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[MODULE] Energized ⚡ Protection - ÉCLAIRS - Magisk

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Feb 27, 2021
I had some problems with 'wget' rather than the module itself, but I'll share for some with the same problem.

Whenever I tried to run the script 'ep -m' I got "wget: bad address ...", I tried running 'wget' plainly and it threw the same error at me. Don't follow the order of things that I did, there is a short summary of what to do in what order at the end. I had no "resolv.conf" in /system/etc, I tried to do it through my pc, but couldn't run 'adb root' since I din't find the option to toggle it on/off in x86 LOS 17.1 (If you can though, do 'adb remount' then 'adb shell' then 'echo "nameserver" > /system/etc/resolv.conf' ' from your computer.), so I did it on the phone itself: 'su' then 'mount -o remount,rw / ' then 'echo "nameserver"> /system/etc/resolv.conf' (you can use any DNS server in place of if you want) then 'mount -o remount,ro / ' (I'm not sure how bad it is to remount the root directory as read only, but so far I'm not noticing any problems, if I encounter some I'll be sure to share, and if anyone knows, please share if it is safe to do so or not). At this point it still wasn't working for me even after reboot, so I disabled NetGuard and AFWall+... and it worked. It is possible that this one last simple step might have fixed it from the beginning, so here is, in my opinion, the ideal order of things:

1. Disable your firewall and other programs that might be interfering with the internet access.
Check if it works, if not proceed onto the next step.
2. Install the BusyBox module from Magisk.
Check if it works, if not proceed onto the next step.
3. Create the resolv.conf as described above.
It should work by now.

This is not a guaranteed solution, but I think it covers the most of the 'wget' problems people will encounter. Once again, since I don't know if it harms the system in any way, or is unsafe, or unnecessary, if you know more about remounting the root directory as read only, please, share it in this thread.


Jun 19, 2016
Whitelist Instructions:
- Find text file on sdcard called whitelist in sdcard/EnergizedProtection/
- Add the domain with redirecting IP, domain name or regex to whitelist the exact domain.
Example -

redirecting IP - abcd.com
domain name -  abcd.com
regex -  .*abcd.*
- Run hosts script and choose whitelist w option.

1. To whitelist a website I'll just need to do one of the following, right?

2. What about whitelisting an application? is is possible?
(for example an app that gives benefit by watching ads, is it possible to whitelist an application? )


New member
Jul 6, 2015
Some of the apps still show ads even when I am using united protection.
Apps like facebook (while playing video), Home workout.
Is there a way to block ads on them?


Jun 19, 2016
That is my whitelist (save in folder file>energizedprotection>whitelist) and it still not working.. I am using unified pack..
Anyone can help me? Or am I missing something?



Senior Member
Dec 18, 2015
Hi guys,

I have a problem with the Energized Module. When I select option 1 (Spark) or any other option. I get a message saying something like:

"No Route to host"
'bad sdcard/EnergizedProtection/cache/version.md': No such file or directory.

I've already added the Systemless Hosts module in Magisk.

How to solve it?

Sorry for the message guys! Now that I saw the website is down.
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    Energized Protection - Magisk
    Version: éclairs | Updated: Oct 13, 2019 | Status: Stable

    ad.porn.malware blocking.
    This repository consolidates several reputable filters, and merges them into couple of protection packs with duplicates and dead/inactive domains removed. A variety of tailored packs are provided.

    Cloud Codenvy | License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

    Website | Energized Repo | Check Energized | Telegram

    A Trio Project with ❤︎ from Bangladesh, India & Zanzibar.

    M A I N T H R E A D
    XDA Thread - Get to know more about Energized!

    F E A T U R E S
    ϟ hosts based: based on Hosts file, all the bad stuffs blocked with
    ϟ any device: compatible with all devices, regardless of OS.
    ϟ blockings: strictly blocks advertisements, malwares, spams, statistics & trackers on both web browsing and applications.
    ϟ multiple formats: different variants for different devices.
    ϟ speed you need: reduces page loading time upto half of its actual time!
    ϟ privacy: with all these annoyances blocking, it also increases privacy.
    ϟ saves expense: greatly decreases data consumption saving expense.
    ϟ clean: no extra abracadabra!

    W H A T I S T H I S F O R ?
    This Energized System is designed for Unix-like systems, gets a list of domains that serve ads, tracking scripts and malware from multiple reputable sources and creates a hosts file that prevents your system from connecting to them.
    I know, there are couple of great sources to use, but this project is one of my hobby projects, and I'm still learning how to do these things properly. There will be mistakes and bugs, hope to fix them with all of your help! So, let's make an annoyance free better open internet, altogether! :)

    I N S T R U C T I O N S
    GUIDE: 2ND POST for usage instructions.

