[MOD][V3.1][06/07/12] Radio lib-ril/gps .so updater-CM9 & AOKP based ROMs

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Dec 22, 2010
somewhere over the rainbow
Have you tried the files from crypx
can you specify/link to the files? i did not find any post within this thread by 'crypx'. but no, i havent tried the files, what would they do and where can i find them?

redchili: Firstly, I check for NMEA strings in TurboGPS (easier imho). Before I fixed my GPS, only envelopes were appearing and strings next to them. After the fix, I get envelopes and some $GPxxxxx strings next to them. When I get envelopes and strings it is a signal to me that GPS is working 100% correctly. ...
i took pretty much the same approach, also had empty envelopes (without strings), then after updating gps.vision.so stings appeared.
however, even after 15-20 minutes of letting googe maps (no other gps-apps installed) try to get a fix (outdoors, no movement) nothing happened (but remember i did a efs wipe!).

i finally made a discovery after i installed locus leading to a partial success:
after disabling gps and forcing a reset of agps-data through locus (data-connection enabled) and thereafter re-enabling gps i suddenly got gps-signals from 6-9 satelites with good signal strength but according to the display of locus very unstable reception, meaning going down to 1 or 0 satelites-signals being received all of a sudden, then back up to 4-5 and generally takeing a long time (5-10 minutes) to finally acquire a fix when not moving.
after waiting for some time and re-trying the same behaviour seemed to occur with disabling gps and resetting agps-data leading again to a rather unstable gps-signal-reception occasionally leading to a fix (with is often lost shortly after). only disabling and re-enabling GPS mostly leads to no satellite signals being displayed in locus.
i also checked with turboGPS but never got empty envelopes afterwards so from my perspective having non-empty envelopes in turboGPS is (sadly) not really the finishing line.

about compass: I never had any problems with it, I check with GPS Status or Turbo GPS's sensors. ...
ok, my compass troubles seem to be indeed a different issue as mentioned here (sum-up: compass/accelerometer sometimes not working unless another rom (e.g. Virtuous Infinity) was installed and nandroid backup reinstalled afterwards).

about GPS issues: I had problems with GPS since my radio flash. Even last cyanogenmod 7 (gingerbread) had them. ...
same for me, altough with CM7.1 :(

... For me, the following steps fix the GPS : 1. Flash flinnycm, boot, let GPS run for a while 2. replace gps.vision.so using adb 3. reboot. After that I get envelopes and strings. If I did EFS wipe during reboot, then I would not even get a GPS icon on statusbar. ....
ok, my behaviour is a little different from yours as i always had a GPS-icon come up (also after EFS-wipes) when an app tries to determine the GPS-position.

weird.. will experiment further. any other ideas / hints?
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Dec 22, 2010
somewhere over the rainbow
Warbuff, thanks for that link, for a moment i got really excited once i've read through the description of crypted's agps-patch.

i successfully installed the patch and also tried several workarounds as described in the notes-section but the situation did not improve at all :crying:
also tried wiping efs, resetting agps-data, just letting gps run under open skies for 15-20 minutes ...

maximum numer of received signals i get right now is from one satelite, and that fluctuates steadily

really weird, everything works really nice, no problems with data, network etc, except gps.
did anybody here ever hear about a gps-hardware defect? could this be an option?

seems like i need to test with a different radio or mod for comparison *sigh*

@Lum_UK: you mention in post #202 that you couldn't get radio to work but used successfully instead with the gps.vision.so from your post #77.
is this still what you use today or say as long as you used your HTC DZ/vision?
did you ever try to use this gps.vision.so in combination with radio how did that do?
EDIT: another important thing i forgot: which RIL would possibly work best with

EDIT(05-29_1): no luck with reinstalling andromadus b22 from scratch and no luck with doing the same after downgrading to radio (trying various gps.vision.so), also no luck with wiping efs or the agps-patch. after each attempt i've gps idle for min. 5 minutes, restarted, left the battery out for 60 sec, nothing. i dont get a single gps-signal at the moment altough clear vision to south-western skies.
guess i have to consider my devices gps-sensor broken and start looking for a new device since i use gps fairly often :(
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May 24, 2012
OnePlus 5T
@Lum_UK: you mention in post #202 that you couldn't get radio to work but used successfully instead with the gps.vision.so from your post #77.
is this still what you use today or say as long as you used your HTC DZ/vision?
did you ever try to use this gps.vision.so in combination with radio how did that do?
EDIT: another important thing i forgot: which RIL would possibly work best with

The setup I used in that post is what I used for the lifetime of that phone. It stayed on the AOKP ICS Build 40.
I eventually replaced it with a Droid 4 and gave the DZ to my GF who continued to use it like that for another year before a bulging battery put the phone into retirement (yes I know I can replace it, but we both have Droid 4s now)


Dec 22, 2010
somewhere over the rainbow
reviving this old thread once more for the sake of completeness:
after needing a fallback-device for experimental reasons i dug out my good ol' desire z and discovered that for some wicked reason gps is back fine without applying any further changes to what i described before.
weird enough that i just figured that gps still won't acquire a fix when using a non-OEM battery (can't recall the brand atm) but will do relatively fine with the (now quite worn) oem-battery.

