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[Modem][N9005][EUR] Bundle: Odin, Samsung USB driver and latest Modem + Bootloader

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Sep 27, 2010
Thanks @taddzio works good. :good:
If you live in Spain, I would recommend N9005XXUGBPI1 modem, which was in fact extracted from Spanish ROM :)
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Just would like to know, how do you define work more than fine? What's different with the last modem and bootloader before?
for example, before this flash, i had about -85 dBm now it's -75 so i can say that the signal is improved significantly. Don't look at the picture in my previous post, i was in a bad point of my house. Hooking more satellites and in less time.. These were the first two things I looked but it seems to me enough... do not you think ? PS even the wi-fi seems to be better
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Apr 17, 2011
Hello, I would like to test this combo BL and CP , than compare with one from Hereiwas. I'm from Italy too . @ Hereiwas can you please share with me? Otherwise I would download from Sammobile and do it by myself.

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    This bundle contains latest:
    • Odin3 v3.10.7
    • SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_1.5.63.0
    • BL_N9005DXSGBQA1 - latest boot-loader
    • CP_N9005XXUGBPI1 - latest modem for Europe
    • GPS fix - I was fighting with my GPS for quite some time until I found this config.
    I was inspired by @Imprezzion post here. Updated drivers, Odin and added GPS config file that worked for me.
    Note: GPS fix is optional - if your GPS works fine just ignore it.

    Please follow the !_ReadMeFirst.txt:
    Installing Samsung USB Driver
     1. Disconnect from internet (to prevent Windows Update overriding the drivers).
     2. Run the Setup.exe (when finished, you'll see info that installation was unsuccessfully - that's fine).
     3. When done, turn off you phone and power it up by holding: Vol.Down + Home + Power.
     4. Push Vol.Up as requested and connect phone to your PC with USB cable.
     5. Wait for drivers to install/recognize the phone.
     6. Hold Power button until phone shouts down.
    Before flashing anything with Odin
     Always TURN OFF your phone and enter 
     Download mode by pressing and holding
     Vol.Down + Home + Power. Next press Vol.Up.
      1. Run Odin on your PC.
      2. Connect phone to USB.
      3. Press BL button and select: BL_N9005DXSGBQA1.tar
      4. Press CP button and select: CP_N9005XXUGBPI1.tar
      5. Press Start button.
      6. When phone restarts you can disconnect it from USB.
    If you experience problems with GPS
     Override your gps.conf(/system/etc/) file with the
     one in "\GPS fix\gps.conf"
     Back up your original file - just rename.
     Restart phone.
    Download(Google drive)

    Change log:
    • Updated bootloader to latest: N9005DXSGBQA1
    • Removed NON-HLOS.bin from bootloader (thanks @Grosfaaters)
    • Updated USB driver to v.
    • Updated GPS fix
    • Updated USB driver to v.
    • Updated !_ReadMeFirst.txt
    • Initial release.

    • Updated bootloader to latest: N9005DXSGBQA1
    • Removed NON-HLOS.bin from bootloader (thanks @Grosfaaters)
    v.2 available

    Change log:
    • Updated USB driver to v.
    • Updated !_ReadMeFirst.txt
    thank you mate
    are you running stock firmware? can we flash this over the stock?
    To be honest I can't imagine running stock when we have combo from my signature available...
    But you should be able to run it with stock.