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[MOD][XPOSED][4.0+] CPUFreq in Statusbar

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    While playing around with governor settings I wanted something to display CPU frequency. Rather than start from scratch I looked around and found m11kkaa's CpuTemp in Statusbar module, so many thanks to him. Using that as the base I then simply tweaked it to display CPU frequency.




    Version 1.1 changes:
    * fixed preference initialization
    * added font size option
    * added vertical alignment option
    * text display tries to set a minimum (fixed) width, requires kernel cpufreq with scaling_available_frequencies or stats/time_in_state
    * doesn't run update when status bar is hidden (requested by aness zurba)
    * removed theme override
    * added custom icon
    * added logging option
    * misc small tweaks and clean up

    Source: https://github.com/coax75ohm/CPUFreqStatusbar
    Download: http://dl-count.xposed.info/modules/org.coax.xposed.cpufreqstatusbar_v2_57c2a1.apk
    New version is out, see updated first post.
    i have a suggestion for battery life.
    the status bar isnt always visible (eg full screen) so in addition to stop update at screen off , make it stop updating when the status bar isnt showed.
    can you?

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    Yeah, I plan to add some more options, like fixed width padding, font size, maybe a second line for cpu_utilization or multiple cores (anyone know if the cores operate at independent frequencies or are they locked together? Mine is single core.). Still need to learn the API first :eek:
    Yep, font size is already in the latest github code. But having added that I now also have to deal with vertical alignment, and that's proving a little trickier.