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[MODULE] Detach3 - Detach Market Links

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Apr 26, 2013
Moto G 2014
Moto G5 Plus


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Aug 31, 2013
Same here. The Detach script works fine, but has to be repeated once or twice a day.

I'll have to take a look at how to make this a cron task.
I wouldn't worry spending too much time on setting up a cron job.

I have modified my vendor dB such that it is impossible for the records that are inserted to ever be present in the database table (ie the ones the detach script deletes). However, it will still appear randomly after some time in the list of apps to be updated; even though its definitely not in the database.

But, maybe the killing of finsky will alleviate matters.:confused:

For me, if it appears, I simply kill the play store and re-open it, and it isn't there the second time, so I can do a bulk app update if need be. Maybe killing the playstore if its a background task, would do the above automatically for me.
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Jul 21, 2009
The only way at the moment in my mind, besides installing edxposed and sudohide module is to disable auto app update for your app and set an app or service etc to run script when you open playstore. I do come back to this time to time and try further it but the devs have basically narrowed it down to not let this happen anymore, sorry guys.


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Aug 31, 2013
For me, if it appears, I simply kill the play store and re-open it, and it isn't there the second time, so I can do a bulk app update if need be. Maybe killing the playstore if its a background task, would do the above automatically for me.
Actually, more and more, if there is more than just YouTube in the list, even when it does randomly appear on the list, I press the "Update All" and then quickly press the cancel on Youtube, thus allowing the rest of the apps to update in bulk. This helps out well if there a number of apps in the list to be updated.


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Jan 11, 2010
Google Pixel XL
OnePlus 8
and i say detach does work well on magisk 19.3 ;) if u might consider using this: https://github.com/Magisk-Modules-Repo/iYTBP-Vanced-Magisk-Repo/blob/master/common/post-fs-data.sh
which is included in recent magisk modules of vanced yt (i imply u r using it *g*) so by removing all available detachment apps/scripts from ur system and putting a empty file "enable_detach"
into your /cache directory and reboot u might get some good results like me on OOS and other roms/devices.but keep in mind THERE IS NO waterproof method to avoid popping
up updates yet. best result for me is to use the detach script i provide and disable playstore auto-update (which i anyway do since using a android phone as i don't wanna be forced happy).
advantage: if the YT updated slips thru and poppes up (which will happen from time to time!) u can just ignore it and let it be, the detach script does its jop after the default delay of 60 seconds in background. so u don't get updated automatically as soon as the update popps up. just as a reminder that there is another option already included in the vanced modules which u maybe can give a try.
I haven't implemented your script as of yet on, but it looks promising and more reliable than the actual Magisk Module. Seems like I need see if I can do a few changes within the script to see if I can utilize this script with other apps.


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Mar 9, 2011
On Magisk 20.4. The detach file and command "su -c detach -id" are no longer detaching apps from the Play Store. Was working fine until about 2 days ago when it stopped working out of the blue. Even remade the detach file after it corrupted itself. I wonder if Google patched this work around.
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Mar 7, 2011
After installed this mod, I found that due to the mod generate folder /system/su.d/ => This may lead to the mobile banking app detect su.d and thinking that it is rooted.
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    This Magisk module is for detaching apps from the Google Play Store.
    It removes your defined packages from the 'My apps & games' section and disables them from auto-updates.

    Flash module in Magisk Manager only.
    Not necessary to reboot after flashing this module.
    This module is designed to flash as many times as you like.
    It is configured with a *configuration file. You can create one before flashing this module to define your package(s) or the default one will be used instead, which detaches YouTube by default.
    Add your package name(s) you would like to detach to the configuration file, with each package name on a new line.
    You can add more package names to your configuration file or the default one at any time, then simply just flash module again to apply it. Again, no need to reboot or any other user interaction needed.
    Read the log that Magisk Manager displays when flashing the module, it displays the detached package(s) for confirmation.
    *Configuration file directory: /storage/emulated/0/Android/detach.cfg



    Uninstall with Magisk and reboot.

    Follow uninstallation method. After reboot open playstore, navigate to 'My apps and games' section so it can populate and then re-flash the module.
    Still have an issue? Post your problem in detail and upload your Magisk installer log, found in your Download directory after saving it ( Shown here ).

    - Initial release
    - Disabled Fallback broadcast
    - Disable auto-update for detached apps
    - Disable playstore running in background
    - Added uninstall script to revert changes
    - Updated sqlite3 binary
    - Added support for x86 and x64
    - Added package check for configuration file
    - Minor alterations
    - Recompiled sqlite3 binaries
    - Improved device platform check
    - Added database check
    - Added the default detach.cfg file
    - Minor alterations
    - Improved installer checks
    - Fixed inflating uninstall script error
    - Tidied installer script
    - Added reattach feature*
    * Comment out package name(s) in detach.cfg to reattach.

