Modified Dragon MTP driver for Windows

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Oct 10, 2013
While testing some MTP stuff for TWRP I have realized that you always have to disable USB debugging to make MTP working.
The same problem like on other devices too.

But it´s just a Windows driver issue only .. and pi*** me off :)

I was searching and found this .. also from XDA ..for Nexus 7 flo.

So I have modified the driver from Windows XP and Nexus Flo to Windows 7 and Pixel C :)

It´s working fine .. now I can access the Pixcel C via MTP and ADB at the same time !

- Disable USB debugging
- Enable MTP .. or change from charging to MTP.
- Now you see in Windows device manger the Pixel C device as MTP .. you can copy files in explorer but no ADB is working.
- Now update the existing driver of the Pixel C device with this one here - via device manger too.
- Do manual installaion, browse to the .inf file, ignore signature messages and proceed to update the existing driver.
- Once done, verify the fresh driver date, and just enable USB debugging again.

Both will work in parallel now .. ADB and MTP !
If you reboot the Pixel C, it comes up with ADB and charging mode, change to MTP and both is working again.

Right now this works inside system only .. and hopefully soon via TWRP too :)

All my tests were done on N4.
Maybe not everyone needs to have both running at the same time, but I still wanted to publish the driver.

And big thanks to @sfhub for his work !


Have fun !
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Aug 29, 2013
Highlands, Scotland
Having just sideloaded 8.1 OTA, unlocked bootloader, installed TWRP and Magisk the convenience of this driver was brilliant today.
Thanks again.

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