[MOD][Xposed] Make Infrared Blaster working with 3rd party apps (on EUI)

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Dec 7, 2009

I've created an Xposed module for my LeEco Le Pro 3 phone, so that I can use the IR blaster not only with the included Remote control app from LeEco but with any other 3rd party infrared app from the Play Store which uses the standard Android ConsumerIR API (for example like RCoid).

XDA user @serc tested for me that it also works for the LeEco Le Max 2 (X820), so I thought I will leave a note also here in this forum (@admins: I hope this is ok).
You will find my related threads in the LePro 3 forum:

The Xposed module is available via the Xposed Installer app, just search for "LeEco Infrared Fix" (or simply click this link on your phone).
Full source code is available at Github under GPL license: github.com/johnzweng/XposedLePro3Infrared

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Jul 5, 2012
I confirm it is working with me.

I had to use the remote app that comes with the phone and giving it all the permissions first, then I could use 3rd Party apps.
I use Peel smart remote.

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Sep 2, 2010
hi androcheck,
after a reboot now, OS remote and rCoid are not working

i have tried

to reinstall reboot fix apk ver1.1
to deinstall fix apk ver1.1 and use remote from OS
to delete dalvik/art and cache
nothing helps to use one of the remotes OS and rCoid

then i installed rom and all other new, first use been ok, first i must start OS remote then rCoid running perfect
then i reboot, and the same booth remotes are not running
i have given all permissions, i have disable deep sleepmode

now i think i make something wrong, but what
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Dec 7, 2009
hi androcheck,
after a reboot now, OS remote and rCoid are not working
Whithout any further infos I have no idea what could be the problem here. You could save the logcat (Android log file) like I explained here:

In the resulting logfile we should see, if the module gets loaded and what happens when it tries to perform its "magic" (i.e. errors or other hints what doesn't work). Just search for lines with "LeEco_Infrared_Fix".


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Sep 1, 2015
My X820 has small eUI by aurel and IR blaster was not recognized by AnyMote Smart Remote.
After installing this and restarting the phone AnyMote was still saying that there is no IR blaster on my phone but after closing and opening again the IR blaster was recognized and works as expected with my samsung TV!
Thank you androcheck!


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Nov 8, 2016
When it installed on RR-N with official Xposed 88, device gets stuck on boot animation. Can you update this module to work on Nougat?


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Jan 14, 2018
I just Got this phone Let's pro 3 AI x650 a few days ago and I discovered that the Infrared App Is missing, as a matter of fact there are no leEco apps on the phone. I have downloaded over 10 remote control apps and all failed to work, please I need help

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