[MODULE] Enable Multi-User and Enable Adoptable Storage (LG)

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These are a couple of basic modules that I made up real quick so I didn't have to modify /system/build.prop. I created them mostly for personal use since I'm on the stock rom but if it is useful to you then then feel free to use them.

Enable Multi-User -- This enables it (useful for stock roms) and sets it up with a 3 user max. Tested on the T-Mobile LG G5 stock rom. The Users settings pane shows up and so does the pull down item. Switching users works as expected. I didn't go much beyond creating a user and making sure it switches.

Enable Adoptable Storage -- This enables the internal storage option for sd cards. Given the option toggled I'm almost positive this is a LG specific item however I'm noting it affects multiple LG phones. Tested on LG G5 stock rom with the option properly showing up. It has been tested for proper operation as well.

Some small amount of credit goes to dima-82 (https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/module-disablemultuusermod-build-props-t3580674) for indirectly giving me the idea
Most of the credit goes to topjohnwu for creating Magisk and the mod template.


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