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[MOD][XPOSED][4.1+] McRoot (McDonalds Global App)

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Senior Member
Aug 28, 2016
Why would McDonalds care if your phone rooted or not? I have no problems with McDonalds app here in Canada, I don't even enable magisk hide and it works properly. Why do you guys have all these weird checks?


New member
Feb 12, 2014
Hello, for me is McRoot not working. Can you help me?
Thank you

07-09 14:20:06.389 I/Xposed ( 5323): [McRoot] --> McDException created: FireBaseDynamicLink -- NOT_EXIST
07-09 14:20:09.261 I/Xposed ( 5323): [McRoot] --> McDException created: DRAssistant -- INTEGRITY_FAILED

Xperia XZ1c, LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1)

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    McDonalds Global App security fix

    Remove checks of:
    • root
    • unacceptable apps
    • unacceptable device properties (developer options etc)
    • force update (partially)
    • analytics

    • some checks probably remain. If any just kill app and restart
    • there are some server-side checks. Try kill app & restart, or clear the app data and try again
    • there are many server-side errors without proper notifications. No ways, just wait
    • old version message may occurs while play market is in process to handle update. Wait hours for usual update, or clear data and try your luck

    Install notes:
    • install apk
    • clear Mc app data
    • reboot
    • enjoy

    SafetyNet: probably your device has to pass SafetyNet to launch the app. Try without it firstly, but be aware


    v1.2 - McD v2.20.1+ update
    v1.1 - SafetyNet fix try
    v1.0.1 - small bug fix

    Download: Xposed repo