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Nov 17, 2015
There is.. but we're not allowed to say it's name. All I can say is think of the "smiley face" app. I've been able to disable signature verification on Pie & 10; so it is possible.. I'm just not entirely sure how he managed to do that. I'll try to get in contact with that mysterious fella & see what he can tell me.

I don't know, I guess it's my tablets fault then

edit: anyway, I've done it with lucky patcher

This thread is not about bypassing Google Play signature verification for in-app purchases, bypassing APK signature verification for app upgrades (among other features).


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This thread is not about bypassing Google Play signature verification for in-app purchases, bypassing APK signature verification for app upgrades (among other features).
I realize that, but that notorious app isn't only for bypassing license verification. It's also for installing downgraded versions over installed ones & installing different signatures (useful when translating apps, as it becomes signed with a new test certificate).


Another option comes to mind, an LSposed module; although this is limited in functionality & only does downgrading.


Lastly, a third option is Core Patch. Alot of anti-piracy nuts will have a cow, but it does have legal & appropriate purposes, listed above.
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By the way, any news on finding maintained alternatives to InstallerOpt and XInstaller ?

I'll take a look at those two projects (hopefully they still have active accessible GitHub repositories. If it's just a matter of updating the template from old Xposed to LSPosed & zygist; I could do it myself. I remember InstallerOpt being released for a very old framework (like 6 or 7), and that would put a fork in the process by having to change all the hooking process & basically the entire way the module works. If anyone knows the GitHub source to either or both of those modules, that'd help me greatly


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L.P.'s Rebuild & Install feature fails on my device with the following error :

Where's the setting to bypass it ?
I just re-read the error & a second process to do is Settings->Toolbox->Patch to Android. the alternative route is using the xposed module, but that has been highly regarded against, as it only works on very specific devices & bootloops the rest.

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    XInstaller seems to be having issues with MM but it had two features that I really missed:
    • Show version information when installing an application, current and new version numbers
    • Automatically closing the installer when installation was successful so you don't have to click "Done" or "Open"
    So I took the relevant methods from XInstaller and removed everything else. Other features from XInstaller are being added upon request with the following features currently implemented:
    • Auto hide install and uninstall
    • Auto install and uninstall
    • Backup any currently installed application
    • Backup APK files during install
    • Manage all backups including restore from backups
    • Delete APK files after install
    • Disable application Force Close dialog
    • Disable application verification and signature checking
    • Disable system apps
    • Disable user applications
    • Display package name in app info
    • Downgrade apps
    • Enable clear data and cache buttons
    • Launch app from icon in app info
    • Open playstore link from icon in app info
    • Show version info on installation window and/or as toast
    Original code credit:
    Pyler for XInstaller github
    hamzahrmalik for initial preference code and layout
    hamsterksu over on github for an awesome content provider that wraps sharedpreferences
    Matsca09 over on github for unknown source prompt in DirectApkInstall

    Grab it from Xposed Installer or from http://fypm.net/xposed/net.fypm.InstallerOpt1.0.10 (53)-release.apk

    Source: https://github.com/afxefx/InstallerOpt


    InstallerOpt Preferences






    Backup Installed Applications

    Manage Backups

    v. - Fixed issue that may cause notification to not show, force English in module will also use English for version info when installing
    v. - Optimized retrieving preferences from content provider, fixed display issue with toast if you weren't showing both version and version code, reworked restore backup process logic to be more seamless, reworked the way the master switch was implemented as it may not have been respected, translations updates
    v. - Fixed newline character in Polish translation
    v. - Fix crashes due to not handling screen rotation correctly, master switch to disable all features without having to reboot, add notification for app install, show current app being parsed when loading backups and applications, add dialog when installing an unknown app, credit to Matsca09/DirectApkInstall, now you don't have to enable Unknown Sources in settings, restoring backups will override same version/version code install cancellation and unknown sources will be enabled for duration of restore process, added filtering in backup/application lists to speed up looking for specific files, fixed sorting by date in backup manager, removed tons of hard coded strings, language translation updates, backup/restore/reset InstallerOpt preferences
    v. - Fix LG rom issue, misc code cleanup
    v. - Backup manager with stats on each backup, share backups, backup any installed application, code refactoring and cleanup
    v. - Fixed issue affected Lollipop devices that caused module to not work, better ROM detection, misc fixes
    v. - Fixed missing apps issue from previous release, added disable JAR verification, added disable duplicate permission checks, added disable signature verification, added disable permissions check, misc fixes
    v. - Disable signature checking and verification finally appers to be working, fixed permissions not showing on CM based roms, Chinese translation by aviraxp, code cleanup and refactoring
    v. - API 15 support added back, force English option, show version info inline made optional just like toast display, more error handling, backup sanity checks added for chosen folder
    v. - Fixed incorrect method call related to bootReceiver, tweaked Hide FC to automatically dismiss crash dialog and FC app...better but still WIP
    v. - Backup folder can be chosen now, if backup folder is changed, user is offered to move old backups, saving to external SD cards is now possible (thanks pylerSM), more debugging added, alignment fixes for version info display, misc code cleanup
    v1.0.5.88 - Downgrade apps, enable clear data and storage buttons in app info(forgot about this but it been available for a few updates)
    v1.0.5.84 - Added option to enable/disable vibrate on auto install complete
    v1.0.5.81 - NPE fixed, version info should display on installer dialog, vibrate on install completion if using auto install and auto close install, misc bugs fixed
    v.1.0.5 - Version info can be shown on install dialog now, toast is still an option in case you use auto install, backup apks to storage during install, delete apks after install from original location such as Download folder, permission request for external storage when you open the preferences on MM, misc. bug fixes
    v.1.04 - Internal testing only, skipped
    v.1.0.3 - Completely recoded preferences to fix issues, enabled show version code, added package name toggle to app info by clicking the app label
    v1.0.2 - Added open in playstore, dark theme, versioning changes and reduced file size a little more
    v1.0 - Added launcher icon hiding, auto uninstall functionality and reduced APK and storage usage by 50%
    v0.9 - Added debugging options in preferences, disabled by default
    v0.8 - Reverted enabled by default so please open module preferences and enable what you want, fixed an issue that may cause preferences not to load all the time
    v0.7 - Enabled both options by default, disable via preferences of module
    v0.6 - Added support for com.google.android.packageinstaller
    v0.5 - Initial release
    Need to do some formatting and sanity checks but...


    any hope for an updated version compatible with nougat and above ?
    Hey guys, I'm still working on outstanding issues but real life has kicked in lately hence the slight slow down :)
    OP and repo updated with newest version:


    - Disable signature checking and application verification finally appear to be working
    - Fixed permissions not showing on CM based roms, thanks to pyler and Maxr1998 for pointing me in the right direction
    - Chinese translation by aviraxp
    - Code cleanup and refactoring

    I'm still working on getting the application version display to be accurate across all device resolutions so just bear with me guys. Thanks for all the support and kind words.