Model Number Question

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I've been out of the Samsung device ownership for a few years, so I wanted to ask this on a samsung section for a device I'm seeing this weirdness with

So, long story short, I'm the tech manager of a repair shop, but recently, we've gotten into buying/repairing/reselling refurbished devices. We got this lot of about 300 android devices, and there's a good 120 samsungs in here at least

What I'm seeing OFTEN is model numbers in the settings under About device are incorrect
In Settings: SM-N960U1
On Back Glass: SM-N960U
On multiple IMEI Checkers: SM-N960U
Device reporting SIM status locked to sprint
Tested with att, mint and verizon sims... all worked and activated. Obviously device is unlocked

Why are the model numbers in the settings incorrect?!? This is happening on everything from S7's to A51's to Note9's. Does the model number change when a carrier unlocks the device or did we get a weird batch where someone cross flashed every device?