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Help me if you know please

Hi, I just got an S7 g930f off of ebay Im currently in the united States of America. The international unlocked version does not have firmware for the united states. The firmware that came on the phone was Arab Emirates or Sadi arabia something like that. If I have to I have a stock back up I can go back to. Im under the impression that I can flash any country firmware for my model. Im thinking the United kingdom BTU version is the best option. Am I correct that I can flash an Oreo United kingdom version.? And is that what you guys would recommend? I only bought the phone to root and mod play around with theres no sim card going into it for now anyway. I rooted and flashed twrp after it charged right out of the box im currently on Light Rom pie. I just wanted to make sure im on the best firmware for english and rooting purposes. Thanks also what bootloader and modem?


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Jan 6, 2020
@redjamesg I want to update my modem. I have a SM-G930F with Lineage 14.1 and live in Germany (DBT). The last unbranded modem I could find is from 01/2019 (G930FXXU3ESA3), later releases are all branded if I understand your first post correctly (G930FXXS...)

I plan to upgrade my S7 to Android 8, maybe even Android 9. Can I use the modem from Android 8 for Android 9 ?
Can you attach the files for the latest unbranded BL/CP for SM-G930F DBT ?

Thank you very much.


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Jul 1, 2017
@redjamesg I want to update my modem. I have a SM-G930F with Lineage 14.1 and live in Germany (DBT). The last unbranded modem I could find is from 01/2019 (G930FXXU3ESA3), later releases are all branded if I understand your first post correctly (G930FXXS...)

I plan to upgrade my S7 to Android 8, maybe even Android 9. Can I use the modem from Android 8 for Android 9 ?
Can you attach the files for the latest unbranded BL/CP for SM-G930F DBT ?

Thank you very much.
Latest DBT FW can be found here: https://www.sammobile.com/samsung/galaxy-s7/firmware/SM-G930F/DBT/
There is no branding on Bootloader or Modem FW
Yes, you can use this combo with LOS 16 or 17.

If you decide to update to the upper one, you cannot downgrade later, as the Binary Level of the upper BL is "7" . Therefore, keep the factory recovery image (in case it's needed later).
The Binary Level topic is generic & everybody should be aware of this limitation
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    This thread is mainly created because some of the developed custom roms requires certain Modem or Boot Loader versions, and it also coveres the desire to update and keep the phone updated to latest Modem and Boot Loader.

    /* Your warranty is now void.
     * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. 
     * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this procedure
     * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at us 
     * for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.

    The files made available here are extracted from the official Samsung Firmware made available from SamMobile website, it will save you from downloading in access of 2GB of data with average download speed of 15KB.
    Mainly it will be firmware specified for the EU market, as I am located here and will be using these firmwares, if you want your specific region included, I would appreciate if you would make sure to make the files available as they become updated for your region, since I don't intend to waste time on something I am not going to be using.

    Since I intend not to delete any of the files, it is also essentially a resource with all the different Modem and Boot Loader versions released.

    User Guide:
    • Extract latest version of Odin to your computer.
    • Install Samsung Mobile Phone Drivers for Odin to find your device.
    • Boot your phone into download mode, by pressing [Volume down] + [Home] + [Power]
      - Once you reach the Download mode warning screen, press [Volume Up] to continue.
    • Open Odin

      • [1]Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
        [2]Place the desired BL file in the [BL] slot.
        [3]Place the desired CP file in the [CP] slot.
        [4] Go to the Options section and make sure Auto Reboot, Re-Partition and F. reset time are unmarked.
        [5]Push [Start]
      • Once odin reports "Success..." message in the Message box, boot your phone into download mode once again and repeat step 1 - 5 once more.

    Some have complained that you shouldn't flash BL and CP without flashing appropriate CSC file, how ever I have never had any issues with only flashing BL and CP.

    File versioning:
    Some of you might be unaware of how the Samsung versioning of the Boot Loader and Modem is layed out, I will try to give an accurate description of what is what in the versioning.

    The filename displays the version as G930FXXU1APDU, the layout of the versioning is as follows:
    • G930F - Identity of the phone supported
    • XXU1A - Identity of location [XX] - European location - Unbranded supplier branded
      [*]P - Year of version (here 2016)
      [*]D - Month of version (here 4.th [April])
      [*]U - Compilation number, goes from 1 - 9 and A - Z

    Download section:

    SM-G930F - EU (Nordic)
    Nougat - April 2018 security patch
    • Latest Boot Loader: G930FXXS2DRDJ (NEE) (sha256: 2f484dc8a2a1702753a6f8f1009e80ad8ffc8de21c82e0870b8776fa6901ed63)
    • Latest Modem: G930FXXU2DRB6 (PHN) (sha256: 6372e2df129300db89dea835173180cc752317e25f06d83eff5480de96bbc7b1)
    Oreo - July 2018 security patch
    • Latest Boot Loader: G930FXXS2ERG7 (NEE) (sha256: 0031564e8fbfd8b68ecf4c97786beb25efef778cd9ff30338026a5c50c33bf9f)
    • Latest Modem: G930FXXU2ERD6 (BTU) (sha256: 3c942702562a241adfcb98f477a2f2d355a75b50ffb37d7f3f1aaf778ac385bc)

