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[MODS][SH][APKS]Mods lineage OS 17.1/16

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Apr 15, 2012

This post I will try to adapt it to "switch / foster tab format" so that you only have to enter the links and it is easier to download.

Hello again, I already created a post at the time but I think this will be the final post, I will be adding MODS which you can contribute to help us all.

1) Mount FAT32 SD/Horizon OS With tasker with autoboot
To import the profile we will give the three dots
-> data -> Restore -> User Local Backup.



Try to extract the zip, if native "File manager" is not possible, if not, use root browser.


Tasker app

Root Browser

1.5) Download Root browser from the play store we go to the downloads folder, and execute the switchsd.sh

Root Browser

tip: Put it in the root of internal storage

2)Overscan Working Lineage OS 17.1 <3

Screen Shift



ATV Launcher Free


Xbox App

Xbox Game Pass

Moonlight Game stream ONLY NVIDIA CARDS.

Steam Link

PS Play remote

Joycons programmable <3
Joycons programmable
You need to flash the programmable joycons zip
Button mapper


  • joycon but with home button and capture button programable.zip
    125.3 KB · Views: 213
  • Fat32SD.xml
    2.1 KB · Views: 104
  • switchsd.zip
    269 bytes · Views: 144

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    I'm using the programmable joycons and it works great!

    Are your projects open source?

    P.S I love the memes!

    Thank you @Chiveta!