ V5.0 Alpha8:(11/08/2015)
-Fixed logging engine for Dns.
-Fixed zipalign binary for lollipop.
-Fly engine : set the VM heap size according to the device's RAM amount.
-Updated the Adblcoker.
-Included Busybox to the installation package.

This busybox version doesn't work in my Samsung GT-S6313T using a stock based custom ROM. I get a segmentation fault error.
Edit: same error in Samsung GT-S7582L using CM 11

I can't even install another busybox via official apk. If I flash another busybox version using this custom zip I created, everything goes to normal


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     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    Index :
    -Post 1 : Introduction to the Mod and general FAQ.
    -Post 2 : Download links.
    -Post 3 : Technical info and explications about Tweaking Android.
    -Post 4 : changelog.

    Introduction :

    Hi guys,Fly-On Mod is a Mod that combines many scripts, binaries and other tweaks in one package which is aimed to improve Android system's performance,smoothness,reduce GUI lags and of course some useful battery life improvements and tweaks!

    Features and Improvements :

    - Full memory management/Better multitasking.
    - Linux kernel tweaks and improvements for better performance and battery life.
    - Less lags for gamers.
    - Entropy generator engine used to reduce lags.
    - Zipalign apps in "/system" and apps in "/data" every 24 hours which result in less RAM usage.
    - Sqlite optimizations and faster database access.
    - CPU governors tweaks and improvements for better performance and battery life.
    - Better thermal management and less overheating.
    - Increased SD Card read-ahead cache to 2048 KB for faster SD card read and write.
    - Ad blocking.
    - Build.prop tweaks and improvements.
    - Cleans log files and tombstones at every boot.
    - Many other tweaks for better performance and battery life!

    Requirements :

    - Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread) or higher.
    - Kernel with init.d support.
    - Root and newest busyBox version.
    -Custom recovery(like CWM or TWRP).
    - At least 4MB of free space in "/system".

    How to install :

    Before Flashing please do a nandroid backup to avoid any incompatibility issues.
    1. Download the Fly-On Mod main pack and sqlite pack according to your phone's Android version.
    2. Rebooting into recovery mod.
    3. Install Signed_Fly-On_Mod_V5.0-Alphax.zip and sqlite_xversion.
    4. Reboot and feel the smoothness!

    In the package :

    +/system/etc/init.d/ scripts :
    -ram_manager: It's a complete memory manager
    -92cleaner: Cleans log files and tombstones at every boot.
    -09RW_turbo: Sdcard and I/O scheduler tweaks
    -zipalign: Zipalign apps in "/system" and "/data" every 30 hours.
    -98fly_engine: Contains various tweaks and improvements. (3G/VM/sysctl/kernel/battery life tweaks etc.)
    -sqlite_optimize: Optimizing database of apps every 30 hours.
    -03killer: Kills media server and google services when unused to save battery.
    -94Governor_tweaks: Tweaks for CPU governors,It's aimed on better performance and battery backup.
    -fstrim: Optimizing system files every 1 month.
    -Entropy_engine: Well, as the name says.
    -95DNS: DNS caching script for faster internet access.

    +/system/xbin/ :

    +/system/etc/hosts : Adblocker

    +/system/etc/Entropy_script/ : Contains main entropy engine files

    -libncurses.so .

    Frequently asked questions:

    Q: Can I use Fly-On MOD™ with my device?
    A:Fly-On works on all Android devices(Samsung Galaxy,Sony Xperia,HTC,Google,LG and all other OEMs) with Root,busyBox and init.d support.

    Q: I'm coming from an old version should I uninstall my version before installing new one?
    A:No,Just new version over old one, the installation package will do everything.

    Q: I feel very comfortable with my current old version,why should I update to never version?
    A:Even If you feel very comfortable with your old version you should update to get latest improvements and bugfixes.

    Q: What is EXT4 tweak?
    A:It's a tweak that disables EXT4 journalism which increases I/O speed.

    Q: Can I use EXT4 tweak?
    A:In order to use this one you'll need your phone's file system to be on EXT4.