just in case someone comes across similar issues ;)

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    [MOD][V3.1][06/07/12] Radio lib-ril/gps .so updater-CM9 & AOKP based ROMs


    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Update to Version 3.1 Why? I have done some research on flashing radio images and found some interesting information. Apparently there are 2 files that pertain to radios in the RUU releases, a radio.img and a rcdata.img. We all have been flashing only the radio.img file but the rcdata.img contains further carrier information that directly relates to information in the build.prop file. I have put together a new radio zip file that contains both the radio.img and the rcdata.img. The .img files were taken directly from the latest T-Mobile RUU release. This new radio/rcdata zip needs to be flashed through bootloader just like you flashed a radio in the past. As usual, you''ll need to rename the zip file to PC10IMG.zip before you reboot into bootloader. Check the MD5 Sum after you download the file to your sdcard to make sure it matches the following:

    MD5 Sum: 360EA26286DEC39FC8008B266F470839

    DOWNLOAD VISION_RADIO_RCDATA_12.62.60.27_26.13.04.19.zip

    MIRROR: http://www.mediafire.com/?vdecstne5uuvuxn

    I have also updated information in the build.prop patcher with the proper information to match the information in the rcdata.img. This is now Version 3.1. After you flash the radio/rcdata img from the above link through bootloader, download the latest version 3.1 and flash through recovery along with the EFS wipe.

    Several months ago T-Mobile released it's latest update for the G2. The OTA update contained new radio firmware and updated ril library files. Many of us running CM7 that flashed the .19 radio and matched the updated lib-ril files that were contained in this release found improvements in performance and most noticeably an improvement in battery life. It was later incorporated into Tsubus' ILWT CM7 ROM. You can find the CM7 lib-ril matching thread here and read users comments after updating the files.


    I have compiled a new mod for CM9 & AOKP based ICS ROMS that should offer similar results. This has been tested with CM9, Andromadus and AOKP builds.

    ATTENTION: I am not responsible if you brick your phone or if it starts a fire in your apartment by using this mod! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!


    If you are not running the .19 radio along with the latest rcdata.img, download from the above link. If you need further flashing instructions get them here:


    Make a complete backup with recovery.

    Download the updater and flash through recovery. This will patch your build.prop file and update your radio ril and gps .so files. Many thanks to GinoAMelone for supplying the code to patch the build.prop file without having to replace it.

    Download Version 3.1 - Radio - ril and gps .so updater for CM9 based ROMS

    MIRROR: http://www.mediafire.com/?6ausxuv6ppxhs0m

    IMPORTANT: While you are in recovery, wipe your cache and dalvick cache and wipe the efs partitions by flashing the Vision EFS partition wipe tool.

    Download EFS Partition Wipe Tool


    Reboot your device and you're good to go.

    NOTE: At first boot, it might take a little longer than usual for you to connect to your local towers since you've wiped your radio data and the efs partitions need to be re-populated with the new data. This also means you'll need to be outside and wait several minutes for a new gps lock as the new data is obtained from the satellites.

    Don't forget to hit the thanks button if this works out for you!
    Important Update

    I have updated the OP with a new radio/rcdata zip file. Apparently there are 2 .img files released with RUU releases. Both of these should be included when flashing a new radio. The rcdata.img contains further carrier information that is directly releated to the information in the build.prop file. I have also updated the build.prop patcher to match up with the data contained in the rcdata.img. This should/could help in improvement with switching problems that some are having and are reporting in the ICS ROM threads.

    Yesterday i downgraded my Desire Z to Froyo and then went to the CM9-BETA5-UNOFFICIAL using CWM.

    As i am brand-spanking-new to this, i want to verify with you the steps i have to take to update my radio (current radio

    1. I first download the Vision_Radio_12.62.60.27_26.13.04.19 radio from here and flash it using the instructions there.
    2. Then i download your Radio26.13.04.19radio_ril_gps_so_updater_v2.zip and then use CWM recovery 'install zip from sdcard'?
    3. Then i wipe cache partition using CWM, wipe dalvik cache using CWM and then download the EFS part wipe tool, and install it like with CWM in step 2?

    I just want to be 100% sure before i brick anything. :)

    1. Download the radio zip file to the root of your sd card and change the name of it to be pc10IMG.zip. Be sure to check the MD5 Sum of the radio zip file once it's on your sd card to be sure you have downloaded the complete file. Then flash it in bootloader, not recovery.

    2 download the lib-ril updater and the efs wipe tool and put them on your sd card and flash them at the same time, and while you're in recovery also wipe the cache and dalvick cache.

    3. reboot
    Ditto. Anybody have a mirror for the .19 Radio+Rc Data?

    Mirrors added to OP
    Updated the OP with 2 flashable updaters, 1 for CM9 Beta and 1 for Andromadus Audacity Beta. I'll keep updated as often as possible.