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[MOD][XPOSED] Sudohide: Prevent apps from being detected by other apps

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Lord Sithek

Senior Member
First, you have to use this version:

The one from Xposed repo doesnt work anymore on A11.

Second, I think you havent checked Youtube in LSPosed.

Third, remember to clear Play Store data after applying hide and reboot.


May 27, 2017
May 14, 2015
i already test but after install 1.28.5 device emulator pro cannot work
because in device emulator pro wheni selecet import its said apk not root
but if i used 1.28 its normal


Mar 19, 2015
Google Pixel 4 XL
I've managed to find an alternative to sudohide called "Hide my applist" that doesn't require edexposed. Edxposed kept tripping my safety net.
Instead you can enable the module in taichi.
Lsposed should work too, however I haven't tested it.

You'll need to use magisk to install riru, and riru-hide-my-applist, link provided in the telegram channel. Install the "Hide my applist" APK and configure it.

Link to riru-hide-my-applist

Link to APK

A little complicated to get it setup properly at first, but works perfect on my rooted Android 11.

And to those of you who were using this app as a way to detach apps from the store. I suggest you use temefi instead using option 2 under:
Application info/manage > detach package from playstore

I personally was using the detach magisk module but it was unreliable. With temefi I've had no issues.
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    This Module will prevent apps from detecting other installed apps on your device setting are done on per app basis.
    GitHub repository
    Xposed repository

    This is a continuation of Fatminmin's MinMinHide,

    I've done a completer UI rework, and did some code refactoring.

    Post your questions and issues here

    Thanks for the support :)

    Version 1.28.5
    • Better compatibility with app list mode in EdXposed 0.4.x.x
    • EdXposed support (configuration will be reset upon update)
    • Place hidden/checked apps in lists on top
    • Correctly update hidden state highlighting after returning to main list
    • Minor UI fixes
    Version 1.28.2
    Fixed icons and light/dark UI colors.
    Just Posted v1.28 should be compatible with android N :D
    Hope you enjoy it, I know I am :D
    Hello All,

    it's been quite some time and i am haply to see that you guys are still using SudoHide.
    i've been out for quite a while since my last phone died, then i got a OP3T with nougat and there was no xposed :(
    up until now, and the last few days were exciting, I just finished setting up my dev environment, and i am currently working on porting SudoHide to Nougat.

    hopefully it won't get messy.

    thanks for your patience, and hope i'll keep in touch :)