[MOD][XPOSED][4.0+]App Settings v1.10 (2014-08-13)

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Jul 8, 2014


Jan 20, 2020
Thanks Blue Cat!!!!! GENIUS!!!!!

"App Settings" is VERY important for me because of permission management.

Anyone knows if it works well in Android 9 (the permissions part)?

I want to upgrade to Android 9, but I'm doubting because App Settings (permissions) functionality (xPosed and Magisk too, but they seem to be working with EdXposed and latest versions of Magisk).

Thanks again Blue Cat!!!!

(I can't stress enough how important is for rooting -in my opinion- to have the possibility of advanced management of permissions as App Settings do).

EDIT: I want to thank Blue Cat again for his efforts. Regarding permissions management (for me is very important), it seems that is working but not with all permissions of course (because Android in latest versions doesn't allow blocking entire permissions in some cases). But you can use this in combo with other options like Afwall+ for blocking apps that you don't want to connect to Internet.
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Done. But it does not work for me on Android 10, without guarantees that it will work.

Man! Old user of App Settings here but long time not using it. And now I've just found your fork! Thanks! Downloading it right now (to try on LOS16).
How about publishing it on Xposed repository? You could publish it as "App Settings 2020 / Reborn" or something like that. This would be great for EdXposed / Xposed users in general, not only XDA members. Thanks again.


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May 18, 2011
Is it possible to get mute audio in apps to work for Android 10? It would be possible with that to mute the Google Search "ping" when starting a voice search. This is very annoying. In former Android versions this feature of App Settings worked but now not any more for me... Or any idea how to mute Google?


Feb 18, 2018
ZTE Blade
Hi developers, there's a bug on applying settings to WPS OFFICE(com.kingsoft.moffice_pro), which changing its DPI but it doesn't work properly. (Using reborn version)


Jan 16, 2017

i set my pubg mobile screen resolution to 1920*1080 but when i open it, it still fullscreen.


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Sep 30, 2010
With last update it works again.

Thank you for maintaining this module!

It's the only method I've found to effectively keep an app alive all the time. I can't function without it.

edit: I spoke too fast. Can someone tell if it's working on Android 10 for you?
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With last update it works again.

Thank you for maintaining this module!

It's the only method I've found to effectively keep an app alive all the time. I can't function without it.

edit: I spoke too fast. Can someone tell if it's working on Android 10 for you?
are you talking about this?
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    Xposed module: App Settings v1.10

    What it is
    This is an Xposed module that allows changing generic settings on a per-app basis.
    "Generic settings" means settings that are global to all applications, such as: perceived DPI, rotation behavior, fullscreen, etc.; full list is below.
    These are settings that can in principle be applied to all packages, even if for some it might not produce any effects.
    Not to be confused with app-specific settings. If it's something that only app Y or Z needs changing, chances are it won't belong in this module.

    What the mod CAN do
    Here's the list of settings that can be defined for each target package:
    - DPI: Changes the DPI used by this app both when loading resources (some might be DPI-specific) and also when rendering them.
    - Font Scale: Scales the font up or down, similarly to the system-wide "Font Size" setting.
    - Screen dimensions: Affects the resources loaded by the app in case it bundles different ones for different screen sizes; use the "List Res." button to get some hints on the kind of alternatives the app might have for different resolutions.
    - xlarge qualifier for resources: also affects alternate resources used by the apps (tipically for tablets / devices with big screens); see previous item.
    -Apply res to widgets: normally, resources are only manipulated when being loaded by the application itself. If this is activated, they will also be manipulated when loaded by other apps, which is the typical situation when a Launcher presents widgets from other apps.
    - Locale: the language used by the app for loading resources, formatting numbers and dates, etc.; you can use this for apps that do include translations but don't give you an option of using a different language than your global one.
    - Fullscreen: you can force an app to always use fullscreen (hiding the statusbar only, not the navigation bar for devices that have it) or never use it; on KitKat Immersive mode can also be activated.
    - No title: hides the title bar, gaining more space for the actual contents. Note that many apps might crash if they're relying on some elements of the titlebar to be there.
    - Keep screen on: If set, the screen won't dim or turn off after the inactivity period whenever this app is on the foreground. Remember not to put the device on your pocket with the app active.
    - Show when locked: Display this app's screen on top of the lockscreen, without requiring e.g. the PIN to be entered (dangerous). Note that you'll have to find a way (somewhere else) to open the app from the lockscreen, depending on the kind of app.
    - Resident in memory: If set, the system will try much harder to keep the app in memory even when you leave it. It might make the app more responsive when reopening but will also consume more RAM, possibly slowing down the overall system.
    - No fullscreen IME: prevents the keyboard from taking up the entire fullscreen when in landscape mode.
    - Orientation: Override the orientation settings build into the app. You can force "normal behavior" (rotate according to the device settings, even if the developer hardcoded a specific orientation), "always portrait", "always landscape" or "force auto" (use the sensors even if the auto-rotate system setting is off). Additional options exist for forced reversing the portrait or landscape orientations, use the sensor so they can be inverted by tilting the device, 4-way rotation, and forced rotation but respecting the user setting (locked / auto-rotate).
    - Insistent notifications: If active, the sounds used by any of the app's raised notifications will loop endlessly. Danger of depleting the battery (and annoying crowds) if you're not around when it starts playing the sound.
    - No big notifications: Prevent notifications to have an alternate layout for the "expanded" mode; it will always be collapsed and can't even be expanded manually
    - Ongoing notifications: Force or prevent notifications from the app to be marked as Ongoing (non dismissable)
    - Notifications priority: This is the relative importance of the notifications and, depending on the ROM, influence the visibility of their icons on the statusbar, their order on the list, etc.
    - Show in recents: You can prevent the app from showing on the Recents list, or force it to appear.
    - Mute audio: Prevents all sound from being played from the app. If videos are played, they will be muted. (this doesn't work for all apps, due to technical limitations on the system)
    - Force legacy menu button: For devices that don't have a physical menu button, menu entries will usually appear on the far right of the Action Bar. With this option, the 3-dot button will be displayed on the navbar and the menu options will appear there.
    - Revoke permissions: selectively block permissions requested by the app. Needless to say, depending on the permission and the app, it's very likely that it will start failing; don't expect revoking INTERNET or READ_CONTACTS and having the apps continuing to work every time - most of them will fail unless the developer anticipated this kind of permission denials

