[MOD]Tweaks for testing!Need some help/testers...:)

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Dec 25, 2010
I posted this in the I9300 forum but i got no responses....:(
I suppose this could work on all 1gb ram devices since these are non device specific tweaks,just optimised for the S3.

Hi all...
I got a bit tired of restoring all of my build.prop and init.d tweaks every time i flashed i rom so i made a handpicked collection of the tweaks i use.
Since this may be useful to others aswell i though i need some testers to confirm everything goes ok after this...
Can anyone help me?
When it's confirmed working i'll update this to a full thread with how to and everything. :) [done already because of low demand.]
By the way,can't test myself because i already have those enabled.
I just want to see if the cwm file installs correctly and if values and permissions are set right.


Flash through recovery and delete dalvik and cache.
Please do post back,I need feedback since this is the first flashable mod i created.
Also make a backup before installing,i don't know if this will work correctly on your S3.
Thanks! :)

Finally it is reccomended to use this to have full effect and eliminate redraws.
Just use the instructions and you're done.


P.S. Nothing of this is mine,i just made the package becaue i don't want to install them manually every single time.
All credits go to their owners.
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    Seems to make things a bit smoother.

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