    Q: Can I use INT2EXT+ with Fly-On Mod?
    A:Yes It's totally compatible.

    Q: Can I use Fly-On MOD™ with any other MOD that uses init.d scripts,binaries and Tweaks?
    A:No,you can't as they will conflict ,so choose one of the them.

    Q: And when I install a newer Fly-On version should I re-install my RAM Configs/EXT4 tweak?
    A:No need.

    Q: What is the best kernel to use with Fly-On?
    A:No one is the best,Use any custom kernel with init.d support.

    Q: What is entropy engine?
    A:It an engine used to reduce lags by keeping a section of the Android file system (/dev/random) full of random bits so that the system does not have to wait for the file system to generate them.

    Q: So for better performance/battery Entropy must be on or off?
    A:No,It just off by default to let users have their own choices.

    Q: Can I use Supercharger V6 with Fly-On Mod?
    A:Yes,but If you are using Fly-On RAM manager delete It first.(Keep Fly-On main package installed).

    Q: But If I have an older version what to do to uninstall Fly-On?
    A:Update your version to V4.0 A6 first then Flash the uninstaller.

    Q: Do I need to mount /system or /data before flashing?
    A:No need to do that as the installation package does everything.

    Q: There are many sqlite zips,which one should I pick?
    A: Depending on your phone's Android version,like if you are running Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich flash sqlite_ICS.

    How to use Fly-On Mod,after full installation :

    +To manage entropy engine,type in terminal :


    To check if the files are correctly installed type in terminal:


    +To uninstall the Mod,type in terminal:


    Notice also that:

    - Don't use any Task Killer with this Mod !
    - Don't use Fly-On Mod with any other tweaking script as they will conflict !
    - If you want to use Fly-On Mod in your ROM or your Mod ask for permissions first and give me credits !
    - If you have any question ask me in the thread instead of PMs or I will not reply !
    - Read well the thread before posting any newbie questions and do not ask for an already answered question !


    -Thanks to Darky for the base zipalign script.
    -Special thank to pikachu01, zacharias.maladroit,collin_ph and juwe11 !
    -Big thank to zeppelinrox and Ryuinferno !
    -Big thanks to BSDgeek_Jake for the great hosts file.
    -voku1987 and mcbyte_it.
    -Big thank to nolinuxnoparty for designing Fly-On logo !
    -Any XDA Member That helped Me out in This Project !

    The source:

    you can find my source on the Github: https://github.com/Slaid480/Android-Universal-Fly-On-Mod/tree/Beta
    If you have any feature's request use pull request.

    If you liked this mod,please rate this thread to 5 stars and press the Thanks button and if it's possible buy a coffee for me,it will help me to work, support and keep this project up to date!

    Click here to donate!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Fly-On Mod�, Tool/Utility for the Android General

    Source Code: https://github.com/Slaid480/Android-Universal-Fly-On-Mod

    Version Information
    Status: Alpha
    Current Stable Version: RC1
    Current Beta Version: 1

    Created 2014-06-06
    Last Updated 2015-08-11
    Change Log:

    Fly-On V0.1:(8/4/2013)
    initial release.

    Fly-On V0.2:(16/4/2013)
    -re-writed and cleaned script.
    -New zip-aligning script based on Darky's zip-aligning script.
    -Adjusted Values to be adapted to this device hardware.
    -Deleted touch sensitivity tweaks(useless).
    -Corrected Min-free values.
    -Many other minor stuff...

    Fly-On V0.3:(17/4/2013)
    (If you are coming from an old version,below V0.3 you will need to delete all scripts in your /system/etc/init.d folder)
    Now Fly-On Mod is a full package of scripts:
    -Replaced the main Fly-On script with 3 scripts to avoid any functionality problem and ensure more stability (S98system_tweak,05LagFixer,09sdcardspeedfix)
    -Added some useful build.prop Tweaks(for better performance and battery life)
    -Fixed the Low memory killer bug with the new Lagfixer script.

    Fly-On V0.4:(17/4/2013)
    -New SQlite_optimize script .
    -New Script For Network TCP optimizations.
    -Adjusted Min-Free Values for better Multitasking!

