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MODs For DN4 / TW 4.4.4 [V3L Final & KITKAT V9]

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Jun 3, 2012
Rio de Janeiro
splendid work :good: :fingers-crossed:

toolbox was bugged.. can add 12 apps but can only show 5apps..

I fixed toolbox using AIO FIX from @gencho81 , @Androidwizzard, Nemesis Team >> XDA Thread



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Jun 20, 2012
I use only default music player and Dolby , I found that if install viper and Xperia Walkman the sound volume gain hight so No viper and Xperia Walkman , still give me a good beats ,

Oke and i miss understood when i saw that SS i thought it was an app named beats.
but now i see it,its a themed music player .
But you know that you can change the volume in agni.And you can change volume in viper4 android in Max output.
I just tryed whitout viper but don't like it.
thanks anyway.


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Mar 23, 2014
OnePlus 9
You need flash you device patch after flashing Mod
I believe I tried that but I'll try it again just to be sure. Thanks for the quck response :good:

Edit: Just to be sure, on clean flash I should
1. Flash DN4v2
2. Flash addon patch for my device
3. Reboot, setup google account/name phone
4. Reboot recovery, wipe cache
5. Flash mod v10
6. Flash patch again

Like this?
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Jun 20, 2012
Guys I have forgot to add App folder in Data folder thats why data apps are not flashing... You can just simply extract those app.. And install normally

Do you mean the people who have problems with exposed?
or do we need to extract anything.When i open rootbrouwser and go to data folder i see exposed installer
and HTC M9 apk.and iphone 6 apk,meizu apk and minimalui apk.
Is that what you talking about?


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Mar 23, 2014
OnePlus 9
@AholicCert Ok so i tried reflashing the patch for my phone but I'm stuck at bootanimation. The bootanimation is playing but doesn't seem like it'll boot. Can you give me some instructions on how to flash mod v10? I tried the instructions in the OP, and tried setting up phone, rebooting, wiping cache then flashing the mod then the patch for my phone but it won't boot

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    Hi Guys
    On demand of some DN4 users... Presenting you my MOD for our beloved NOTE 2....
    A Big thanks to Electron Team For Developing DN4 for Us...
    MY Special thanks to @slink_59 . I got many inspirations from you

    V3L Final IN 3rd POST
    What will you get in this MOD
    DN4 MOD V9 KITKAT Based
    1-36 Toggles
    2-Added Csc Features
    3-Network Speed Meter For WiFi and data ( Change Refreshing Rate and Color)
    4-Hidden Lock and device options on right corner of device
    5-Hidden Home button in Center
    6-Hidden Task Manager In Left Corner
    7-Switch to disable and enable all 3 Virtual Keys
    8-Scrolling Wallpaper ( Switch Enable / Disable )
    9-Icon Shadows ( Switch Enable / Disable )
    10-Change Position Of Clock
    11-Add Day in Status Bar
    12-Backup App
    13-Sfinder in corner
    14-Heads-Up notification
    15-Theme Support in launcher
    16-Added Themes (Credits @qwerty123258)
    17-New Icons of themes,Torch, LED Indicator&Toolbox in Settings
    18-Fixed Abstract tile
    19-Fixed Splanner
    21-Added Permission Manager and Autostarts in Settings
    22-More Enabled languages
    23-More Lockscreen effects
    24-Added x.25 animation Scale in Developer Settings
    25-UPSM Manager (Credits @xperiacle)
    26-Xposed Framework (Credits @rovo89)
    27-GravityBox Module (Credits @C3C076)
    28-GPS Tweaks
    29-ToolBox Now can add up-to 12 apps
    30-Fixed Dialer issue ( Now can search by Names )
    31-MultiWindow for All 3rd Party Apps
    32-Jellykat theme Credits @mannyvinny
    33-LED Indicator Settings
    34-Fixed Automatic Time zone Bug
    35-Some Extra Enabled Settings
    36-Some Enhancement and Fixes
    37-S Pen Pointer Fixed
    38-Reduced RAM Tweaks
    39-Multiuser Mode
    40-Smoothness Tweaks
    More of the things will be added later...

