[MOD][XPOSED]X Screen Stabilizer[23/10/2017][V1.5]

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Nov 15, 2012
heeey what happened to this unique mod??!!! it was looking sooo promising!!!


Jul 5, 2015

100% working on Optimized LineageOS 7.1.2 Nougat by JDCTeam rooted with Xposed and Busybox Pro!!!

I bought the PRO version the second it worked!

Can you replace (or add an option to change) the broken artifacts created along the edges with a black border instead? It looks a little messy. I see bits of the app's edges when the content moves significantly.

Thank you so much!!!
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Jul 5, 2015
@vivekkalady I seem to have found a bug:
In the pro version V1.6 (and in the demo too), if I select a large amount of apps to have anti-shake enabled for, X Screen Stabilizer doesn't remember all the apps chosen.
It seems to max out at around 8 apps. Anytime I select more than 8 apps, it slowly loses apps in the list. Please check out why this happens?

I am extremely grateful for your app. Thank you a million!!! Don't pay any attention to trolls on this forum trying to dissuade you from maintaining this app.
You are doing awesome!!! Once again, YOU ROCK!!!

Let's change the world!!!!

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How can i buy pro app without play store?

I think you're best off buying it on another ROOTED device running Google Play Services; purchasing it using the gmail address you intend it to be linked to, and somehow copying/sharing the APK with Lucky Patcher, or Titanium Backup to the target device? Otherwise the developer will have to maybe host it on F-Droid or something...

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X Screen Stabilizer works 100% on the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Rooted with Xposed and Busybox Pro running TouchWiz but REQUIRES VirtualSensor installed.
The Galaxy J3 2016 does have an accelerometer but does NOT have a gyroscope.


May 11, 2007
Bug report: stopped working and no way to fix it.

What a neat module, awesome. It worked right out of the box, at least in the settings app. But then I touched the app white/blacklist, and nothing worked anymore. Revert whitelist, deinstall, reboot, reinstall, reactivate, clear app memory -- the screen still isn't stabilized anymore.

The logs seem innocuous: https://pastebin.com/P8xz4Uh1

Running on a freshly installed LineageOS lineage-15.1-20190327-microG-mido on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with addon_su. The latest Xposed and XprivacyLua from FDroid are installed but do not restrict the app, AFWall firewalls off internet access.


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Jul 10, 2018
Confirmed (flawlessly) working on MIUI 11 (Q) on my Mi9T.

Can't wait to try this module on a device with a +90Hz panel - despite the pixel-blur on my 60Hz panel, I can actually read text while shaking my device. Impressive!

Really awesome concept, great work! Bravo!

(Xiaomi EU weekly 9.12.26, Magisk 20.1 (solohsu), Riru Core 19.5, Riru EdXposed YAHFA 0.4.6beta(4471))


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Feb 7, 2018
Jezus Christ why noone told me about this? It's AMAZING! I have shaky hands so this mod is a must have for me. Works on stock LG G7 thinq rom on Android Pie, magisk 20.1 and EdXposed


Jun 20, 2019
Didn't work on Pocophone F1 running crdroid 6.1 Android Q. I installed Riru core and EdXposed SandHook v0.4.6, enabled the screen stabilizer app in the EdXposed app, reboot, enabled screen stabilizer and nothing happens.


Jan 14, 2020
Works on android 10!

Android 10
Mi 9t pro
Os: HavocOS 3.3
Kernel: F1xy 4.14.172
Magisk 20.3
Riru core 19.7
Riru EdXposed YAHFA

It works!
After installing and enabling you must open x screen app, click 3x3 grid icon on the top bar and click on all apps you want to stabilize.
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Fabian R�ling

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Feb 13, 2014
I just tried out this mod again and… why does it go in the wrong direction? When I start accelerating my phone to the left, this mod makes the screen content go even faster to the left at first, then back to the middle when I'm at constant speed and then makes it stop even faster than the phone itself when I slowly stop moving the phone (by moving the screen contents to the right). I found no settings that lets me reverse this. Is this a bug in this version or could it somehow be specific to my device or is this actually intended for some reason?


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Nov 15, 2012
Guys what happened to this superb mod? Is it possible for someone to make it as a magisk module?

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    X Screen Stabilizer


    If You don't know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try this application (it wont work)

    Have you tried to read a book or an article like this while on a bus or walking down the street? I bet you tried! In this case you should notice that reading text in a such way is not a good idea since the screen constantly shakes. It seems that screen shaking is a big enough issue and eliminating it can promise a good UX. This application uses the device accelerometer sensors to compensate for and smooth out screen content shaking in the same way as DSLR camera stabilizes its sensors/lenses

    It uses the concept defined in the below link


    but uses a different approach using Xposed Framework

    Free : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.xscreenstabilizer

    Pro : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.xscreenstabilizer.pro

    Xposed repository : http://repo.xposed.info/module/com.vivek.xscreenstabilizer

    Parameter Details
    1. Velocity Friction : It is used to adjust the friction of the movement of the screen when walking. If the value is greater, the screen translation will be slower.
    2. Position Friction : It is used to adjust the speed at which the screen tries to adjust to the normal position.If the value is greater, it takes more time to adjust to normal position
    3. Low pass filter alpha : It is used to filter the acceleration force values from the sensor for the smooth positioning of the screen
    4. Velocity Amplification : It is used to amplify the calculated velocity and use it to translate the screen

    please try it out and provide your valuable comments
    V1.2 - App Settings Added

    I have added the application settings to the module. Now Users can select which app needs this module.
    Also tried to fix the lag issue.
    V1.2 uploaded to playstore and Xposed Repository
    Please try it out
    great idea man!in 3 years apple as usual will steall this great mod to implement into IOS!
    great idea man!in 3 years apple as usual will steall this great mod to implement into IOS!

    I thought about that.....if I'm de developer I'd patent the implementation worldwide. It is a simple concept, somehow already available out there for other uses, but as far as I know not for portable devices screens. And....AR, VR, glass,....

    This is the typical thing Apple, Samsung, Google, LG would build a proof of concept (this app is one) and patent it. And sell rights for millions.

    By the way, another fantastic module that has this potential is AllTrans. Real time translation of any app from any language to any other language....probably Google would love to have that under Google Tanslator label (and spy a bit more on you).
    Very fun idea. You may want to hardcode some safe minimum and maximums on each setting and give it some sort of tendency to return to normal once movement subsides.

    I lowered the velocity friction to zero and moved my phone around. The screen went off screen enough, I guess, that it couldn't return to center and the button to disable the module was not responding.

    Also, maybe add a whitelist so you can pick to only have it activate while certain apps are in the foreground (browser, e-book readers). While it's neat for testing, having it constantly adjusting your screen when using your phone can be awkward.

    Bravo for doing something new and creative!