[MOD][Xposed] ClockColorChanger - internet connection monitor

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Sep 21, 2010
Requires Xposed Framework

If your phone is fully connected to the Internet, clocks become green, if no Internet connection - clock restores original color
Phone can be connected to the net without Internet, so clock keeps original color

It is not working on CM!

orig1.jpg new1.jpg

All JB and KK, LP devices should be compatible. Early versions - I am not sure
It changes only text color, not graphics

Tested on
  • LG G2
I wrote this mostly for myself, but hope you like it

Version history
Initial Release
Added some code for Android 2.3
Added ability to change colors (please reboot after that)
(test)Andriod 5 support

v1.0 View attachment ClockColorChanger.apk
v1.1 View attachment ClockColorChanger11.apk
v1.2 View attachment ClockColorChanger12.apk (test version with Android 5 support)

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Special thanks to dk_zero-cool for solution
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rob rich

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Jan 18, 2013
Really nice concept..

It would cool if we could customize the color.
For instance if no connection then red color and if there is a connection then it's either original color or green color depending on what user had selected.

good idea :) especially helpful for people using 'tinted statusbar'. cause green statusbar + green clock is not so nice
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Apr 12, 2012
Shebin El-Koum
Amazing concept, I only have a small suggestion
Give us the ability to chose the colors we want
For example I do want to have the clock with the default color when connected to the internet and have color in red if not


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Aug 3, 2008
Basque Country
Awesome concept! Congratulations for your idea.
I agree with other users who said that colour customization should be appreciated. Personally I would set standard color when it's connected and red colour when it's not connected.
The ideal could be something like this:
  • Connected: Default, green, blue, red,... (other standard colours) and custom.
  • Disconnected: Default, red, grey, green,... (other standard colours) and custom.

Good job! :good:
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Feb 5, 2012
I will do new version with color customization bit later, now I am too busy, sorry
Thank you for clever module!
I have just small nitpick. Could you please clean Xposed Debug Log from the message that ClockColorChanger was started (see the last red line)?
Because this is obvious from lines:
Loading modules from /data/app/com.sb.p1-1.apk
  Loading class com.sb.p1.ClockColorChanger
Debug Log should be dedicated just for errors. All my other modules starts without writing anything to log but yours:

22.3.2014 16:04:20 UTC
Loading Xposed v42 (for Zygote)...
Loading modules from /data/app/hk.valenta.completeactionplus-2.apk
  Loading class hk.valenta.completeactionplus.XCompleteActionPlus
Loading modules from /data/app/uk.co.villainrom.pulser.fivebyfourlauncher-1.apk
  Loading class uk.co.villainrom.pulser.fivebyfourlauncher.FiveByFourLauncher
Loading modules from /data/app/com.ugglynoodle.allnotificationsexpanded-1.apk
  Loading class com.ugglynoodle.allnotificationsexpanded.AllNotificationsExpanded
Loading modules from /data/app/de.robv.android.xposed.mods.appsettings-1.apk
  Loading class de.robv.android.xposed.mods.appsettings.XposedMod
Loading modules from /data/app/com.germainz.crappalinks-2.apk
  Loading class com.germainz.crappalinks.CrappaLinks
Loading modules from /data/app/com.greenbattery-1.apk
  Loading class com.dully79.xposed.mods.batteryreplacement.BatteryReplacement
Loading modules from /data/app/com.oasisfeng.greenify-1.apk
  Loading class com.oasisfeng.greenify.pro.FrameworkPatch
Loading modules from /data/app/pk.qwerty12.playstorelinkinappinfo-1.apk
  Loading class pk.qwerty12.playstorelinkinappinfo.PlayStoreLinkInAppInfo
Loading modules from /data/app/ma.wanam.torch-2.apk
  Loading class ma.wanam.torch.Module
Loading modules from /data/app/com.mohammadag.burnttoast-2.apk
  Loading class com.mohammadag.burnttoast.XposedMod
Loading modules from /data/app/com.germainz.stopswitchdelay-2.apk
  Loading class com.germainz.stopswitchdelay.XposedMod
Loading modules from /data/app/com.sb.p1-1.apk
  Loading class com.sb.p1.ClockColorChanger
Loading modules from /data/app/com.mohammadag.smoothsystemprogressbars-2.apk
  Loading class com.mohammadag.smoothsystemprogressbars.SmoothSystemPBar
Loading modules from /data/app/ma.wanam.youtubeadaway-2.apk
  Loading class ma.wanam.youtubeadaway.Xposed
[COLOR="Red"]ClockColorChanger started![/COLOR]

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