    Fly-On V0.5:(19/4/2013)
    -Fixed permissions Via Updater-script to Make sure that scripts are properly working!
    -Some cleaning to the S98system_tweak script!

    Fly-On V0.6:(20/4/2013)
    Delete all old Fly-On scripts before installing V0.6!
    this update contains various improvements bugfixes and changes with a full new script:
    -Deleted 05Lag_fixer script!
    -Deleted S97network_tweaks!
    -New 08Fly_engine script with a lot of tweaks and improvements:
    +Full Memory management
    +Sysctl tweaks
    +Kernel and VM tweaks
    +File system speedUp
    +Ext4 tweaks
    +Improved Wifi_Idle for better battery Life!
    -Updated zip-aligning script for faster zip-aligning and short boot time!

    Fly-On V0.7:(21/4/2013)
    -added xbin to make sure that zipalign and fly_engine scripts are working properly!
    -Now with two versions:
    +Stock version for Stock gingerbread samsung roms and roms based on samsung roms!
    +CM version for cyanogenmod7/9/10 Based roms and AOSP GB/ICS/JB roms too!

    Fly-On V0.8:
    -Fixed errors on Fly_engine script.
    -Added I/O scheduler tweaks.

    Fly-On V0.9:(25/4/2013)
    -Fixed sqlite3 bin permissions.
    -Removed journalism on EXT4 partition(greatly increase I/O).
    -added remountCM_fullext4 script for CM version.

    Fly-On V1.0:(27/4/2013)
    If you are coming from Fly-On V0.9 there is no need to delete the old scripts!
    -deleted fly_engine script(contain a lot of errors,I will be working on rewriting it).
    -added a new ram_manager script (Full memory fix and management).
    -fixed proper permissions for all scripts.

    Fly-On V1.1(29/4/2013)
    -Deleted swapon tweak as it's only causing troubles!
    -heavily modified updater-script to make the /system/etc/init.d folder clean while installing the Mod!(there is no longer need to delete scripts manually)

    Fly-On V1.2
    -added new script 02logdelete1 to delete logs+tombstones!Huge thank to -CALIBAN666- for the idea and the big help!
    -updated the updater-script with more scripts to delete in init.d folder
    -Fly-on mod is now more stable than before!

    Fly-On V1.3(3/5/2013)
    -Fixed sdcard readahead speed(need some testing)
    -Under the request of some users the ram_manager script is now separated from the CWM flashable zip and It has it's own CWM package!
    -Under the request of some users the ram_manager script is now with two version : one for multitasking and the other one for hard gamers!
    -Some cleaning to the 98system_tweaks script(deleted unseful stuff)

    Fly-On V1.4:(7/5/2013)
    -New Ram manager config(Balanced)for people with moderate apps use!
    -Tried to fix deletelog script(I'm not sure need testing)

    Fly-On V1.5:
    -Fully Re-writed Fly_engine script ensuring maximum compatibility with:
    +I/O scheduler tweaks(choose noop for maximum compatibility).
    +File system speedup.
    +Various sysctl tweaks - Kernel, VM, file system!

    Fly-On V1.6:(10/5/2013)
    -Fixed Bug with 02logdelete1 script,thanks to -CALIBAN666- !
    -Renamed 085Fly_engine to Fly_engine to provide any invalid argument!
    -Added Openvpn binary.
    -Some minor fixes to the Fly_engine script.

    Fly-On V1.7:(11/5/2013)
    -Updated 02logdelete1 script with new features and improvements thanks to : -CALIBAN666- .
    -Added Default.prop which contains Extra fly_engine tweaks!
    -Deleted some tweaks from Fly_engine script(the ones that could conflict with 98system_tweak script).
    -Fixed proper Fly_engine script permissions through the Updater-script.

    Fly-On V1.8
    -New RAM manager config(Nexus)It's the original Google config!
    -Updated sqlite3 binary
    -Modified the CWM installation package to make It detect your android version and install the binaries according to it!

