[MOD][Xposed] Make Infrared Blaster working with 3rd party apps (on EUI)

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Dec 7, 2009

I've created an Xposed module for my LeEco Le Pro 3 phone, so that I can use the IR blaster not only with the included Remote control app from LeEco but with any other 3rd party infrared app from the Play Store which uses the standard Android ConsumerIR API (for example like RCoid).

As some XDA users (thanks to: @jhakjhuk1853, @kedaranmol and @bearady) reported that the module also seems to work for the LeEco Le 2, I thought I will leave a note also here in this forum.
You will find my related threads in the LePro 3 forum:

The Xposed module is available via the Xposed Installer app, just search for "LeEco Infrared Fix" (or simply click this link on your phone).
Full source code is available at Github under GPL license: github.com/johnzweng/XposedLePro3Infrared

While the module was initially made for devices running EUI it seems to work also on other ROMs as long as the proprietary system app "UEI Android Services SDK(LeTV)" from the device's original EUI ROM is also installed (as system app?). This special system app (aka "QuickSet SDK") is responsible for communicating with the IR blaster hardware and needed for getting the IR blaster working.



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Nov 28, 2012
now working with any EUI version or even with miui
just install peel smart
install this module
activate module
restart phone
dont open default remote app
and start peel smart
it would work
if you open default remote app
just restart phone and it would work

thanks @androcheck


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Dec 7, 2009
This mod worked in Le1s eui 5.8.0019s but when i tried it on cool 1 dual 5.8_17s it boot looped.. Any idea why this happens?

Sorry, no idea. I don't have a Le1s at hand and without any logs it's hard to say anything about the cause. You could try to capture the logcat output on your computer when the phone is booting up. Try to start the logcat as early as possible (shortly after power-on):
adb logcat -v time '*:V' > logcat_logfile.txt

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