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Hey everyone,

Following my post of 10 Oct 2022, I'm slightly disappointed that I didn't get anyone to take over my threads.
Hello everyone,
To all members who own the Nothing Phone (1).
I am looking for someone to take over my threads.
Indeed, I was thinking of buying the Phone(1) and that's why I wrote all its threads.
Since I don't own this smartphone, I can't see myself maintaining it and continuing to answer technical questions that I can't answer now.
In case nobody would like to continue the follow-up of my threads, they would be left to the abandonment.
This is why I would like one or more members to offer to continue the maintenance.
For this:
  • The member(s) must be active on the threads,
  • Have a minimum of knowledge about Android 12, or even 13.
  • You need to be available and regular. Not necessarily every day, but at least once a week, ideally 2 to 3 times a week.
You can contact me by PM only.

[Phone(1)][ROM][OTA][Nothing OS] Repo of Nothing OS - Update: 30-09-2022
FILES FOR NOTHING OS - (stock-boot, etc. )
FILES FOR NOTHING OS - (stock-boot, etc. )UPDATE 23/08/2022
[GUIDE][HowTo] Unlock and root Phone(1) - Update: 04/08/2022
Unbricking Nothing phone 1: Flash Stock Firmware with Fastboot
KERNEL FOR PHONE(1) - 17-07-2022
Extract Payload.bin via Payload Dumper Go
GUIDE][HowTo]Pushing an Update with ADB Sideload - Updated 26-07-2022
Installation via recovery mode

Have a good time to xda.
And so as I announced, as of today, I will no longer be doing any maintenance on all of my threads concerning the Nothing Phone(1).
From this day on, I decline any responsibility for what will be written or modified in my threads.

I wish you all a good continuation under the colours of Nothing.

Sib64 - Moderator

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