    Fly-On V1.9:
    -Modified Fly_engine script with some tweaks added:
    +tune2fs feature(Disable journalism).
    +Disabled normalize sleeper.
    +Deleted I/O specific tweak for noop I/O scheduler.(Feel free to use any scheduler with Fly-On)

    Fly-On V2.0:(15/5/2013)
    -Added new RAM manager(hard multitasking)!
    -Added new script to improve your touchscreen sensitivity !
    -Delete 02deletelog1 for know(will be back after fixing bugs on It).
    -Now you can install It over adrenaline engine/velocity directly(Edited CWM installation script).
    -Fixed a small error in 98system_tweak script.

    Fly-On V2.1:(17/5/2013)
    -Fully reworked 98system_tweak script with:
    +Lesser script size(from 23kb to 19kb).
    + Edited many values for more smoothness and better battery life.
    -Some few modifications to the Fly_engine script.
    -Added many info to the first post!

    Fly-On V2.2:
    -02logdelete script is back and it's working properly!
    -Fixed a small error in 98system_tweak.
    -Reduced 98system_tweak size from 19KB to 17KB.

    Fly-On V2.3:(20/5/2013)
    -Heavily Edited 98system_tweak with:
    +New governor Tweaks!
    +Edited many values for better performance/battery life.
    +Deleted few lines that are causing issue on some phones!

    Fly-On V2.4:(23/5/2013)
    -Fixed 02logdelete1 script!Now It's working properly thanks to :vampire: !
    -New script 98fly_core It's the fusion of 98system_tweak and Fly_engine scripts(to avoid any incompatibility/stability issues).
    -Removed "Disable EXT4 journalism" feature as It's incompatible with many devices that runs a system partition other than ETX4.

    Fly-On V2.5:
    -Fully reworked 09sdcardspeedfix script(reduced size from 3Kb to 1Kb).
    -Some cleaning to the zipalign script.

    Fly-On V2.6:
    -Cleaned up 98Fly_core script.
    -Some misc changes to the sqlite_optimize script.

    Fly-On V2.7:(1/6/2013)
    -Reverted back to old 09sdcardspeedfix script(compatible with more devices).
    -Fixed a small bug with the 98fly_core script.
    -Deleted s78sensitive_touchscreen script for now.

    Fly-On V2.8:(2/6/2013)
    -New zipalign data script used to zipalign apps on /data at every 48H.
    -New sqlite optimizing system at every 48H.
    -Deleted remountCM_fullext4 from CM version (another step to make Fly-On more universal).

    Fly-On V3.0:(5/6/2013)
    -fixed a small issue in 98fly_core script.
    -Reworked the 02logdelete1 script.
    -Reworked zipaligndata script.
    -Reverted back to old sqlite optimizing script.
    -Added partition remount tweaks for I9300 in a single package.
    -Added Fly-on uninstaller for Version 2.4+ .

    Fly-On V3.0 RC0:(9/6/2013)
    -Added NOS entropy seeder generator engine,big thank to Exit_Only.
    -Added hosts file for ad blocking.
    -Fixed uninstaller(no more need to mount /system).

    Fly-On V3.0 RC1:
    -Added NOS entropy init.d script with light/moderate/aggressive profiles and sets moderate by defaults thanks again to EXIT_ONLY !
    -Added new 99logdelete script to execute 02logdelete1 script properly at boot thanks to Erikeleria!
    -Many minor changes.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha1:(30/06/2013)
    -Renamed to : Fly-On Mod™
    -Updated and Fixed Nos entropy engine,Now it has:
    +Feature to switch Entropy on/off(Nos entropy engine is off by default).
    +Two governors light and moderate.
    -New 03kill_media_server which kills media server when unused to save battery!
    -Redesigned the updater-script which will now:
    +Wipe dalvik cache/boot cache while installing Fly-On Mod.
    +Delete some old nos entropy parts.
    +Fixes Nos entropy engine Permissions.
    -Some other minor Fixes and changes.
    -Redesigned the Thread with more info(Still a work-in-progress due to the lack of time)