    Some of the features that help you manage the settings for each app:
    Search / filter apps
    - by name or package
    - by type (user/system)
    - by state (enabled/disabled)
    - by applied settings: global state, overridden or unchanged state for each setting
    Shortcuts for app actions on the main list or on the individual settings screen
    - launch app (main launcher activity)
    - go to system settings screen (uninstall, clear data, ...)
    - Play Store link (if applicable)
    Display list of recent apps and jump directly to their configuration
    The app can be killed when saving settings, so they can take effect immediately after relaunch instead of requiring a reboot.

    What the mod CAN'T / WON'T do
    The settings you can define for each app won't add functionality that simply isn't there, such as:
    - adding tablet / large screen layouts
    - using languages for which no resources are included in the app
    - display "properly" in portrait or landscape mode
    - operate flawlessly on top of the lockscreen
    - keep working as expected (whatever that means to you) even after you revoke permissions
    Not only these would be not possible to implement in an app-independent way, it's also beyond the scope of this particular module.

    If you're familiar with the Xposed Framework, you're probably aware that lots of things can be tweaked or added to specific apps.
    However, unless it's:
    - generic behavior that can be applied to most apps
    - relatively easy to implement
    then don't bother requesting App Settings to provide it.
    If it does obey these 2 conditions, then by all means suggest it (preferably with code contributions / pull requests).

    - Xposed Framework 2.2 or newer; 2.6 or newer starting with AppSettings 1.9
    - ICS (4.0.3) or newer (up to 4.4); this is not only a requirement for the framework, but also for this module due to the hooked APIs

    The installation can be performed from within Xposed Framework by browsing the repository and finding the "App Settings" entry. Any updates will also appear there.
    Alternatively, the repository entry can be browsed directly at http://repo.xposed.info/module/de.robv.android.xposed.mods.appsettings

    Usage of this thread
    This thread serves primarily to publish updates to the module, report bugs and suggest or discuss new features (user or developer-wise).

    You can also use it to share and discuss your experiences with tweaking specific apps (e.g. resources settings, revoked permissions, etc.) - but I must warn that you should not expect feedback from me on that matter.
    Quite frankly, I'm not that much of a smartphone heavy user, and I'm not willing to install loads of apps on my device in order to experiment and achieve ideal configurations for *you* to use. That's what the community is here for, though :) so feel free to discuss this on the thread.

    Some images showing: main apps list; settings panel for an individual app; list of resources bundled in an app; editing permissions to revoke; menu with actions for an app; filtering by settings; filtering by permissions used.

