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Dec 14, 2010
Snohomish, WA
one thing i noticed. when i increase the statusbar hight, the icons dont get any bigger. just the clock and battery icon. could you add an option for scailing the icons or something?

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Aug 16, 2012
São Paulo
OnePlus 7T
first of all, thank you for making this mod. I have a oneplus 7t with OOS. after the last update to 11.0.2 I can't activate the mod whatever I do. It was working well on 11.0.0. Is there anyone else with the same problem? thanks


Jun 15, 2014
Can someone confirm what is meant by immersive mode being broken on OxygenOS?

Does this mean that the status bar cannot be hidden, or something else?

The reason I am asking is due to the fact that the ADB commands for hiding the status bar no longer work on Android 11 and I would like to basically hide the top bar like in Android 10.


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Apr 9, 2013
Anyone with a punch hole display phone running MIUI 12.5? Notchkiller works for you? Will really appreciate someone's response. No response from Telegram group!! :(
Jus upgraded to android 11 on MIUI, Notchkiller mod seems to cause bootloop, had to disable the module in recovery before my device booted


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Apr 9, 2013
Damn i have a Mi 11 and a redmi note 7 android 11 and 10 respectively based on miui 12.5 xD... Both didn't bootloop... You've flashed from Magisk Repo?
Yup... Or do I need to reflash the module after upgrading to Android 11 ❓ cos I dirty flashed to Android R, and just flashed Magisk and kept using my modules as they were...but As soon as I selected Notchkiller option in developer options it jus went into bootloop... Maybe I should try removing and reflashing the module 🤔


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May 2, 2018
Ui roundness don't work anymore after changing accent color in setting/customization/accent color on iOS 10.3.9 all other things works

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    Hi ! If I understand you use the last V4.1 of G-Visual Mod and Xposed Edge for work great ?
    I use G-Visual Mod on my Pixel 4a 5G on Android 12 and work perfectly but on the last update Android 13 not work if I use it they had mistake with gesture Phil bar and gesture disappears to show navigation buttons and can't change it. Will there be an upcoming mod update ?
    Thank you
    Heck I can't give advice on 13, I'm still on 12 :(
    Final update from me (I've managed to get it all working now).

    I use XPosed Edge Pro to control my device from the bottom, and I've discovered that the in-built "Hide Status Bar" option works fine for me to make the status bar vanish totally. In conjunction with NotchKiller this means the top of my phone is now statusbar/notch reserve area free.

    I've got it setup for long-press on top area where the status bar itself

    Final update from me (I've managed to get it all working now).

    I use XPosed Edge Pro to control my device from the bottom, and I've discovered that the in-built "Hide Status Bar" option works fine for me to make the status bar vanish totally. In conjunction with NotchKiller this means the top of my phone is now statusbar/notch reserve area free.

    I've got it setup for long-press on top area where the status bar itself is.
    Thank you works on Android 11 only problem is hide status bar does not work in boot complete trigger so you have to manually hide status bar every boot.
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    G-Visual Mod

    Latest version: v4.0
    • Magisk 20+
    • Android Pie (9) and higher
    • Android Q (10) & Android R (11) for Pill Gesture Mod

    Known supported ROMs
    • AOSP and Custom ROMs
    • MIUI 12 and higher
    • OxygenOS
    • OneUI (weak reports)

    Known Issue
    • Immersive mode and Pill Transparency wont work on OxygenOS!
    • Immersive mode shows white pill on some apps in dark theme!

    Mod list
    UI Radius Mod
    • Change UI Roundyness

    StatusBar & Notification Mod
    • Change StatusBar height
    • Change StatusBar padding
    • Enable Fullscreen apps (Notchkiller)
    • Change notification side padding
    • MIUI StatusBar bottom padding fix

    Pill Gesture Mods
    • Change pill thickness and/or width
    • Change pill color
    • Change pill transparency
    • Immersive mode
    • Fullscreen mode
    • Reduce bottom keyboard space
    Available on magisk app​
    My Telegram channel @geefeeds
    How To Install
    • Flash the zip using Magisk (No working guarantee on recovery)
    • Install terminal emulator (There may be a problem with Termux)
    • Install busybox (optional)
    • Reboot
    • Type gvm on your terminal (You might have to type su before gvm)

    Also you should check @DanGLES3 Fullscreen/Immersive module. Since our installation methods are really different, there could be some conflict if you combine this module especially the pill gesture background, because on how my module control the height of the keyboard bottom based on pill gesture height. Otherwise, his module is perfect if you want only fullscreen/immersive mode.

