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[MOD][XPOSED]Change notification background image[UPDATE 1.1]

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Feb 5, 2013
Little Ferry
image and transparency working for me, but the notification bars are still solid, unlike yours. Is that a separate mod?

Yea thats a part of my rom. I have notification, status bar, clock, battery, signal icons, etc adjustments all baked into the rom in the settings.

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Jun 11, 2012
My Nexus 4 on 4.3



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Mar 6, 2011
Just for Devs information :-

Thank you for your great work and effort :)

After closing down any possible x-module's that may be in conflict including X-Blast tools I could get your app to work but if ever I even touched the transparency option your app 'forced closed' immediately. Not a problem for me, I can live with that but just thought you might like to know?

GSN II (T0lte) UK.
Beanstalk ROM (very good ROM).

Thank you :)


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Feb 21, 2011
Heres mine. SGS3 Running TPR.

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Feb 5, 2013
Little Ferry
does this work on the jelly beans rom for the verizon samsung galaxy note 2?

Yes it does. I used it. It depended more on the kernel though than the rom. It was harder to get it to work with certain kernels. Saber, Perseus, Neak worked perfect, Faux it would disappear after a reboot then if you tick any setting for the status pull down on and off it would appear. Pbj did not work at all.

N3 waiting for Tweaked


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Jan 28, 2009
Xperia Z - RomAur v9.1
Stock based - JB 4.2.2 - 10.3.1.A.2.67
Xposed framework fully up to date.
Select image allows you to choose an image but doesn't actually select it. Settings option does nothing. Change transparency FC.
LogCat attached (my first logcat so let me know if I did anything wrong :eek: )


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Aug 1, 2012
Yes it does. I used it. It depended more on the kernel though than the rom. It was harder to get it to work with certain kernels. Saber, Perseus, Neak worked perfect, Faux it would disappear after a reboot then if you tick any setting for the status pull down on and off it would appear. Pbj did not work at all.

N3 waiting for Tweaked

What about stock kernel?

leio rusher

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Apr 29, 2013

For those who have FC could you give some detail please :)
- Rom (version 4.?.?)
- Xposed Framework version (I use the XPosed installer 2.1.4 / Appprocess 34 / XposedBridge 2.1.4)
- Check if NCB1 is checked in the modules tab of Xposed installer
- Check if you find a file "notifbg.png" in the internal memory (sdcard not extsdcard)

Thanks for your reports ;).

EDIT : I think i found something. It's about the resolution of yours devices... update will come ;)

ULTIMA ROM v15 here, using gti 9300 s3, your genius work caught my attention... but it doesn't work here.. does it support s3? thanks

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    First, thanks to rovo89 !
    Thanks to the xda community, i learn a lot from them.

    Now my little contribution...
    This mod let change the background image of notification panel like in AOKP :)
    (I tested with custom stock roms).
    You can change the transparency too.

    Here is a screenshot of the interface (everybody love screenshot :D ...no ?;))

    This module follow the same limitation as for the XPosed framework : Android 4.0 or later.
    Before using this mod :
    If you don't have Xposed already installed : Go to http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1574401
    ...in short...
    1 : Install Xposed installer
    2 : In Xposed installer activate the framework
    3 : Install Xposed modules (http://forum.xda-developers.com/tags.php?tag=xposed)
    4 : Activate them in the modules tab of Xposed installer.

    Using this mod :
    1 : Install the mod ( :cool: )
    2 : Before rebooting your device to activate the mod, open 'Xposed installer' and go to Modules tab. Click on 'NCB1' and you will see the interface shown in the screenshot (or in your launcher execute "Notification Background").
    3 : Press 'Select image...' and choose your favorite picture.
    (There is no apply, when you validate your selection the image is saved to /sdcard/notifbg.png)
    4 : Adjust transparency if needed and click 'apply transparency'.
    5 : Reboot (if Xposed is already loaded you can only 'soft reboot')

    If you like press 'Thanks' ;)
    If you have suggestion...you're welcome :)

    Amicalement votre :D

    Note : If you have trouble give me some detail (Rom, Phone, ...)
    I tested my module on my Samsung S3 with NeatRom Lite v4.2 (4.1.2)
    New in 1.1 : I changed the way i got the screen size, may this could could help those who have FC.

    I'm currently working on fixing the problem with image selection.
    Meanwhile i think you can put an image (matching your screen resolution) at the root of your internal memory (not the external sd :) ). Name it "notifbg.png". Reboot and done (.
    Thanks a lot to all your comment !
    I'll do my best to release an update soon to fix problem. New features will come after ;)

    There is a test version in this post .
    Test Version :)

    Well, here is a test version. The purpose of this version is to test the selection of image. I hope it work for everyone (if you use the "stock" gallery to select picture and you have trouble, please try with a software like Quickpic).
    To test please do what follow please :)
    - uninstall current version.
    - install new version. At this time just click open at the bottom to open NCB and test if selection work.
    It seem that NCB work with "Stock" Rom. About CMxx, i need to test (i have double boot with Googy Max :cool:).
    If you use AOKP i do my best to mimic this notification background you already have, don't be cruel :D

    Now i let you test this version. Today sunday i'm not behind my computer, i will be in my cherry tree trying not to fall while i fill my bag full with cherries ;)

    Have a good sunday :eek:

    PS : If this not working for you, don't hesitate to give some infos (Stock/AOSP, Phone, ...)

    PS2 : If you use JKay and DeluxeSettings, don't select "Transparent background" in notification options. If you select this option you will see a transparent background (the one from jkay) and not the one you selected....believe me it's important because i had spent 2 days before figuring out that "detail" :silly:.

    Amicalement votre !
    Thanks you for your comments and requests. I read all them and put them on my todo list :eek:.
    The first task is too solved the problem of FC (Force Close):cool:.

    As said by a great man..."I'll be back" :D

    I'm currently "playing" with the leak 4.2.2 (NeatRom)...look at the screenshots :D
    What's working :
    • Status bar background
    • Notification background
    • Notification items background

    I'll be back :cool:

    thank you for this, it's very awesome

    if I might offer some help to people who are struggling getting it to work, I have had to spend some time with it myself and I think I have worked out some things that we need to know and I'll get to those but first I want to say the images I'm using are on my note 1 and my note 2, same image and each are from someone elses pulldown mod so I'm not going to post screenshots until I've heard from them that they don't mind

    the cool thing is that I edited the image from the mod I took it from on each of my notes using the photo editor on my phone and then doing a screenshot of the final one I used...so I'm basically using a screenshot...the reason I did it that way was because I was thinking it would be the right size.....lol well it wasn't exactly that easy so here's what I discovered

    if the image is the same size as your screen, what happens is that when you select it in the application it gives you the option to crop it, so I kept having problems as I was trying to make my selection as big as my screens...what I realized is that adjusting the size of the image with the cropping tool in the app made it not work, so I'm guessing the cropping tool is automatically the right size and changing it makes the image a different size than what it's supposed to be so it doesn't work

    I eventually realized not to crop the image at all and just move the cropping tool where I wanted it within (or over) my image without changing the size of it and then go to xposed installer and update it and soft reboot

    when I want to change the image later, I go to my gallery and I can see I have an image on my sd card called notifbg...I delete it and then open the app and the default image of the girl is there and I can decide to use it or select another image

    anyways, I'm pretty sure you guys can figure it out if I did, I never know anything