    D O W N L O A D
    DOWNLOADoad: Energized Protection > Magisk Manager - Single Module to get the job done!
    CHANGELOG: READ HERE - All the changes of Energized Protection Module.

    P A C K A G E D E T A I L S
    DETAILS: Check our GITHUB README for better viewing experience.

    S U B M I T I S S U E
    Got any issue? or any query? Need to report broken app/site issue? Found a legit site blocked? or any annoyance that bothering you, and you want to block?
    ENERGIZED BOX: Intorducing Energized Web App - ENERGIZED BOX- More Info.

    L I C E N S E
    CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

    D I S C L A I M E R
    Energized Hosts are basically hosts files to block access to domains. If you don't know how it works, then please try this at your own risk. I won't be responsible for any damage or loss. Never forget to make backups.

    T H A N K S
    For their great scripts.
    ♡ LarappsOfDongle - RP's Script
    ♡ QwertySDuos2 - Base Script
    ♡ topjohnwu - Magisk
    ♡ Zackptg5 - UHA Script

    Let's make an annoyance free better open internet, altogether!
    A project by Ador with ♡ from Bangladesh.
    Say Thanks!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Energized ⚡ Protection, Tool/Utility for all devices (see above for details)

    AdroitAdorKhan, badmojr
    Source Code: https://github.com/Magisk-Modules-Repo/Energized-Protection

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: éclairs
    Stable Release Date: 2019-10-13

    Created 2018-06-20
    Last Updated 2019-10-13


    - Install the Busybox For Android NDK Busybox Module from Magisk Manager.
    - Install any Terminal App from Google Play Store. Recommended Termux

    - First Enable Systemless Hosts in Magisk Manager; or the script won't run.
    - Open terminal then type:
    - Then follow the prompts to install host file of choice

    Whitelist Instructions:
    - Find text file on sdcard called whitelist in sdcard/EnergizedProtection/
    - Add the domain with redirecting IP, domain name or regex to whitelist the exact domain.
    Example -
     redirecting IP - abcd.com
     domain name -  abcd.com
     regex -  .*abcd.*
    - Run hosts script and choose whitelist w option.

    Instant Whitelist:
    - To instantly whitelist a domain, select iw and then type your domain.
    - Type Y and press enter.

    Blacklist Instructions:
    - Find text file on sdcard called blacklist in sdcard/EnergizedProtection/
    - Add exact lines you want to remove it (do not include the -> so for example: abcd.com)
    - Run hosts script and choose blacklist b option.

    Instant Blacklist:
    - To instantly blacklist a domain, select ib and then type your domain.
    - Type Y and press enter.

    Remove Whitelist/Blacklist:
    - Just run hosts script and reinstall host file of choice without selecting whitelist/blacklist.

    More Instructions - GIT INSTRUCTIONS

    *If you find any issue while using this, feel free to report the issue here, on Telegram or in Github!


    Whenever you are facing issue, help us with the log.
    NON-ROOT -
    - Download this DNSfilter Energized Fork App.
    - Install and Apply the filter.
    - Open the app you are having issues, and re-check the dns log in DNSfilter app.
    - RED Marked ones are Blocked and GREEN Marked ones are open.
    - Now send us the Screenshot or log.

    ROOT -
    - Download AdAway App.
    - Remove any applied hosts and reboot.
    - Install AdAway and open the app.
    - Go to Options > Log DNS Requests and toggle TCP DUMP on.
    - Now go back to your app, open and run the app till you get your issue fixed.
    - Open Adaway > Log DNS Requests > Open Log File.
    - Now send us the Screenshot or log.

    - Download DNS Query Sniffer Software.
    - Install and follow the detailed instructions here.

    First of all, heartfelt gratitude towards all the amazing human beings who have been loving our work and supporting us since the very beginning. We are really glad to have you by our side.

    But maintaining a quality blocking project takes a lot of time. Energized Protection is completely independently funded. We fight for our users. This does mean however that we also have to spend our owns to pay the bills. This is where you can help: by chipping in you can ensure more time is spent improving Energized rather than dealing with distractions.
    Support Us -
    PayPal - [email protected]
    Module Update Available

    Module Update | v. éclairs

    Changes -
    - Added Magisk 20.0 Compatibility.
    - Fixed Magisk Version Detection.
    - Fixed Symlink. Now you can type Energized also to run the script.
    - Updated Check Function.
    - Script Optimization & Improvement Patches Applied.

    *Update is live on Magisk Manager. Update now and the new Magisk 20 issue should be gone! :fingers-crossed:

    Stay Energized!
    Hi! Just dropping in to say that the opening post is absolutely beautiful! :p Well-designed, clear, detailed and pleasing to the eyes. Good work! :)