    Authors: @rovo89 and @Tungstwenty
    Sources: https://github.com/rovo89/XposedAppSettings
    History: The foundations of this module were created by @rovo89 as a hidden feature within his Tweakbox module, which was the first daily-use mod taking advantage of the (then new) Xposed framework and somewhat of a showcase for it. By directly editing the xml settings file, it was possible to change the dpi, screen dimensions and language for an app's loaded resources.
    Eventually it got promoted to its own standalone mod once a minimal UI was built to edit the configuration and more and more settings were added. It was promoted and discussed on @pulser_g2's Making Stock Custom ROMs Defunct thread and the repository he was kind enough to setup and administer some time ago.
    Since it's been pretty stable for a while - both in robustness and in expected update frequency - and Xposed Framework now has repository functionality, it has come the time to create a dedicated thread for this and also bump the version to 1.x with the latest added features.
    Okey, I did it:

    - Support for M (Confirmed, it works)
    - New resolutions (1920x1080, 2560x1440)

    Source code is attached too...

    Here is my Paypal in case someone wants to say thank you or so :)
    Tesf version for 5.1
    Although some features work without changes, some others needed changes. I have made some corrections, but don't have the original certificate that would needed to enable updates. My APK is attached, but you will need to uninstall the old version first.

    Version 1.10 (2014-08-13)

    New features:
    - Force or prevent ongoing notifications (thanks to @GermainZ)
    - Add orientation options that respect user setting (locked / auto-rotate)
    - Menu option to show recent apps and jump to their configuration
    - Menu option to refresh list of apps
    - Filter packages by state (enabled / disabled) (thanks to @liudongmiao)

    - Also mute notifications if Mute Audio is active
    - Reuse previous settings for main options when reopening the filter dialog
    - Hide Big Notifications setting on ICS since it doesn't apply (thanks to @liudongmiao)
    - Do not require reboot to apply No Fullscreen IME setting

    - Fix DPI not loading on some devices if SystemUI setting is active (thanks to zst123)

    New or updated translations:
    - Chinese (Traditional)
    - Russian
    - Slovak
    - Spanish

    Version 1.9 (2014-05-14)

    New features:
    - Adjust statusbar and navbar dimensions when SystemUI's DPI is changed
    - Allow using resource options also on widgets, where the app's (changed) resources are loaded by another app
    - Override notifications priority

    - Altered the way resources are manipulated so it works with version 2.6 of the framework
    - Requires XposedBridge version 52 or above

    - Fix immersive mode error on some ROMs

    New or updated translations:
    - Chinese (Simplified)
    - Chinese (Traditional)
    - German
    - Hungarian
    - Japanese
    - Slovak

    Version 1.8 (2014-04-13)

    New features:
    - Mute audio (will not work on some apps)
    - Allow forcing or excluding app from recents screen (thanks to @GermainZ)
    - Force use of legacy (navbar) menu button
    - Disable fullscreen keyboard in landscape mode
    - Additional options for Orientation

    - Improved detection of changed items when closing the settings to avoid prompting if nothing is different
    - Adjusted toolbar icons on main screen
    - Removed unneeded implementation of the CmdInit hook

    - Enforce hiding the navigation bar in immersive mode, working around Android bug (thanks to @rovo89)
    - Fix incorrect orientation code used in certain situations

    New or updated translations:
    - Chinese (Simplified)
    - Chinese (Traditional)
    - Czech
    - French
    - German
    - Greek
    - Japanese
    - Korean
    - Slovak

    Version 1.7.1 (2013-12-15)

    New or updated translations:
    - Brazilian Portuguese
    - Chinese (Simplified)
    - Chinese (Traditional)
    - Japanese
    - Slovakian

    Version 1.7 (2013-12-15)

    New features:
    - Added immersive mode to the fullscreen setting on KitKat (thanks to @MohammadAG)

    - Workaround to enable DPI changes for SystemUI on KitKat (thanks to @rovo89)
    - Smooth scrolling for the app list (thanks to @Dzakus)
    - Enforce keeping the screen on even if the app tries to change it (e.g. Maps)

    - Fix settings not readable after initial import with no active configurations

    Version 1.6 (2013-11-26)

    New features:
    - Support for Android 4.4
    - Import / Export settings (backup file is AppSettings-Backup.xml on the sdcard root)

    - Enforce the selected orientation even if the app tries to change it

    New or updated translations:
    - Brazilian Portuguese
    - Chinese (Simplified)
    - Japanese
    - Slovakian

    Version 1.5 (2013-09-08)

    New features:
    - Fullscreen can now be forced or prevented
    - Prevent apps from displaying big / expanded notifications
    - Allow revoking permissions to shared package (experimental)
    - Display menu when long-pressing items on the app list

    - Reorder filter dialog entries to match settings screen
    - Use resources for all displayed text in order to support translations
    - Only display warning if the module is not active
    - Restore permissions of settings file when "fix permissions" scripts mess them up
    - React to SEARCH key

    - Fix issue with Maps not zooming under Xposed 2.2 when some screen dimensions are selected
    - Insistent notifications weren't producing effects in some situations