    Source: Github
    Telegram support group: @geelounge
    Donate (Indonesia): Saweria
    Donate (Global): Paypal
    • Switch to terminal installation
    • UI Radius now support MIUI
    • Pill Gesture Length divided to Portrait and Landscape
    • Added StatusBar padding
    • Added Notification side padding
    • Fix immersive on various dpi phones
    • Will always restore your last option
    • You can input custom values now hehe

    • Fixed: Pill color on MIUI 12.5
    • Bottom margin fix currently uncompatible on MIUI 12.5

    • Fixed: UI radius doesn't apply on some ROMs
    • Added: rounded pip (thx to DanGLES3 for pointing it out)
    • Added: additional UI radius configs
    • Added: lot of color options
    • Tiny cleanups

    • Fixed: color not changing on light mode (dark mode still buggy)
    • Fixed: rounded corner installation overlap

    • Fixed: random removed selection bug
    • Fixed: immersive issues

    • Move "keyboard bottom height" option to a single mod
    • Increase time on selection
    • Nicer gaps
    • Reduced confusion on installing

    v3.0 (changelogs also comes from my older PGM module)
    • Updated: MMT-Ex Template
    • Updated: Volume Key Selector (MMT-Ex Addon)
    • Android 11+ support
    • Completely rewrite script
    • Added: AAPT to build overlays
    • Added: color options
    • Added: DualTone mode
    • Added: DualColor mode
    • Added: transparency options
    • Added: 3dp thickness option
    • Added: 180dp and 200dp width options
    • Added: MIUI template
    • Added: pill width landscape option
    • Added: radius iconshape option (NOT ALL ROM SUPPORTED)
    • Added: main menu for ez manage mods
    • Added: mods checking to preview selected mods
    • Added: remove selected mods before install
    • Added: keyboard bottom bar height adjusted based on pill thickness
    • Fixed: Immersive on MIUI and AOSP
    • Fixed: Lag and heating issue (Possibly)
    • Fixed: bugs a lot

    • Fixed URM when QS icon shape changed
    • Fixed MIUI detector bug
    • Added Immersive option (10's Pill Gesture)
    • Added Invisible Mode (10's Pill Gesture)
    • Added Dot Mode (10's Pill Gesture)

    • Fix for Pie roms

    • Added 10's Pill Gesture mod (IOS adjusted)
    • Added support for Android 10
    • Brand new MMT-EX template thx to Zackptg5

    • Fixed overlays not installing
    • Fixed notification dot bug
    • Vol button improvement

    • Add UI Radius Mod volume capability

    • Cleanups
    • UI Radius Mod improvement on some dialogs
    • Fix UI Radius Mod forced installation
    • Update NotchKiller, thx to zigafide

    • Added NotchKiller
    • Fix UI Radius Mod forced installation

    • Bug fixes
    • Update tutorials
    • Cleanoops

    • Initial Release
    Works on pixel? Looks cool
    As long as it has android 10 or greater
    Hello! First of all, thank you for the module!
    Is there a technical possibility to implement the function of changing the alignment of information in the statusbar (not in center, but at the very top or bottom of statusbar)? System "hide notch" feature doesn't work well on used ROM (breaks FOD scanner), so I use your module to increase the height of statusbar and activate NotchKiller (to unlock all statusbar elements output), but I could do with a smaller height increase if it was possible to place the statusbar information at the bottom.
    PA Q5

    UPD. It would also be useful to have these settings configured from SystemUI:
    — config_alwaysExpandNonGroupedNotifications (true)
    — quick_settings_num_columns (4 and more)
    — quick_settings_max_rows (e.g. 4 for one-hand easy access to toggles)