Module development question?

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Sep 8, 2007
I have a module development question. I don't know exactly where to post this question. If this is not correct place, would you please show me the correct place?

I rebuild an old xposed module and generate signed APK. I can install and use this APK on android 6 and 7 systems with standard Magisk and Xposed. And works perfectly.

But when I use this APK with android 9 and Magisk, riru and edxposed, phone can't be booted. it falls into edxposed bootloop.

When I it use it with Magisk, Zygisk and LSPosed, I can install APK, enable it on LSPosed, but does not function as expected.

When I try to install original old module from repository, it is not possible to install this APK to android 9.

This is the original old module:

I had to upgrade gradle version and several other configurations to build successfully. It can be running up to android 7, not tried but probably will run up to Android 8. But it is not possible to run android 9 or later.

How can I debug the code, and understand why edxposed fall into bootloop. Are there any log file to examine?