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha2:(01/07/2013)
    -From now on there will be only one version for AOSP based Roms(like CM) and stock Roms too.
    -Added Uninstaller compatible with V4.0 only check the FAQ.
    -Fixed a minor issue on NOS entropy engine.(fixed missing rngd_state permissions)
    -Updated sqlite3 binary.
    -Fully rewritten the updater-script with better look.
    -Corrected some few missing permissions.
    -updated scripts description in /system/etc/init.d/ .
    -Deleted swap tweak from 98fly_core script and cleaned the script up.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha3:(03/07/2013)
    -Now using hosts file from here with 283540 domains blocked (Adware/Malware/Spyware/Blotware) Big thank to BSDgeek_Jake.
    -Fixed permissions for framework through the updater-script(might fix issues for some users).
    -Delete network security related tweaks from 98fly_core script.
    -Deleted some parts of default.prop that was conflicting with 98fly_core script.
    -Some other minor changes.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha4:(07/07/2013)
    -CPU governor tweaks are now in a separated script called 04Governor_tweaks.
    -Fixed zipaligndata script bug(need some more testing).
    -added run every N day feature for darky_zipalign and sqlite_optimize scripts and fix It to 48H(you can change It).
    -Updated the uninstaller.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha5:(10/07/2013)
    -Fully Rewritten and revolutionary 98fly_core script.
    -Updated the Nos Entropy generator engine with:
    +Default light governor (When activated).
    +Less rngd battery drain and no more random reboots.
    +Adjusted light governor value.
    +Fixed the entropy logging system.
    -Updated the AD blocking hosts file to latest one from 03 July.
    -Cleaning Log files/tombstones system moved to 98fly_core script,so 99logdelete and 02logdelete1 scripts are now deleted.
    -Deleted default.prop from /system.
    -Deleted resolv.conf from /system/etc.
    -Updated the uninstaller and It's compatible with Alpha5 so if you want to uninstall the mod update to Alpha5 than use the uninstaller.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha6:(17/07/2013)
    -Fixed the laggy UI for gingerbread devices.
    -Now Fly-on coming in two versions GB for gingerbread and JB for 4.0+.
    -Cleaner script is back again,big thank to : -CALIBAN666- .
    -fixed the logging system for 02logdelete1 script.
    -Renamed 98fly_core script to 98fly_engine and deleted some few buggy codes.
    -Updated the uninstaller,update to alpha6 before using It.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha7:(24/07/2013)
    -Now there is only 1 version for all Android versions.
    -Patched rngd binary for better entropy generation without killing battery life.
    -Moved rngd binary to /system/xbin .
    -Improved the network tweaks.
    -corrected build.prop tweaks values.
    -Reverted back to old hosts file
    -Renamed some scripts to avoid any conflicting with some memory tweaks.
    -Updated the uninstaller.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha8:(30/07/2013)
    -Added Fly-On Mod logging engine.
    -Fixed Entropy generator engine,and It's on by default.
    -RAM manager is back to the main package with tuned values.
    -Added the GNU General Public License.
    -Deleted VM tweaks from 98fly_engine
    -Added sysctl.conf

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Beta1:(03/08/2013)
    -Super stable nearly everything is working.
    -Fixed bootloop on some GB Roms.
    -Minor fix to the entropy engine.
    -Cleaned the updater script.
    -Many other minor fixes.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha9:(08/08/2013)
    -Updated the entropy generator engine.
    -Added entropy on/off switch option back.
    -Fix bootloop on CM based roms.
    -Optimized VM tweaks applying(Set VM Tweaks depending on RAM amount).
    -Updated and optimized sqlite3 installation process.
    -Added newest busybox binary.
    -Updated the uninstaller.
    -Many minor fixes.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Alpha10:(15/08/2013)
    -Some code improvements.
    -Updated hosts file domains.
    -Seperated installation of sqlite binary,flash the one according to your Android version,for example for ICS,flash sqlite_ICS package.
    -Droped busybox causing root issues for some users.
    -Fixed tunables for Dalvik VM.
    -92logdelete1 script fixes/improvements.
    -Renamed 92logdelete1 script to 92cleaner.
    -Run optimising scripts every 30h.
    -Update zipalign,sqlite3,openvpn and tune2fs binaries from fresh CM source.
    -More 98fly_engine tweaks.
    -Precise build.prop tweaking.
    -Updated the uninstaller.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Beta2:(17/08/2013)
    -Stability fixes.
    -Fixed bootloop that occurred for some few devices.
    -Droped Kill media server script since It's only working on Android 4.2 and 4.3 .
    -Droped tune2fs binary(it's still experimental,you'll find It on Alpha releases).

