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Sep 27, 2016
Will it work on galaxy s7 edge, stock os 8.0.0? everything necessary is installed and work well (device is rooted - magisk 25.2). or if I test it can my device be damaged?
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Aug 8, 2010
OnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro
Its not working on my OP8Pro OOS13, or I could't get it working.
Are there any dependencies in the installation?
Why & what are all extra's?

Is there an update for android 12 & 13?
Is there an installation guide?


Nov 25, 2022
this does not work on tcl a30 unlocked, I am still unable to take screenshots within Xfinity app.


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Jul 22, 2010
As far as I understand this module disables FLAG_SECURE globally, right? I'm trying to understand whether or not to choose this over the LSposed module which basically lets you target specific apps while keeping it enabled outside of the module scope.
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Jun 3, 2021
Hello, thank you for your post, but it doesn't work on my phone : One Plus 9 Pro LE2123 Android 11 (Cf. Picture).
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    In case of bootloop how do I flash uninstall in magisk if I cannot boot the phone?
    Boot into safe mode, after that reboot and flash the uninstall ( it boots with all modules disabled ). Install the bootloop saver module it does that automatically, for the future.
    working great on pixel 7 stock march 2023 build
    Doesn't work for Amazon Prime Video on my P7P with March update. Maybe we need v6.0. Netflix is suddenly not compatible with the device for me to test. Weird
    Doesn't work for Amazon Prime Video on my P7P with March update. Maybe we need v6.0. Netflix is suddenly not compatible with the device for me to test. Weird
    Yeah. I will update it for solving this problem.
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    For so long everyone is looking for Disable Flag Secure Magisk Module. But can't find it anywhere. Earlier Xposed Module was released. This is the first time I brought the Disable Flag Secure Magisk Module. By flashing it you can take screenshot from locked profile of Facebook. You can also take screenshots from apps/pages where taking screenshots is prohibited. No LsPosed/Xposed required for this. So flash and enjoy.😁

    * Android 8+

    * included apktool 7.0
    * removed zipsigner, keycheck
    * added support for Samsung devices
    * added support for DRM-Protected content(like- Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ etc)
    * fixed bootloop problem
    * fixed problems with DRM-Protected content

    For any kind of help-
    My Facebook Profile: Md Mehedi Hasan
    Hi, this module is based on my Dynamic Installer, I don't require you to attach credits for the installer because it's free to use, but yeah when the patching logic was taken directly from other projects (General Samsung Patcher), and the only thing that really annoying is that in the print my BlassGO username was abbreviated to "BG" (I consider it disrespectful)

    Mainly waited for a fix to the final problem mentioned

    And just as a recommendation, it would be ideal to update the installer base, since that is a very old version and with flaws
    Fyiuh finally found it tested working on ppui Android 12
    In my internal storage there isn't any unistaller.
    It has been removed. Because it doesn't need.
    Now use this version[3.0] and final release.
    All bugs have been fixed.
    Don't Use Old Version.
    Flash & Enjoy😁
    For Any Help:-
    My Facebook Profile : Mehedi H Joy

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    Pixel 6 Pro on A13, working great!