[MOD][XPOSED][4.0.3+] Statusbar Scroll to Top (refactored)

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Jan 7, 2018
Ups! It's working in the Test screen of the app, but not in Chrome, where I wanted to use it.

I own a Xiaomi Mi9 with Miui global 11.0.9.
Any suggestion?


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Jul 1, 2012
Asalamu Alaikum
Years back on my request you created Hijiri clock module which was working very well up to Oreo, now I am in pie rom on my Galaxy note ., Actually I was not upgrading to pie because most of the xposed module was not working in pie .But recently due to development of LSposed , the things become better , so I upgraded. So kindly upgrade Hijiri clock also to be compatible with new android upto 12, because I love this module very much and it was very useful for me. If you do may God Almighty give you great rewards

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    Original module by MohammadAG, say thnx the author!

    This module allows you to tap / double tap the status bar to scroll content to the top or bottom.

    It's comparable with modern apps and may be comparable with custom lists' apps (now: Telegram).

    ver 1.1
    Delay added before scroll (useful for Samsung)

    Download: Xposed repo or
    I think Magisk does not allow to simulate scroll like Xposed do. So, you may install Magisk + systemless Xposed + the module and try ;)
    As I can see it works :) Yes, only in edxposed manager but it's normal behavior: only apps with standard lists are scrollable by the module. Unfortunately. Check also Play store (horizontal scroll of the tabs), Telegram (custom but supported). There is another way to emulate swipe events for any view, but no way where or when we should stop swiping, so it's unusable

    Here's the link of S9+'s Android Q SystemUI and StatusBarWindowView Class(You mean StatusBarWindowView.smali, right?).
    I think most of samsung devices have this class in SystemUI..
    Thnx! I'll check what can I do for Samsung's ROM :)
    I'm also facing expanding notification when double tapping. Running AICP Pie OP6.
    You can use Gravitybox to disable notification peeking on tap. That is what I am doing to fix it.

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