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Beta3:(24/08/2013)
    -Fixed logging issues.
    -Added darky_zipalign to Fly-On logging engine.
    -Added zipaligndata script to Fly-On logging engine.
    -Many Code improvements and typo fixes.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Beta4:(31/08/2013)
    -Fixed long boot time!
    -Added New pre-built Fly-On Mod uninstaller,to uninstall the Mod type:
    -build.prop battery tweaks.
    -updater-script will not delete caches from now on!
    -deleted some unused stuff.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Beta5:(1/10/2013)
    -Rebased on Beta3(much more stable)!
    -Added uninstaller binary.
    -Added New Fly-On main binary used to check if the files are correctly installed!
    -Added back old 92cleaner script functions except /dev/log/main one.
    -Fixed long boot time on beta3.
    -Added back "wipe caches" function to avoid issues.
    -Fixed a small recolonization issue on the new Fly-On binary.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 RC1:(17/10/2013)
    -The first Fly-On Mod V4 Release Candidate build!
    -Fixed some few remaining bugs.
    -Scripts will now run every 24h since 90% of smartphones today need to be charged everyday!
    -No experimental feature.
    -Super stable!

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Beta6:(15/01/2014)
    -First 2014 update!
    -Android 4.4 KitKat is supported;tested and verified!
    -Added Android 4.4 KitKat proper sqlite3 binary!
    -Many imtprovements to 94Governor_tweaks script:
    +Add support for Quad core CPUs.
    +Optimized Ondemand and Ondemandx governors for better performance.
    +Optimized conservative governor for more power saving.
    +Deleted SmartassV2 tweaks as It's frequency dependent.
    - 03media_server_killer script is back!
    -Some improvements to 92cleaner script.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Beta7:(09/06/2014)
    -ram_manager:Change Minfree values according to the device's RAM amount.
    -Update hosts.
    -Update zipalign binary.
    -92cleaner:small fix and run every 48h.
    -Many improvements to 98fly_engine script:
    +Add FS and VM tweaks.
    +Add back net buffer tweaks.
    +Let Android handle tcp_rmem and tcp_wmem itself.
    +Dynamic tcp_timestamps status.
    -New script: 91touchscreen used to force touch rendering and improve smoothness.
    -Some minor other changes and bugfixes.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Beta8:(12/06/2014)
    -Edited space handling.
    -Fixes to bus on Beta7.
    -Added what was missing in beta7.

    Fly-On Mod™ V4.0 Beta9:(18/06/2014)
    -Fixed Fly-On binary permissions.
    -Fly_engine:Added many new/old tweaks:
    +I/O Tweaks.
    +Kernel Tweaks.
    +Additional FS/VM Tweaks.
    -Many other things...

    Fly-On Mod™ V5.0 Alpha1:(23/06/2014)
    -It's Fly-On Mod V5.0,a fresh start.
    -New Entropy engine,based on Ryuinferno's seeder,Big thank to him.
    -New 09RW_turbo script,It replaces 09sdcardspeedfix and combines I/O related tweaks and sdcard ones too.
    -Added logging engine to media killer script as it was missing.
    -Fixed logging engine for 92cleaner script.
    -Delete repeated lines on 98fly_engine script.
    -Possible zipaligndata script fix,needs more testing.
    -Some changes to 94Governor_tweaks script:
    +Add abyssplug governor.
    +Delete lulzactive governor as it's freq dependent.
    +Full Quad core CPU support.
    -Updated sqlite binary for gingerbread,(I'll upload the new binary later).

