[Mod/Theme] The "Dark" Side of CloudyG3 (only kk version)

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Dec 8, 2014
Cool. Will give it a try

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1) flash this
2) LGFmradio: firstly delete the relative odex and then copy manually (overwriting) with the right permission (rw-r-r)
3) flash this zip (New Version+many fix)
4) flash new LGSystemUI from here
What file is in third step ?
Is it work on cloudyG2 3.3 ?
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Feb 15, 2013
I want to use this theme, but i dont want it to change my nav bar (i like kitkat buttons better then lollipop) i also dont want those custom status bar icomw. What do i flash/backup?


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Jan 6, 2011
After installing either of those themes on CloyudyG3 v2.2 (F320 variant), it becomes impossible to mount the external SD card, regardless of its format. The only solution is to reinstall the ROM and manually replace the APK files with the exception of those in /system/framework/ which cause this problem.

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    First of all......just for fun !!!


    A big thanks to @Cloudyfa for his wonderful rom and to @devadip for his encouragement and support.

    After an hard and long labor of patience and times spent,i'd like to suggest you this "little work" on cloudyg3 2.0
    (even if i think that many apk work perfectly also on 2.1 version,i'm waiting for user's confirmation).

    Basicly,this is a cloudy's rom skin, but i put in also some mods, especially in ui.
    i tried to recreate a style inspired on new grafic interface ANDROID L.

    I modified these apks (with screenshot):

    folder "app"

    folder "framework"

    folder "priv-app"

    all screenshots can be seen here

    all apk are odex (except LGSystemUI.apk and LGFmradio.apk that are deodex)
    there are two ways to install (for odex apk)

    1) flash this zip http://www.mediafire.com/download/cneeq1tgvn3v2vn/all.zip

    2) overwrite one by one all apk
    you can dowload all here : https://www.mediafire.com/folder/04b6t1qx0yhtb/cloudyg3_-_l

    for LGSystemUI e LGFmradio: firstly delete the relative odex and then copy manually (overwriting) on respective folders with the right permission (rw-r-r)

    LGSystemUI (folder "priv-app")

    LGFmradio (folder "app")


    LGGallery (overwrite in folder "priv-app") here
    LGConciergeBoard (folder "priv-app") here (flashable zip)
    LGMyWellness (folder "priv-app") here (flashable zip)

    Weather Icons for LGConciergeBoard (flashable zip)
    weather_my_real here
    weather_plex here
    weather_G3_recolored here
    weather_G3 (stock) here


    LGContacts for Quickwindow

    here (overwrite in "priv-app" rw-r-r)
    thanks @Christian Nothing for reporting and for testing

    LGContacts (fix for Russian users)

    here (flashable)

    The only bug i met is this little menu of LGEasysettings that i couldn't change
    when i recompile the apk this is the error:
    fixed in new version :)


    New Version
    - fixed black text in LGMusic and LGBrowser
    - new option in LGSystemUI
    - new skin in dialer (new contact pictures, full screen, central composition)
    - fixed LGSettings, LGEasySettings, lge-res, framework, com.lge.sui.widget, LGLockScreenSettings, LGSettingsAccessibility


    LGSystemUI (screenshot)

    all apk are odex (except LGSystemUI.apk that is deodex)
    there are two ways to install (for odex apk)

    1) flash this zip

    2) overwrite one by one all apk
    you can dowload all here

    LGSystemUI here (flashable zip)


    Why 2.0 version and not 2.1?
    because when 2.1 version it was released, my work was in final fase,
    and i didn't want to begin another time all this job.
    However i look into 2.1 rom and i saw that all the apk are
    same of 2.0 version, so i think there will be not problems of compatibility.

    it is recommended a nandroid backup!!

    my wallpaper

    thanks deva ;)

    p.s. forgot .... I would like to thank all those who have helped me to understand some xml and especially @Ticklefish (always very helpful) and my friend @blackcoffeez


    thank you so much! :good:
    Please give us a chance to donate to you.

    And really like that Black Android L Theme ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/themes-apps/theme-g3-clean-look-kk-4-4-2-t2834442)

    If you can make one like that to tour G2, a lot people will be happy.

    Thanks and great work.
    is there someway to remove screenshot button?im always hitting it

    yep... you can remove it, or place it on the right side of the statusbar (if you're left-handed as myself who also hit it everytime when trying to pull down the notification panel)...

    it's a bit complicated to do so because it includes decompiling/recompiling the LGSystemUI.apk - but i'll try to explain ( @glfsd helped me through PM with this)

    before you do anything - make sure you have the latest LG G2 drivers installed properly

    this works on Windows PC - make sure you have a backup of original "LGSystemUI.apk" somewhere in case anything goes wrong...

    - you'll need "TickleMyAndroid" app for decompiling/compiling the apk
    get it from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1633333 (also, i hope you have java already installed)

    - you'll need "Notepad++" for editing ".xml" file

    with TickleMyAndroid you decompile the "LGSystemUI.apk" (i didn't know how to do it - but i got it very quickly" - instruction for decompiling would be too long - so i'll skip it) - and the basics are explained in the "TickleMyAndroid" app thread

    when you've decompiled the apk

    open res\layout\status_bar.xml and delete this (or just change the "left" to "right" if you want to keep that button, just moved to the right side of the statusbar)
    <LinearLayout android:gravity="left" android:orientation="horizontal" android:id="@id/nav_buttons" android:focusable="false" android:clipChildren="false" android:clipToPadding="false" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent" android:animateLayoutChanges="true">
            <com.android.systemui.statusbar.policy.KeyButtonView android:layout_width="64.0dip" android:layout_height="fill_parent" android:layout_weight="0.0" systemui:keyCode="120" systemui:keyRepeat="false" systemui:glowBackground="@drawable/ic_sysbar_highlight" />

    - save the ".xml"

    - recompile the apk
    - copy it from TickleMyAndroid's "OUT" folder somewhere on the device (sd card prefferable)
    - follow my instructions from the 1st page on how to use TWRP to copy files to system folders and change its permissions...

    i'm a noob in compiling/decompiling apk's - but i got it in about half an hour...
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