    SM-G930FD (SER) - Russia
    Nougat - March 2018 security patch
    • Latest Boot Loader: G930FXXU2DRC4 (sha256: 892a1b09773ca48a9aaf588a6dd5adc6be4d08192bae93147af0ea0f2740121b)
    • Latest Modem: G930FXXU2DRAR (sha256: 7017f9e500903608f14bc2e7e7de172001d08f5d32efd7f81f9c3864157e9177)
    • Latest CSC: G930FOXE2DRC4 (OXE)(sha256: cd489ac8546d38afd6e3bc8467be60b383fdc30f2a9b3083edfabca8886cced0)
    • Latest HOME_CSC: G930FOXE2DRC4 (OXE) (sha256: 28a5edc7ababc9434c608f46b52e212572f6a0674df7c860cdeb203066f4704b)
    Oreo - April 2018 security patch
    • Latest Boot Loader: G930FXXU2ERE8 (sha256: 6c980f3ba429d98d9b0778c796ca9167f17208f0151bcab3d7412e703d60f059)
    • Latest Modem: G930FXXU2ERD6 (sha256: 3c942702562a241adfcb98f477a2f2d355a75b50ffb37d7f3f1aaf778ac385bc)
    • Latest CSC: G930FOXE2ERE8 (OXE)(sha256: 60582406a5364572745faa0bac0f9b82b2d6b7d9bb3c9d8589da77bd9745dcc4)
    • Latest HOME_CSC: G930FOXE2ERE8 (OXE) (sha256: 23b6c01de72596eef4c48392f4a20d4f9b0b3bb858fe5f70d95b4e78fea673b7)

    SM-G930W8 (XAC) - CA (Canadian)
    Nougat - March 2018 security patch
    • Latest Boot Loader: G930W8VLS3BRC2 (sha256: 4e001c20018e1252a66869b2cce9e7230f16083e1daab6f8cf484f7dfa3dff98)
    • Latest Modem: G930W8VVLS3BRC2 (sha256: d6ef9c0571ae98f4abb4dd016e5140e5e0925b306888ee398a2f4573b7b87910)
    • Latest CSC: G930W8OYA3BRC2 (OYA)(sha256: 1ebb8b5ef983f5b57e8ad9f2df162cbe70c5f1fdeb7cd61929bf14658ef0ba6a)
    • Latest HOME_CSC: G930W8OYA3BRC2 (OYA) (sha256: 57d811623b9fc99ecac19bfde3e307ed80f6dfa9710a9374f44dd1e7f1b6d587)
    Oreo - April 2018 security patch
    • Latest Boot Loader: G930W8VLU3CRE3 (sha256: dba3eaf4af8d97eda00fad339be9b7a4026116247144dc1c473bd1be989e576e)
    • Latest Modem: G930W8VLU3CRE3 (sha256: 0b8374148433882eaa5fd7b300f2a9a8309374a97491748bf9973113d87ccf19)
    • Latest CSC: G930W8OYA3CRE3 (OYA)(sha256: a12fcd3abc2578a80250c2ac7381e90a060cf20161ffd88f5cc80571588be0ea)
    • Latest HOME_CSC: G930W8OYA3CRE3 (OYA) (sha256: ec5ecd603f9d62606e87cca04cc4035e29252c51e10b207a0213746cc5ee749e)

    See collection of BootLoaders and Modems at AndroidFileHost
    Sorry for not keeping up, just got a newborn baby boy this morning.

    Sent from my SM-G930F using XDA-Developers mobile app
    SM-G930W8 - CA (Canadian)
    • Latest Boot Loader: G930W8VLU2BQK4 (sha256: 6c04992ae8c78a21c3f7ad348d7587bca0c468f67b55ddb3b61928cb97667914)
    • Latest Modem: G930W8VLU2BQK4 (sha256: cb340dd9eec517e698e76da7f075d961968dc6a9cdc8c764f54a43f582899515)
    • Latest CSC: G930W8VLU2BQK4 (XAC)(sha256: c9586877a239e8c6769795060fd8e14707b17eab54f9a64e341350a8dab1658f)
    • Latest HOME_CSC: G930W8VLU2BQK4 (XAC) (sha256: 14fc026d797d48ad390aced3537ff7037eceee7424c22cc05ebf4cc61f7eea02)

    Model SM-G930W8
    Model name Galaxy S7
    Country Canada
    Version Android 7.0
    Changelist 12546086
    Build date Fri, 10 Nov 2017 11:14:33 +0000
    Security Patch Level 2017-11-01
    Product code XAC
    PDA G930W8VLU2BQK4
    CSC G930W8OYA2BQK4
    I've been away for quite some time now, and I just realised alot of releases have been put out.

    Version Android 7.0
    Changelist 11528205
    Build date Tue, 12 Sep 2017 15:02:21 +0000
    Security Patch Level 2017-08-01
    Product code OPV

    Version Android 7.0
    Changelist 12046623
    Build date Tue, 08 Aug 2017 08:24:49 +0000
    Security Patch Level 2017-08-01
    Product code XAC
    PDA G930W8VLU2BQH1
    Changelist 9519568
    Build date Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:37:10 +0000
    Security Patch Level 2016-11-01
    Product code OPS