[MOD] [ZIP] Pixel Blue Accent Color & Round Icons For Sultan's LOS-14.1 [10/07/17]

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Nov 1, 2015
Hmm..?! Why would a Cs graduate have to learn stuff like economics and chemistry? Well,degree doesn't matter but knowledge does.;)

Totally agree with you. Unfortunately, in Kerala, we don't have any other option to choose. If you want to study engineering in Kerala it must be under KTU (Kerala Technological University)

Just read about our beloved university here when you get free time


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Oct 17, 2015
New Delhi
TBH I've some back papers to clear. In our God damn university we've to learn papers like economics, chemistry in order to get a professional degree in computer science.

literally literally undergoing the same thing, got a ton of backlogs to clear, besides that my roots are from kerala too but brought up in delhi.


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Nov 1, 2015


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    [MOD] [ZIP] Pixel Blue Accent Color & Round Icons For Sultan's LOS-14.1 [10/07/17]

    Pixel Blue Accent Color & Round Icons For Sultan's LOS-14.1
    Hi all,
    I created a flashable zip for SultanXda's LinageOS-14.1 for round icons and blue accent color like Pixel phones.

    Thanks for @LeoYL for this detailed guide :)

    What is included?
    • Modified frame-res.apk
    • Modified Settings.apk
    • Modified Snap.apk

    How to flash?
    Caution : In most cases, these ZIPs are ROM-and-version-specific, meaning that each ZIP is likely to work on only one version of one ROM. Also, you have to flash this zip after every ROM update. I'll try to update the link as soon as Sultan drops a new build
    1. Go to recovery
    2. [Optional][Recommended]Take a system backup
    3. Flash the zip
    4. Reboot and enjoy


    Change log
    Aug. 13, 2017 :
    • Removed SystemUI.apk due to buggy navigation bar.
      Download latest MOD and dirty flash ROM&MOD again.

    Aug. 12, 2017 :
    • Mod updated for Aug. 07, 2017 build
    • Added modified icon for camera
    • Added white navigation bar (If you don't need it remove system/priv-app/SystemUI folder from the zip)
    Any update for the latest build? Thanks.
    @psxda97 ,can you include pixel nav-bar too?

    I really love to have pixel navbar. I effectively changed the nav bar to white background with the ring. But I couldn't port home button animation correctly.

    Can someone please share some screenshots?

    Here you go
    I'm not sure what you meant.

    I decompiled the frame-res.apk and compared colors.XML with a frame-res.apk of pixel. I just changed the green accent color with the values from the pixel and recompiled.

    I saw some pixel themes having red,green and other accent colors too.
    Btw great work,will this work on Jun25 build?
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