    Changelogs Here

    More MODS in 2nd Post

    Installation :- ( Must Read )
    1- Must have 150 MB space in system
    2- Wipe cache & dalvik in recovery
    3- Flash:D
    4- Reboot
    5- IF MultiUser is Not Showing In Settings Then Flash This Fix
    6- IF Facing SystemUi FC Then Read Here
    DN4 MOD V9
    Mediafire Download Link
    Mega Download Link

    Battery Mods
    3Minit Battery Mod
    Credits @gharrington
    Just Flash In Recovery
    Dark Themed Apps
    Includes Settings, Custom Settings And Theme Chooser. More Apps Later
    Note - Disable Lock screen Security Lock If you Have Set anyone Before Flash
    Download Link
    IF You Don't Like It Here Is The REVERT ZIP

    Dolby Digital Plus Studio For DN4
    Link In 2nd Post


    Caution :- Devs are not allowed to use my work in his ROM
    Donations are greatly appreciated to support and motivate me to make more MODS.
    Thank*me by pressing the button, if you like my work. I spend a lot of time to provide these things to you.

    V3L Final
    Rom Devs And Modders Are Not Allowed To Copy Or Create Anything From This Mod.
    1-S6 Boot animation
    2-S6 Fonts
    3-S6 Like Weather
    4-S6 Like Lockscreen
    5-S6 System Sounds
    6-New Contacts & Incallui Like S6
    7-Updated Lollipop Ui
    8-Lollipop Frameworks & Animations
    9-Operators Name in Status Bar
    10-35 Toggles
    11-Added Csc Features
    12-Network Speed Meter For WiFi and data ( Change Refreshing Rate and Color)
    13-Dual Speed Display
    14-Hidden Lock and device options on right corner of device
    15-Hidden Home button in Center
    16-Hidden Task Manager In Left Corner
    17-Switch to disable and enable all 3 Virtual Keys
    18-S6 Like Voice Recorder
    19-Change Position Of Clock
    20-Add Day in Status Bar
    21-Backup App
    22-Heads-Up notification
    23-Theme Support in launcher
    24-Themed Not 2 Camera
    25-Fixed Connected as a Modem Bug
    26-Fixed Abstract tile
    27-Fixed Splanner
    29-Added Permission Manager and Autostarts in Settings
    30-More Enabled languages
    31-More Lockscreen effects
    32-Added x.25 animation Scale in Developer Settings
    33-UPSM Manager (Credits @xperiacle )
    34-GPS Tweaks
    35-ToolBox Now can add up-to 12 apps
    36-Fixed Dialer issue ( Now can search by Names )
    37-MultiWindow for All 3rd Party Apps
    38-LED Indicator Settings
    39-Fixed Automatic Time zone Bug
    40-Some Extra Enabled Settings
    41-Some Enhancement and Fixes
    42-S Pen Pointer Fixed
    43-Reduced RAM Tweaks
    44-Multiuser Mode
    45-Smoothness Tweaks
    46-Fixed Pin Lock Fc
    47-Lollipop Like Gallery
    48-Lollipop Like Messages
    49-Lollipop Like Music Player
    50-Lollipop Like Clock
    51 -S6 Like Messages
    52-Lollipop Like Video Player
    53-S6 Like File Managaer
    54-S6 Like Tw launcher
    55-S6 Like SecSettings
    56-Lollipop Like Notifications

    More In next Version
    Flashing Instructions -
    1- Must have around 200 MB space in system
    2- Wipe cache & dalvik in recovery
    3- Flash
    4- Reboot

    Visit Below Link For Downloads
    Multi User Mode


    MY Facebook Page

    Donations Are Greatly Appreciated To Support And Motivate Me To Make More MODS.
    Thank Me By Pressing The Button, If You Like My Work. I Spend A Lot Of Time To Provide All These Things To You.

    @Aonja, @batlyn & All Mod Testers
    Dolby ATMOS / Dolby Studio
    Installation Instructions :-
    1- Reboot into Recovery
    2- Wipe partition and dalvik cache
    3- Flash
    4- Do not flash on other Roms you will get bootloop...

    8- If its Freezing in Starting Read HERE

    Dolby ATMOS

    Dolby Studio Blue

    Dolby Studio Lollipop

    N7105 Users Flash THIS After Flashing Dolby...
    Read All Instructions Before Flash
    If Freezing in Opening Read Here

    Don't Like Dolby
    Flash Revert Zip
    Download Link
    Whats New is Coming in V3L For Some Users
    S6 like calculator
    New splanner
    Fixed connected as modem bug in events
    S6 like voice recorder
    Some minor changes in frameworks and systemui
    Fixed dimensions on keypad
    Some more----

    Dolby Atmos and Maxx audio
    Some V10 Changelogs...
    1-S6 Bootanimation (Like Note 4 but its lilbit fast)
    2-S6 System Sounds
    3-Lollipop animations
    4-Updated Lollipop SystemUi
    5-Themed Lollipop frameworks
    6-S6 like Incall ui
    7-S6 Weather
    8-Some New themes
    9-Fixed pin lock Fc
    More things still needs to add
    Stay tuned...