    Fly-On Mod™ V5.0 Alpha2:(03/07/2014)
    -Fixed bootloop issue that some users faced(needs more testing).
    -Fix scripts and hosts files permissions.
    -New zipalign script that combines both of zipalign scripts for data and system apps.
    -New sqlite_optimize script.
    -typo fixes.

    Fly-On Mod™ V5.0 Alpha3:(10/09/2014)
    -New DNS caching engine.
    -New fstrim script:
    Some Android users suffer from poor performance after some days/weeks of
    heavy usage. This is due to a well-known TRIM bug affecting these
    devices,so this lagfixer script is used to fix such a bug.
    -Updated the hosts file,a lot of new domains added.
    -Updated the zipalign binary.
    -Fixed zipaligning permissions.
    -Updated the updater-script .
    -Updated the update-binary.
    -Many minor fixes.

    Fly-On Mod™ V5.0 Alpha4:(28/07/2015)
    -BACK :D
    -Added support for Android 5.x Lollipop.
    -Governor tweaks : Added Hexa and Octa CPUs support.
    -Updated the RAM manager.
    -Updated the ADBlocker hosts file to the latest domains as of July 2015.
    -Misc fly engine changes.
    -Droped the renice tweak as it was unspecific.
    -Edited interval between 2 runs for various scripts.
    -Updated the "updater-binary" .
    -Trimmed down and cleaned the scripts a bit.

    Fly-On Mod™ V5.0 Alpha5:(30/07/2015)
    -Various Fly engine changes:
    +Fly engine : force hardware rendering.
    +Fly engine : more kernel tweaks.
    +Fly engine : disable more scheduler sleepers.
    -Ram manager : add ZRAM tweak.
    -Fixed the update binary issue.
    -Misc Cleaner script changes.

    Fly-On Mod™ V5.0 Alpha6:(3/08/2015)
    -Added initial AROMA installer support !
    -New Killer script, to replace media killer script.
    -Ram manager : Added KSM tweak.
    -Updated Entropy binaries for better performance and battery life.
    -Updated the zipalign binary.
    -Minor fix to Fly_engine .
    -Deleted I/O scheduler tweaks as they were deadline specific, thanks to [email protected]
    -delete Touchscreen script as it's not universal, and causing overheating issues
    for some users; thanks to [email protected]

    Fly-On Mod™ V5.0 Alpha7:(7/08/2015)
    -Now you'll have an AROMA version of the Mod and a non AROMA one for userrs facing isntallation issues.
    -Fixed entropy engine binary issue.
    -New fstrim binary.
    -Fstrim : Trim /preload too
    -Fly engine : Lock launcher in memory(no more launchers redraws !).
    -Misc cleaner addition.

    Fly-On Mod™ V5.0 Alpha8:(11/08/2015)
    -Fixed logging engine for Dns.
    -Fixed zipalign binary for lollipop.
    -Fly engine : set the VM heap size according to the device's RAM amount.
    -Updated the Adblcoker.
    -Included Busybox to the installation package.
    About Android tweaking

    This Post is reserved for sharing various information about Scripts/Tweaks used to Tweak the Android system through the Linux kernel.

    The main goal of using scripts and tweaks:

    Scripts and tweaks are used :
    -Improve Performance and GUI Smoothness.
    -Improve Battery Life.
    -Tweak and Optimize the Android engine!

    Useful Info About Tweaks:


    The Low Memory Killer is a constant debate between more free RAM and more multitasking capabilities as free RAM (more than 60MB free) is actually wasted RAM.
    The Low Memory Killer is actually a feature in the Android OS used to improve memory management.

    This is an important feature due to the perennial problem of having low free memory causing lagginess and slowness in launching apps. When you have free memory lingering around the number of 40MB or less, the Android OS just lags like hell.

    What this would mean is, you would want to tweak the LMK to not have the situation of it having less than 40MB (or even close to that).
    The modern Linux machine in the Android ecosystem relies on a mechanism called Low Memory Killer (LMK) to consistently free up RAM. This is due to Android's internal mechanism of caching apps (and never fully exiting them) when you press the back button. This is to enable faster app switching and provide a seamless experience for apps usage model. Android also, by itself will also constantly look for often used apps to cache them for faster app opening. This will happen even before your system fully boots.

