[MOD][XPOSED][4.3.x - 8.x] Flat Style Bar Indicators [20/02/18 ver. 5.1.0]

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Aug 19, 2017
It seems dynamic alarm icon shows correct time only for alarms set from 01:00 to 09:00. If set alarm for 10:00 or 00:00 icon shows 03:15, all other times from 11:00 to 23:00 the icon shows incorrect time for example alarm for 11:00 is showed 01:00; for 16:00 is 06:00; 19:00 is 09:00, etc.
Another thing is that if I cancel download in progress in chrome the icon freezes and do not disappear.
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May 9, 2013
Works on oneplus 5 with newest xposed 7.1.1. but after restart needs to be reanabled.
edit: after soft reboot works normally
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Feb 20, 2013
Plz add option on hide in status bar..
Battery and carrier..


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May 9, 2013
works fine with latest Nougat xposed but after restart it doesn't work. i have to disable and enable again to work. quite weird.

You don't need to reanable everything, after restart go to Xposed installer app and do a soft reboot or do soft reboot in any other way, after that it stay as you left
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    • Requires Xposed Framework. More about it http://bit.ly/XposedFramework
    • Works ONLY with Android 4.3.x - 8.x
    • Supports only XIAOMI, SAMSUNG, HTC, LG, ASUS, SONY, MOTOROLA, HUAWEI, ZTE, AndroidOne and maybe several some other known brands, any other noname devices I'm not supporting because they all have different system changes, so I haven't time to support all devices.
    • If something doesn't work for you, please read instructions in post #4
    Easy way to completely change look of your statusbar
    • FREE
      -- Change data indicator // 4 free themes
      -- Change Wi-Fi indicator // 4 free themes
      -- Change battery indicator // 3 free themes
      -- Change carrier label style
      -- Change clock style
      -- Change position of data, Wi-FI, battery, clock, carrier label, alarm, bluetooth, sound & location indicators // left, center, right
      -- Change color of data, Wi-FI, battery, clock & carrier label indicators
      -- Data type mapping (for example: DC -> E, LTE -> 4G)
      -- Change battery tinting color separately per each level (for example: 0 - 5% -> RED, 0 - 100% during charging -> GREEN)
      -- Show Wi-Fi RSSI & SSID
    • PRO
      -- Change data indicator // > 20 themes
      -- Change Wi-Fi indicator // > 20 themes
      -- Change battery indicator // > 20 themes
      -- Change bluetooth indicator // 3 themes
      -- Change alarm indicator // 7 static themes & 2 dynamic themes
      -- Change sound indicator // 8 themes
      -- Change location indicator // 6 themes
      -- Change limit of visible notifications count
      -- Show Network Speed indicator
      -- Change position of network speed indicator // left, center, right
      -- Change color of network speed indicator
      -- Battery charging animation
    • ability to select different text fonts
    • add 'battery bar' feature
    • add marquee for notification icons
    • ability to show CPU and RAM usage
    • ability to change themes for 'cast' icon
    • ability to separate data & clock indicator to different indicators
    • ability to hide the network speed for Wi-Fi / mobile data
    • ability to move different sim indicators separately
    • ability to move separately data signal & type
    • ability to show network activity arrows for wifi & data indicators
    • ability to hide carrier text when there are "n" number of notifications ("n" should be configurable)

    Data type text position

    Indicators padding






    Since ver. 1.0.0 an application was publish on Google Play Store as STABLE version, so if you want automatically receive updates you need:
    -- backup you settings
    -- open Testing program page and leave the testing program
    -- uninstalling the testing version
    -- installing the app again from Google Play Store
    -- restore your settings
    -- apply installed version in Xposed Installer and reboot
    All your issues and suggestions, please post on Bitbucket Issues Tracker

    I need 2 things from your phone:
    1. Enable "Logging" in my module >> reboot >> wait several minutes >> give me your logs
    2. Give me framework-res.apk & SystemUI.apk
    How to get xposed logs
    Open "Xposed Installer" app >> tap "Logs" item >> open menu and tap "Save to SD card"
    File must be saved >> sdcard/Android/data.de.robv.android.xposed.installer/files/xposed_error_*.log
    ver. 1.5.0
    - fixed issue 'white icons on light statusbar' // tested only with Google Calendar app
    - fixed issue 'network speed in/out wrong ordering'
    - fixed visibility issue for some notification indicators
    - added ability to move 'airplane' indicator
    - added ability to move battery charging indicator
    - added text rotation for battery percentage, wifi rssi & data type // could be buggy, so feel free PM me ;)
    - added several new charging indicators that show plugged type (AC, USB)
    - added ability to change positioning of notification counter
    - added several new circle battery themes
    - added 'curved' parameter for some data & wifi themes
    - added 2 new priority icons
    - added support for OPPO NEO 7 with ColorOS v2 & android 5.1
    - added max width for wifi ssid & carrier label
    - some other minor improvements & bug fixes

    P.S. I have been busy last few month (on very loaded project at work :) ), so thanks for your patience ;)

    P.S.S. At this moment I can't fix issues on Samsung phones with Marshmallow, because their ROMs very modded and without real test phone (unfortunately my Samsung test phone can't be updated to andorid 6.x) its too difficult for me.

    Have a nice weekend.