    - Fixed minor install.sh error on Android 11
    - Improved some installer logic
    - Added scheduler feature*
    *Termux and Termux:API apks need to be installed beforehand for scheduler

    Frequenly Asked Questions
    Q. Can I use the old detach.txt?
    A. No, I decided to ditch it. It now uses a new method explained in the installation section.

    Q. Where is the boot script installed?
    A. No boot script is needed for detaching, everything is done while flashing the module.

    Q. Does this break safetynet?
    A. No, it doesn't conflict with safetynet at all.

    Q. Why shouldn't I re-enable Play Protect?
    A. It will interfere with the module's purpose.

    Q. Will having Play Protect disabled, open me up to vulnerabilities?
    A. No, the playstore scans their market apk's after developers upload them.

    Q. I usually install after-market apks (modified ones) and I think play protects me from this?
    A. You should scan your unknown apk with Total Virus.

    Q. How do you find a package name?
    A. Magisk Manager lists your apps with the package name underneath each one, in the Magisk Hide list.

    Q. What Magisk version is needed?
    A. The module template is designed for Magisk v20.4+

    Q. Do I need to uninstall previous version before updating?
    A. No, just flash updated version.

    Q. Do auto-updates still work for all my other apps that aren't detached?
    A. Yes, auto-update and other notifications etc still work.

    See attached below -- detach-3.xx.zip

    Previous versions

    Detach Market Links for Theme Ready Apps *

    This Mod is for detaching apps from the Google Play Store that are included in the Theme Ready Apps zip and/or aroma installer from Team Black Out for CMTE and Substratum theme engines.
    *Now also includes majority of all themed apps by Team Black Out by using an optional txt file.
    The purpose is that updates will not show in your update list and also in update notifications from the Google Play Store.
    This allows you to auto-update or the ability to use the update all button without the worry of updating Theme Ready Apps which will break your themes for those apps updated.
    The Google apps that are detached if you're not using the optional txt file are Gmail, Google App, Google Plus, Hangouts, YouTube and Gboard (Google Keyboard).

    Flash Mod in recovery, no need to wipe anything but if using SuperSU systemless mode or Magisk, flash this mod afterwards.
    No need to flash again in-between ROM updates if using SuperSU systemless mode or Magisk or if your ROM supports addon.d scripts.
    To detach more themed apps, place the detach.txt file either on root of your sdcard or internal storage and remove the comment from the apps you wish to detach and then flash Detach.zip
    You can also use the optional detach.txt file to just selectively detach Theme Ready Apps.
    If you don't use the supplied detach.txt file, only Theme Ready Apps will be detached.
    To add your own custom packages (apps), read here > https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=72194332&postcount=147

    Rename detach.txt on sdcard to detach.remove, flash Detach.zip again and reboot.
    This will remove all files related to installation, including the txt and custom file and restores all market links.

    If not using SuperSU or Magisk, you need to have init.d support.
    The configured script doesn't execute until after 60 seconds when boot has completed, this also includes the remove script too.
    This Mod has been tested by myself on Android 6 and 7.
    You still have the ability to update your Theme Ready Apps via Google Play Store but you'll need to use the search function instead.

    - Initial release
    - Changed detach method
    - Disabled service for database
    - Bug fixes
    - Added static sqlite binary
    - Added themed apps to detach with configuration txt file (optional)
    - Cleaned up installation script
    - Added mod removal option
    - Magisk compatible (systemless installation)
    - SuperSU systemless mode compatible (systemless installation)
    - Fixed init.d detection
    - Fixed market links reappearing
    - Updated detach.txt (added Wallpapers, Pixel Launcher, Capture (GoPro))
    - Updated script and detach.txt (added Gboard, Clock, Camera, Google Connectivity Services, Google VR Services, Google Play Services)
    - Updated script and detach.txt (added Google Carrier Services and the ability to add custom packages)
    - Fixed market links reappearing
    - Main script updated for removal process
    - Disabled code for a playstore service that no longer needs to be disabled
    - Removed Contacts, Phone and Photos from default install
    Update: Detach_v2.4.zip + detach.txt
    Updated script to include Google Carrier Services and also custom packages.

    To add your own custom packages (apps) to detach from market, create a file on root of sdcard or internal storage called detach.custom with the package names you wish to detach and then flash Detach.zip
    See attachment for example (example has .txt extension to be able to upload).
    You can goto Settings > Apps > [App name] to see the package name or source it from a site such as APK Mirror.
    Update - Detach_v2.6.zip
    - Main script updated for removal process
    - Disabled code for a playstore service that no longer needs to be disabled
    - Removed Contacts, Phone and Photos from default install
    Detach v2.6 updated to working with Magisk v16.3 and higher aviable :)

    Update: Detach_v2.5.zip
    Fixed market links reappearing