    Now, when you mention LMK, the most obvious thoughts that come up are minfrees and Out Of Memory (OOM) groupings. Yes, those two are integral parts when it comes to LMK. The issue here is that no one actually mentioned that there are two LMK systems in Android, that being:
    - Linux LMK
    - Android Dalvik VM LMK

    -This has been a touchy subject here in XDA for most people who debate about it. Most recently,Some Scripts included a way to disable journalism on these partitions:

    /system (System is read only, it's safe to remove journalism. However, you will not see speed increase by removing it as you're not writing onto /system 99.99% of the time unless you're using Titanium backup to remove system apps or copying init.d scripts to it)
    /cache (Cache can be rebuilt on the fly. Data corruption on it is not game breaking)
    /data (All of your data on your phone is here. Removing journalism can risk data corruption. Read more below)

    On whether we need journalism or not, I will pose this situation:

    Journalism is required to maintain data consistency in events that could lead to data corruption. Data could get corrupted in a number of situations:
    - Misbehaving app that constantly writes without syncing/committing data to the disk
    - Power loss due to forced reboots or bootloops when data is partially written/committed into disk

    -Memory leaks:

    If you found out that your Android is laggy after sometime and a reboot will make it faster, then you're experiencing memory leaks. "free" is a command to show your currently free memory. It will not necessarily be the same value as your phone's free memory.


    Busybox is required to perform all of your superuser activities in your android phone. There are some problems associated with this when ROM developers decide to use a certain version of Busybox that are incompatible with the binaries that we use in our phones.

    Minfree is part of the Kernel used to multitasking and It differs from a Phone to another because of the RAM available in users space.

    -Network Tweaks:

    There are some Tweaks that are used to increase the speed of your Network browsing,downloading and uploading

    -Build.Prop Tweaks:
    Those Tweaks can generally be found in Build.prop /system and they are used to optimize overall system speed and battery

    -SD Card Speed Fix:
    This is a Tweaks that Has the goal of increasing the read-ahead speed of your SD Card,and that by improving your SD R/W speed.

    -Smoothness Tweaks:
    Well with the Linux Kernel there is a possibility to add some Tweaks to optimize the GUI Smoothness.

    -Entropy generator engine:
    This engine can reduce lag by keeping a section of the Android file system (/dev/random) full of random bits so that the system does not have to wait for the file system to generate them.


    Zipalign is a tweak used to optimize Android application (.apk) files. The purpose is to ensure that all uncompressed data starts with a particular alignment relative to the start of the file. Specifically, it causes all uncompressed data within the .apk, such as images or raw files, to be aligned on 4-byte boundaries. This allows all portions to be accessed directly with mmap() even if they contain binary data with alignment restrictions. The benefit is a reduction in the amount of RAM consumed when running the application.


    Well,what I can say is that I shared those useful Info after some research and my experience with Linux/Unix,and those some of My main Target that I use to find some of the useful info:

    -XDA Forums

    Fly-On Mod V4.0 :

    -Beta7: click here
    -Beta8: click here
    -Beta9: click here

    Fly-On Mod V5.0:

    -Alpha1: click here
    -Alpha2: click here
    -Alpha3: click here
    -Alpha4: click here
    -Alpha5: click here
    -Alpha6: click here
    -Alpha7: click here
    -Alpha7 No AROMA: click here
    -Alpha8: click here
    -Alpha8 No AROMA: click here

    if you liked/downloaded the Mod, leave a thanks,it encourages me to continue working on this project !
    Beta4 is Up!

    Fly-On Mod V4.0 Beta4 is online,you get:
    -Fixed long boot time!
    -Added New pre-built Fly-On Mod uninstaller,to uninstall the Mod type:
    -build.prop battery tweaks.
    -updater-script will not delete caches from now on!
    -deleted some unused stuff.

    Since first beta release I noticed that downloads amount increased,but sadly replies and thanks decreased significantly!
    Thanks anyway to all the people who supported and helped me to continue this project!